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Ask Physiolojik Thread


Ok I told myself to fuck off and do more research before I wrote this so…here it comes… I did a nice and simple cycle of 500mg test cyp once a week followed by 1 nolvadex daily for 20 days starting seven days after the last injection

I had absolutely no side effects during the cycle or pct and gained some serious mass and strength that was six months ago I have largely kept my strength gainz as well as about 15-20 pounds of muscle so if possible I would like to do the same damn thing but I have no idea if it would work well enough to be worth while I’m well aware I will never see my first cycle gainz again but I would like to see what I could retain from a second cycle …

Ps I know I could have just said hey had great luck with cyp and Nolvedex for my first cycle can I do the same cycle 6m later and still see justifiable gains buuuut I was hopin you would take me to school with some extra nuggets of wisdom


Check in soon. My wife just went into labor woohooo!


Hey brother, not to flame the fire or anything, but have you considered that maybe your cardiac issues are from some kind of damage that was done from the low e2 for so long? (just referencing what you have told me in the past regarding your history)

I remember reading that E2 influences elasticity of cardiac tissue. (Im pretty sure) If not, it was something that made me think there could be some relation between low e2 and heart issues.

Just a thought, hope your doing well bro.

What’s your current protocol and how do you feel?


Awesome! Congratulations :balloon::confetti_ball::tada:


No matter what she says in her labor pains the right answer is: “I love you.” Lol.



Alright man! Super excited for you.


Congratulations! We want details and pics!


Thanks to all of you! This is baby number three for us! First boy! She’s a total champ. Should be a fun evening haha! You guys are aweosme. When her water broke we were hanging photos in the house and I said “it’s time to go” and she said “after we hang the pictures.” Haha. And I said “but…” and she said “remember we are BOTH doctors” haha. Currently she is reading a book and enjoying the calm haha meanwhile I’m like holy shit. You’d think I’d be used to this by now.


We had 3 as well man and while some things may seem familiar it is just as stressful. Good luck. :heart:


80mg TWICE per week or 160mg per week. Liver is in fine shape. Never had labs show anything wrong with my liver. I am 157 or so lbs after putting on close to ten lbs of (mostly?) water weight. I am lean and cut besides this unsightly water weight.

From what I have read hcg can cause water retension. After I use up what I have I will discontinue use in order to see if that helps ease up the water gain, but that doesnt address the other issues I am having.

I cannot seem to find any answers. It’s basically, “hang in there. Things will work out eventually.” Btw Defy Medical chose to put me on the tiny dose of Adex. I dont notice any negative sides from Adex.


@physioLojik I hope that everything goes smoothly for your wife this evening. She does sound very calm about things!


Congrats, Doc! :smile:

When my wife’d gone into labor and we were on our way to the hospital (after she did the dishes, etc.), the courier guy called me that he was two blocks away with my new motorbike tires. My wife convinced me to turn back home (we were also just a few blocks away). Soon it was my wife in labor, me, and a set of new motorbike tires in our car on the way to the hospital. :smiley:
The li’l one was 10 months old yesterday, and those tires will last another season. :wink:


@physioLojik congratulations, wish you and you’re wife all the best of luck with the baby. (Sent from Shanghai). You’re wife sounds like a warrior, not sure how it’s possible to be that tough when you know you’re gonna have to squeeze out a baby soon.

Yup, it’s true, estradiol has been shown to reduce endothelial dysfunction and reduce arterial stiffness, however estrogen is also important for cholesterol metabolism, thus low E2 over time = increased chance of heart disease (moreso atherosclerosis but also cardiac damage), estrogen also probably affects the cardiovascular system in more ways we aren’t aware of. My heart hasn’t been shown to have any detectable abnormalities so far, and thus the issues I’m having is more likely related to sympathetic nervous system dysfunction (might be POTS).

I’m actually doing really well, haven’t had any issues while I’ve been on holiday (on beta blockers now), I’ve also noticed that not worrying about my potential issues the whole time seems to help a ton.

200mg/wk, I feel absolutely amazing, libido is ridiculous! Energy is through the roof, feeling fantastic, thanks for asking.


Am happy your happy!
Does the beta blocker cause any ED for you?
I was given Metropol at the hospital for a cardiac test and I think that made me feel so good the entire day. They also gave me a dose of nitroglycerin but I think it was the beta blocker. I also had a throbbing erection (when masterbating) that day 2x.

I usually take daily Cialis but was off it for a few days in preparation for the test.

I wonder if I can take a low dose beta blocker with Cialis.


Nope, it does appear to decrease my anxiety though

I can’t think of any serious adverse reaction between Cialis + metaprolol so long as you’re BP doesn’t drop too low


Oh yes. I told a pretty nurse after the test that I felt really good and she said Metropol reduces anxiety as well.




When I started TRT, im not sure if it was the sudden increase in stimulation, but my anxiety went into overdrive. I was constantly worrying about what could happen, running through so many scenarios. My BP would always seem to go up when I was peaking on the test. I do take BP meds now, because the test DID raise my BP. But generally now I a have a much better grasp on what TRT entails, so a lot of those anxieties are gone.

I also think having such an efficient brain in terms of researching and digesting material isn’t good for your anxiety. Double edged sword.


Yes, it reduces the effects of anxiety felt in the body, racing heart, adrenaline, etc. Your mind, however, will still race. I was given a beta blocker for anxiety but hated the way it made me feel. It’s really disconcerting when your mental anxiety is ramped to 100 but your body is as cool as a cucumber haha.


Hey @physioLojik hope all is well,

I’m new to the community so I apologize if I am doing this wrong. After 6 years of lifting natty and going from 145 pounds to 175 pounds I am now wanting to run my first cycle! I am going to be running Test Enanthate 250. I have a couple questions, would there be a big difference between 250mg and 500mg weekly. I have read support for both some saying if you’re shutting down system anyways might as well double the dosage to 500 and also support for only 1ml 250 for a first cycle. Secondly I have tamoxifen on hand but was originally going to run an AI, through reading however, I see tamoxifen will be fine if not better. When on cycle should you start tamoxifen dosage and how much should this dosage be per week/per day? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.