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Ask Physiolojik Thread


I just want to throw this out there.

Before you go cutting body parts as Baby Genius (@unreal24278) has suggested you will need to figure what is causing your problem.
Graves is the most common cause but there is also iodine induced hyperthyroidism. Etc…
You may be able to control with your diet.

I think we are kinda in the same boat. It’s screwed up enough to cause problems, but not severe enough to warrant drastic measures. I consider cutting out body parts a drastic measure. When I have a severe episode, it seems like it gives it all it has and then crashes. It’s like it blows up and releases all the hormones at once then it dies for a while and I become severely hypo. My doc ( which I shit canned) said no, it doesn’t. Uh… I know how I feel. I have learned to deal with the slightly hyper way better than the hypo. I have dealt with it for so long it’s part of my personality. I can’t deal with being a slug When my legs are so heavy it takes effort to put one foot in front of the other.

For the most part I function pretty well. There is usually an event that triggers a full blown episode. The last time was a wasp sting. The time before that bug spray.

I’m learning how to control it with the supplements. The carinitine, glutamine, bugleweed, lemon balm, CBD oil. Etc…

I guess what I am trying to say is… do some research first. Consider all the options. Keep a diary of you eat, and do to see if you can pinpoint what brings it on.

I can’t see putting my fate in the hands of somebody who won’t even listen to me.


hi @physioLojik so I just wanted to ask you how I should attack my problem? Do you believe it is a Low e2 issue 12.5 (11-45) or a Low DHT issue 220 (300-850)?

I will be doing a Creatine loading phase for about 10 days (20g a day) then 5 grams a day. Then re checking my DHT levels and seeing how I feel. Thanks again for taking your time to give help!


Hi ChickenLittle, I think you were writing to me?

Not gonna lie, you’re freaking me out with your descriptions, it’s exactly what I go through. I couldn’t sleep properly last night again and this morning I’m hyped up. My first thought was “shit, here we go again.” I’ll ride the hype train out then I’ll crash and feel like depressed death for days on end. In the past I actually considered that I had bipolar disorder, but I don’t fit the criteria for that through my own knowledge and consultations with multiple, fellow mental health professionals.

I get this too, I’ve been swearing up and down for years that certain foods seem to trigger me and felt like a hypochondriac. I’m not the only one it looks like.


Yes, this was meant for.

You are not alone.

I think I told you in another thread, people think I am nuts! It’s just easier for me to tell them I am batshit crazy than to try to explain that I have medical condition.


Lol I bet it is. Through some research I’ve seen multiple psychiatrists actually saying that thyroid issues are often overlooked and people are given a diagnosis of Bipolar II. Seems like they justify the diagnosis by saying that the sudden bursts of energy are hypomania, rather than full-blown mania, which is pretty obvious when you see it in Bipolar I.


Thank you guys for the birthday wishes! I am truly a blessed man to be sure!

And - not to worry - my wife takes great care of me :slight_smile:

Thanks again to all of you guys!


Happy Birthday Sir!


@jpt365 @ChickenLittle and everyone else - have you guys made sure to eliminate GMO from your diet? The research is compelling about roundups role in destroying intestinal health etc and it has the lovely benefit of raping your thyroid gland and making it do wonky ass shit. If anyone is curious about gut healing protocols, I can post one up.

I prescribe my patients GMO free diets and every single one has been helped. I had a patient with severe colitis for 20 years and it went away in five days haha.


@joeviv10 I think it’s both of those issues together tbh. Time man. Time and calories and rest.


After you showed that Meadows rice cereal mashup I have been searching for GMO free rice cereal.


Happy Birthday! Thanks for helping to make this place great!


I try to “eat clean” but I’m sure I’m still ingesting pesticides from the vegetables I buy. I’ll try to cut out all GMO products.

Yes, please.

Holy shit, that’s nuts.


I do my very best! If I know it has a GMO in it, I won’t buy it!
I’m sure some products have it in there without me knowing it.
I will splurge and eat some processed things, just to get in more calories, but for the most part, no.

I have given up many things I love because of this.

I do not agree with what Monsanto/Bayer stands for. I believe they’re killing the earth. I also believe that Monsanto and ConAgra are ass deep in this together. If it produced by ConAgra, that shit can stay on the shelf!


Yup, that’s my major issue, calories. I try to eat a ton of organic peanut butter to make it up, but there’s only so much I can stomach in a day. Otherwise I’d be unable to maintain mass.


I switch from peanut butter to almond butter. I see those guys up in the other threads talking about eating 10 almonds…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Bitch please! I eat a half a jar of almond butter at a time :flushed:


“When your cutting phase goes wrong” lol. What can I say? They’re in it for the glory of the bodybuilding stage (hopefully not just to sit poolside).

I love almond butter as well, but coconut butter is goddamn next level. You can make your own with unsweetened coconut flakes alone in a food processor.


Yeah, but about half the time it’s a guy saying… I can’t gain weight! :thinking:


I just bought up almost all the ground rice in the store. It’s not sg quite typical here, so I had to look for it, and store up on it. :slight_smile:

@physioLojik, Happy birthday, and thanks for all the info and care you disseminate here!


I am interested in what you have here. I just can’t make any promises about following it to the letter.

My family almost divorced me the last I wouldn’t buy them store bought food.


@jpt365 I’ve not suffered from panic attacks, but found that TRT helps a lot with depression. (There’s some evidence in the literature that it can help.) In fact, when I was running a dose of 250 mg per week, I felt really good for the first time in a long time.

Unfortunately my doctor felt that was putting levels too high, and that would put me at risk of a heart attack, so he took me down.

Happy Birthday @physioLojik Dr Sir!