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Ask Physiolojik Thread


That’s because you forgot your intra workout carbs! :roll_eyes: Sorry! Couldn’t help myself :confused:


Does malva pudding count as carbs? I should totes like put some in a container and take it to gym. Malva pudding intra workout, malva pudding for breakfast, lunch, dinner, there’s no time when you CANT have malva pudding, it’s so versatile and malva… puddingy

Intra workout BCAA’s + malva pudding + more malva pudding for each meal of the day, the perfect combination to mess up my insulin sensitivity further!


Sure does! You will have to leave off the other 10 servings per day though.
I prefer chips ahoy chewy chocolate chip cookies intra workout. Just two will get you to the finish line!


@unreal24278 I’m glad you asked this. I used to use insulin pre but I don’t anymore. Intraworkout carbs are amazing. Try them once. Raising insulin is crucial to nutrient delivery.

My wife and I were talking and she has urged me to say this to everyone out here - and like usual she is right.

You guys (and girls) need to prioritize health over vanity. Ask yourself why you are using juice if you are NOT a pro bodybuilder or athelete. The answer almost always has to do with vanity covering up for insecurity. We all have these issues. I am CLEARLY pro anabolics, but I’m also pro getting your shit together and figuring out motivations for doing what you do. It’s why I discourage heavy cycling (notwithstanding you really don’t need massive dosages). I just want people to stop and ask themselves why do I need to be more jacked than everyone else? Chances are it’s because somewhere inside you feel any number of negative self concepts and those need to be addressed. I feel like we have a community of great people here - and part of me being a concerned physician wants to reach out and make sure everyone knows their own motivations. Get jacked. Get huge. But it won’t make you happier if you don’t fix the initial reasons for why you want to be physically impressive. The goal is to work on those and ALSO get jacked so you can live the happiest life possible. Sorry for the rant. I just feel it’s important to stop and think.


Welllllll originally it was to bulk up to avoid being picked on (when I was like 11), now it’s because I like pushing myself to my limits. I love bodybuilding more than just about anything else in the world. I actually wanted to (for ages, it was and still is one of my dreams) become a professional bodybuilder, however after seeing what the ridiculous amounts of gear they use I was like “no way, I can’t be using 3 GRAMS + /WK + GH and slin.” I do care about my health enough to realise that at a certain point the risk isn’t worth it, hence why I don’t really “cycle”, I mean I’ve experimented with low doses briefly, and if I’m going to be honest I will again so long as my health checks out, however I don’t think the reason for me using gear has much to do with vanity as it does with me wanting to push my body to the limit. If theres any way to compete legitimately on low to modest doses of gear I’m all ears, however I can’t ever see me crossing 300mg/wk.

I don’t need to be more jacked then everyone else, I just love working out, I had four seperate workouts today, I did shoulders in the morning, back and biceps in the afternoon, then went for a cycle and did some legs in the evening. This is just my experience though. I’m going to start cycling a lot more because I enjoy the scenery around where I reside. 4 workouts in a day def isn’t optimal for muscle growth but tbh I don’t care, I just want to exercise lol.

Tommorow I’ll probs do more cycling, direct abdominal work, forearms and a ton of calf stuff… Maybe I’ll even go for a swim.

Also when I say cycle Im referring to the form of exercise, not the practice of using anabolics. Just in case that was confusing, I realised that could’ve been confusing.

But yea I’ll give the carbs a shot, do super unhealthy carbs count? There’s a donut place near my gym and I could totally buy like two donuts and eat them intra workout.


@unreal24278 haha if only. You want carbs that are basically instantly digested and tossed into the blood stream. If you eat food you’ll divert blood to the gut and away from muscles :slight_smile:


Hey man. am trying to get you while you on. can you help with my ? below. thx


Hmmmm… I have some vitargo, it fits the bill, I’ll try it tommorow with my intra workout BCAA’s… And then after the workout I’ll get some deep fried, icing covered donuts because I want atherosclerosis.

Ya know what brings on symptoms of my sympathetic nervous system dysfunction… Large meals, more bloodflow to gut = increased HR… I wonder if my blood volume is low. I should eat salt by the tablespoon (just kidding). Either way I’m not gonna stop eating large meals, and beta blockers largely amoreliates the symptoms

Edit: @ChickenLittle

McDonald’s donut



could you please expand on my situation … you said you believed I have dopamine insuffiency? Would that be caused by extreme dieting or?

