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Ask Physiolojik Thread


Have you ever thought about taking a thionamide for the overactive thyroid… I mean they’re fucking NASTY drugs potential side effect wise, or you could get you’re thyroid gland surgically removed and rely on lifelong thyroid replacement (both options suck) but it’s better than graves disease lol. How’s you’re HR? do you have sustained tachycardia? Ever thought about a beta blocker


FUCKSHITDAMMIT, I was about to be 1k!

There’s a cake on you’re avatar @physiolojik. Is it you’re birthday? If so, happy birthday

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Thanks a lot! ( I am smiling and flipping you the bird right now)


I apologize, I didn’t intend to upset you in any way. I was just giving my opinion on the matter as life threatening complications (thyroid storm, tachycardia induced cardiomyopathy etc) can develop from graves disease, that’s why I said it was better to have said treatments (although life threatening complications from thionamides do exist #hepatotoxicity… But then again life threatening complications from SSRI’s also exist… Grave disease is considerably more dangerous though) were better


Soooo, looked up the symptoms of thyroid storm and you’re right, I do seem to have a lot of them. My body temp is always 99.4+ too, regardless of whether I feel hot or cold, I always just thought that was my norm. I’m also “surprised” my PCP hasn’t said a thing about my symptoms.

I will say that since becoming stable on TRT I’m not getting the panic attacks anymore (knock on wood). I’ve had excessive sweating/hyperhidrosis since puberty. I’m talking it could be -16 out and my hands and feet will be pouring sweat to the point they’re dripping (nasty, I know). I’ve literally contemplated getting surgery for this.

Do you also suffer from intermittent exercise intolerance? For example, I’ll beast out in the gym one week, no problem. The next week I’ll feel like I’m going to die under the weights. Even if I cut the load in half, there’s just no gas in the tank. My nutrition is pretty precise and even if I get adequate sleep it doesn’t seem make a difference sometimes.


I’m not upset. That’s why said I was smiling! When I am not having an episode I am a pretty fun person to be around! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It’s only when I am having problems that become a senstive little bitch :sob:


@unreal24278 haha thanks man!


Just got up and started reading. You guys are awesome …



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It’s 63 degrees right now and my arm pits are pouring sweat. Literally just running.


When I am having an episode I can drink water and get so bloated I can’t breathe enough to lift. Glutamine helps this.

The L-carnitine helps with the strength loss. When I feel it coming on I take 1000-1500 mg to stave off the evil spirits.


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A doctorate and quadzilla? What more could a man want? Happy Birthday, physio!


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His wife just had a baby! The best he can hope for is… uh… nevermind!


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Boy! Have we derailed this thread or what?


Also have this and thought it was just unique to me.

Lmao, the evil spirits thing got me. My goddamn thyroid is possessed.




god damn that made me laugh

Happy birthday @physioLojik!


Happy birthday big guy!


Happy Birthday @physioLojik. Thank you for all your advice and contributions to everyone.

P.S. damn my e2 must be up :joy::joy::joy: