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Ask Physiolojik Thread


This was the promoted forum dogma swirling around until you spoke up.


With that being said, do you see no value in monitoring body temperatures to monitor metabolic changes over a period of time? To monitor medication changes etc.

I would really be interested in your process for diagnosing thyroid issues with your patients Physio?


Tried carbs intra workout today (vitargo S2+BCAA), def adding it to my repertoire for future workouts. Nice pumps, was able to work a bit harder for a slightly longer duration of time (workout ended up being like 2 hrs instead of 1 1/2 hrs).

Thanks for the suggestion

I don’t mean to question you as you are far more knowledgeable than I am, but isn’t body temperature primarily regulated by the hypothalamus? Serotonin does appear play a role concerning the regulation of body temp (I didn’t know about this function of serotonin) I looked it up after you said it)



me too. @physioLojik please do come back and tell us details. Often, I know you’re super busy, you leave us hanging.

Whatever happened to all the questions we had in the metformin thread.?

I am saying this with all due respect and appreciate whatever insight you do post.


Never stop questioning anyone including Dr’s. The reason why I have healthy and living 13 year old twin boys today is because I questioned Dr’s 13 years ago.


@unreal24278 you are right - but what gives brain the feedback :slight_smile:


@charlie12 I have so many threads going with questions it’s hard to get to everything.

I diagnose thyroid using a salvia collection test. It takes samples four times a day so we can build a model of your daily output.


I don’t remember the last time I worked out with anything but black coffee and water in my system. Strength or cardio.


High Blood Pressure: Male 53 Y.O. 5’-7" 180lbs

I recently had 2 Stents placed in my arteries on December 12th and am now on High Blood Pressure Meds as well as blood thinners: Metropolol 25mg 2 times a day and Brilinta 1 time a day. I am also on TRT 200 per week. I would like to start an anavar cycle (6 weeks) in March and after off cycle ( 4 weeks) start a DBOL cycle ( 6 weeks). will these cycles affect by Blood pressure


I’ve heard many times before that Pre Intra and Post WO nutrition is the most important part of your nutrition program. I have historically failed at this. Im trying to force myself to eat in the mornings now before I go to the gym. Im like you. I normally just have some black coffee and I’m out the door. They say eat egg whites and oatmeal and protien shakes but I swear I will throw up. I can eat all that stuff in the afternoon no problem but not in the mornings. I really really love raisin bran crunch so nice been eating a giant bowl of that in the morning Pre WO. Hopefully it helps me gain weight soon.


Try this -
Pre workout
1/2 cup cream of rice
1 tablespoon natural pb
1 scoop protein

Intra carbs

Post workout isn’t as important. Eat within 90 min meal of carbs and protein.



I’ll try it out. Thanks PhysioLojik


@unreal24278 the malva pudding is in the oven :drooling_face::drooling_face:

Help.looks like not absorbing Sauce


He said it takes a few minutes. Did you pour it on all at once or spoon it on?


Spoon. I looked at you tube and they do it differently. It’s more like a cake. Then you pour on.

They use baking soda and not baking powder. Cream not evaporated milk. And use a bit of vinegar

Still taste good. Veryyyyy Good


I kinda thought it looked cake-ish. I am going to get the jam tomorrow. It’s too peopley out there today…lol

Hmmmm… cream and evaporated milk have way different fat content.
Will have to cypher on this.

Thanks for sharing!


I actually skipped dinner and ate the pudding and drank the sauce. Way to much. I love the taste of the evaporated milk.

Took two charcoal capsules. And drank bentonite clay to absorb some of this climatic orgasmic awesome stuff. And am doing Cardio right now.

Will not be making again anytime soon. I ate it warm. Rest is in the fridge. I think it will taste even better for breakfast.


Well shit! I would have went to the store today if I would have known about this^


You aren’t seriously drinking that clay are you? @charlie12.


Yeah. Dissolved in water. I do it rarely. But it seems like the only thing that gets rid of my bloat. It’s this bad for me to do?
I am sick of looking like a pregnant belly. Am 6’1 weight just under 190. Belly does not make me look to Good.
Just ran a bunch of food allergy blood test. To see if it’s a food. I ran some last month found out I had a small allergy to shrimp. I really hate my belly bloat. Seems like whatever I eat causes me to bloat.