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Ask Physiolojik Thread


Congrats @physioLojik, very happy to hear all went well!


Congrats to the fam doc. Great news.



First off Congratulations on the baby, and I appreciate you taking the time to help me. I do not have any psychological issues , apart from some mild depression caused by this genital numbness, feeling of no hormones in the body. I do not have any tremors as well. In the summer of 2016 I went on a SEVERE crash diet, to prepare myself for a professional soccer tryout in europe. Ironic I know , because ever since this happened I quit soccer. I do not have any tremors. I was drinking 3-5 cups of black coffee every day, fasting till 1, and eating very low calroic diet, to the point where my skin turned yellow, and I weight 139 lbs at 5’9.5 (normal weight for me is 170 lbs) During this time I developed SEVERE restless legs that lasted for 1 year. I could not sleep how bad it was, even at work, I could not stop bending , shaking my legs how much the urge was. I also feel like I developed stress incontinence. I get 8-12 hours of sleep everyday. My legs also feel very cramped, like there is bad oxygen in them.

The most troubling symptom is the absence of libido, morning and spontaenous erections at 21 years old as well as the genital numbness (rubber feeling)

Thanks again , I really appreciate it!

Cheers, from Croatia!


Congratulations on the big boy! Just love big chunky babies! No newborn onesies for him :joy:


Great news! Congrats again!

Should you have some free time :smile: I’d be grateful if you could have a look at my story (Ask Physiolojik Thread). Seeing more clearly in regards to E2 would be really useful for me.


Holy shit, I was only 2.4lbs when I was born #stillalivethough. Congrats on the kiddo tho, he’s gonna be the next Ronnie Coleman if he’s already that size! Am I taller than the baby though?

So do I, they have the most adorable poofy cheeks! After I was born and was out of the hospital (which took a while lol) I actually became a very very, veryveryveryvery chubby baby.


Does anyone have any good recommendations on bodybuilding nutrition related books? I know this is by far my weakest point. I really want to focus on nutrition this year so any help is appreciated.

NH_Watts' TRT Log

Congratulations on the new baby @physioLojik!

Incidentally, my brother’s recent arrival was 10 lbs 14 oz, but both father and son are probably gigantic mutants. :smile:


I have a question that I’m having a hard time finding an answer to. I’m in week 11 of my blast, one more week and then I’ll be onto my cruise. I bought all my test enanthate in amps so for my cruise period I’m wondering if it is best to inject one amp every two weeks. the amps are 250mg per ml. so I’d be running 125mg or thereabouts per week. I understand the half life of test e is 10 days, so there’d still be a decent amount left in my system before my top up 4 days later. the alternative is to seperate my amp into two syringes and inject once a week, although does storing it in a plastic amp with the needle attached effect sterility? any response is appreciated, from any of you guys, thanks!


Here’s what I do based on what I understand seems to be a generally accepted and practiced method. I draw the content of the amp into a “normal” syringe, then backfill two insulin syringes.
In my case, these will be used up soon as I’m now in a blast phase, but I’ll keep doing this with smaller volumes (more insulin syringes) for my cruise. I reason that if I fill sterile substance into a sterile syringe paying attention to the sterility of the process along the way, it should stay sterile in the insulin syringe, too.
The advantage of this method, as far as I’m concerned, is that these small volumes can be injected shallow IM through a 29-30G insulin needle (minimum damage) into delts, pecs, biceps.

Maybe you can consider dosing twice per week for more stable T levels.


I’ve been injecting subq with insulin needles for a while with good results. I like subq better.


Thank you all for the kind words and wishes! We are just relaxing at home!


Note Dr cristler had a heart attack not to long ago.


Did Dr Crisler have a heart attack related to AI usage or due to long term use of anabolic steroids (I believe he was a competitive bodybuilder back in the day… Also he’s pretty buff for a guy in his 60s). I’m sure the AI didn’t help as they have deleterious effects on the lipid profile, but I personally believe the heart attack could’ve been a combination of multiple factors. That being said I could be wrong, as from what I remember he stated his heart was found to be in perfect condition (structure and function wise), thus he may have just had like a spontaneous blood clot because shitty luck. + Lots of guys have heart attacks in their 60s, I know of a few that have had heart attacks in their 40s.


I mentioned the heart attack because just maybe it could have been related. Really makes people think of the protection e2 gives us men.


Very interested in the HCG information, is this easily accessible?


He’s presenting in the spring. Am sure we will see new articles or recordings.


@physioLojik Dr Mr Sir (multiple formal prefixes), I have a few questions

  • What’s you’re opinion on BCAA’s intra and post workout to stimulate an increase in protein synthesis and muscle recovery, worth it or not

  • how do you train shoulders? Volume or weight, the shoulder is a very fragile and complex joint that I’ve hurt multiple times thus I tend to start with the rear delts (rear delts flyes then band pullaparts, then a lot of lat raise variations (bands, cables, dumbbells) followed by front raises then to exhaust the shoulder completely I include some DB or machine OHP (lighter weights give a nice workout once the shoulders are already fatigued). I don’t lift heavy for my shoulders… Or anything besides like leg press (in the 500lb+ range, although I don’t know if that’s considered heavy or not, but my body seems to be able to handle it.)

  • How’s the wife holding up after giving birth?

  • How are YOU doing? In general


@unreal24278 hey brother!!! I’m great man thank you for asking. Wife is amazing if maybe a touch sleepy haha.

BCAA. When I train I use a combo product of bcaa / eaa and cyclic dextrin. I used plazma back in the day but really it ended up hurting my gut. I only do raw milk dairy these days. I don’t think I’m allowed to post other brands but…I use another one. haha.

Shoulders. I don’t like overloading the delts with weight. I think they get plenty of stimulation in pressing movements for chest. For full development I use high reps (I mean high). Partial lateral raises with rep ranges around 30 per set and for real delts I use partial bent over lateral raises with rep ranges of 50-100 per SET. My photos show it. I have really really wide delts. I used to train with John meadows in Columbus so if you look up the way he trains delts it might explain more.


I apologize if this is innapropriate to ask, but do you take slin pre-work out? If not, what’s the purpose of the carbs intra workout?

This is fucking sadistic! I tried it today, couldn’t get past 35 reps, it burnt so bad I was like “nope” and gave up, it’s like 20 rep paused squats with 10RM (well 20 rep squats is harder on CNS, but the high rep rear lateral raises seem to cause more lactic acid buildup)