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Ask Physiolojik Thread


Hi physiolojik, wondering if you could give me some guidance? I’m 6 weeks into my new TRT protocol and still having weird bouts of anxiety and depression on and off. Today for example, I’m fine, no symptoms whatsoever. Yesterday was rough for no reason and so were the 3-4 days before that. My symptoms are fatigue, insomnia/shallow sleep, depressive feelings, anxiety and trouble thinking.

My current doctor says I’m in a stable enough state that he’s ruling out TRT as the cause of these symptoms. Says he’s looking at thyroid. If you don’t mind, do these labs represent someone who’s hypo or hyper in terms of thyroid function?

Reverse t3: 20.7 Range 8-25
T3 free: 3.7 Range 2.3-4.2
T4 free: 1.77 Range .89-1.76 HIGH
TSH: .536 Range .55-4.76. LOW
Thyroid Peroxidase abs: <28.0 Range <60
Thyroglobulin abs: 23.4 Range <60

I’m very sensitive to any sort of stimulant (can’t even drink tea) and I’m wondering if thyroid meds will make matters worse for me. My doctor did recommend boosting t3 and said it could be stimulatory. Currently taking 150mcg iodine and 200mg selenium in an attempt to boost thyroid function.



You might consider asking your Doc to prescribe Armour thyroid. Its more complete than synthroid and has both t3 and t4.


I’ll run it by him next time I talk to him. I wish I knew enough about thyroid to have an informed conversation with him about it. Feel like I just got the surface level of TRT down, now it’s on to something new.


Armour thyroid is desiccated pig thyroid gland. (Just in case you have any dietary restrictions).

I have been on it for years with no issues.


Wtf you don’t need a boost in thyroid function and you certainly don’t need more T3, you’re boarderline hyperthyroid as it is

Do you have an iodine deficiency? Otherwise why are you taking iodine


All recommended by my doctor, iodine and selenium included. He said that since I didn’t want the thyroid meds I could try those first.

See, I thought I was more hyperthyroid as well. Lower TSH, higher T4 and T3. Also thought that higher rt3 in combination with those meant my body is trying to slam on the brakes rather than ramp up. Basically I reported intermittent depression, anxiety, shallow sleep and trouble recalling words/cloudy thinking and he said those sounded like hypothyroid symptoms.


Hyperthyroidism also causes anxiety and nervousness. R u on thyroid meds too?


None, only prescribed meds I take are test cyp and 10mg of citalopram. Supplements are Vit D, MK-7, Magnesium Citrate, 3-4 grams fish oil daily, Vit C. Otc meds include Flonase and Claritin.


Email sent. Hope to have made the cut…and sorry for writing a book. Thanks again.


How would you modify this for more recomping/lean bulk purposes in case of an individual with not a huge frame? ~190-200 lbs


I would probably keep it the same unless sides presented themselves and then I’d just lower the dosages slightly. :wink: @so_it_goes


@jpt365 lower the iodine for sure. See how you feel in a week.


Sorry physioLojik, I should have been clearer. Those labs are from October and I just started the iodine two days ago. Are these labs still valid after 4 months or should my doctor be asking me for new ones if he thinks my problem is thyroid related?


It’s actually Doctor Sir (or Dr Mr Sir, or Sir Mr Dr Mr Sir or a mixture)


Has anything in your diet changed recently?


Put some respeck on his name.


Nothing as of late, did go gluten free about 6 months ago, no other alterations.


Are you feeling warm or cold? Like compared to every body else in the room.


That’s a tough one, this changes rapidly for me. Most of the time I’m warmer than everyone else though. Been like that for years, I always just thought it was because I lifted and most people I know don’t.


I totally understand. I personally would stay away from the iodine and drop the fish oil for a few days. I added fish oil back in a couple weeks ago, and started feeling wonky again. Stopped it this week and feeling much better!

I am not saying that the fish oil itself is a bad thing, but when combined with other iodine you eat it may be a tiny bit too much.

You may want to consider L carnitine.