Symptoms include:

Numb rubber genitals
No morning/spontaneous erections for 2 years
inability to get aroused
no feeling in orgasm
low semen volume and force
scrotum is always high and super tight
eyes are dry
lack of body odor
no armpit/genital sweat
no pre cum (dry /cold penis glands)


Ha! Hey if doughnuts were good enough for King Charles they’re good enough for me!

Of course this was in an article called The Stupidest Things I’ve Done :rofl::rofl::rofl:



I apologize for clogging up you’re thread full of my unreal24278 questions. But

What about shoulder training for those who don’t do a lot of chest pressing.

I probably work chest the least out of every muscle group, for a chest day I’ll start by going over to a chest press machine, one of these ones with adjustable weights images

Then I’ll do say 3-5 sets of 12-15 reps with 120KG (so around 260-270lbs?), I use these over the actual bench press because the range of motion of shorter than I don’t have to bring my elbows behind my body thus it seems to put less strain on my shoulders. After this I’ll do some cable crossovers with a light weight, like 7.5 kg on each side, do like 3 sets of 20-25 reps just for a pump/burn, sometimes afterwards I’ll add in dips on a dip machine with like 100kg or so for 3 sets of 10, however usually it’s just the two exercises, and this is once per week. You see my rotator cuffs get very irritated when I train chest with a lot of weight or with high volume, thus I don’t do a whole lot of pressing. So for me would it be advisable to do more volume or weight for my shoulders (suprisingly I can press, it doesn’t irritate my shoulders like bench pressing does). After that I move on to triceps (my favorite muscle group to train because they don’t grow lol) it’s like my triceps are my calves… Except I can make my calves grow.

I should say I have no problem with shoulder growth, genetically my shoulders are one of the better parts of my body (I have broad shoulders, when purchasing suits I have to get them tailored to shorten the sleeves because clothes that fit my shoulders appear to be made for giant people), I’d just like some pointers on how to train them properly given my situation.


You crack me up sometimes. You’re only 18, yet you talk like an old man sometimes. Shit, when I was 18, I sure as hell wasn’t getting measured for suits. LOL I was wearing wranglers and brushpoppers (a western shirt back in the day) and trying to find the money for new tires for my old beat up truck.


Got a family wedding coming up, that’s why the suit was nessecary. That and unfortunately there’s various occasions in my life in which a formal attire is nessecary (I dislike wearing these kind of clothes)


Well come to central TX to go to school and tank tops and flip flops are the order of the day! Texas State University has a river that flows right through the middle of campus. Co-eds laying around in the sun just waiting for an boy with an Aussie accent! LOL


But stay away from Austin. They have taken the “Keep Austin Weird” to a whole new level now…:confused:


My goal is to compete, I want to be number 1 in Scotland in my chosen category by the time I’m 25, then in the UK by the time I’m 28 and this would lead on to representing the UK in the worlds. My goal isn’t to just become the biggest I can however, nutrition is my main concern and anabolics are there as my supplement if you may. Less is more is my way of thinking and I want to stay relatively light as to not put too much pressure on my body.

I have a question - my idol, The Chemist (Frank Zane) - is what I aspire to. Now he was relatively lightweight in todays bodybuilding scene and I can’t imagine he was taking as much anabolics as the bodybuilders of today. If we were to theorize, which is hard in itself without knowing how his body responded to anabolics, how much gear do you think he was using? I reckon this is a question that any answer could be given to, however I think it could pose an interesting discussion.


@liverpool_96 I would imagine he used dramatically less then the bs cycles I see most guys on here run haha. Probably primo and some dbol


Well… I’m definately visiting Texas next time I’m in the US (around June/July) lol.


Hi @physioLojik, I have question I’ve been pitching around the forum but no one has been able to answer. Don’t know why I never thought of asking you (duh).

“It sounds like when you lose weight your actually fat cells don’t disappear, they only shrink down. But when you “lose” fat it appears that the action of aromatase decreases. So does the aromatase enzyme get removed from from the fat cell and flushed out upon losing weight or is it inactivated somehow?”


You gotta float the Guadalupe River then. Go to New Braunfels and you can rent tubes and float the river for miles. They have tons of outfitters that will pick you up and haul you around and provide everything you need.