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Ask Physiolojik Thread


I’m autistic, high functioning (I have a relatively high IQ), it isn’t particularly noticeable with day to day interactions aside from the fact that I tend to speak in a very formal way and I take things literally… And that I tend to keep to myself, most people my age just think I’m a smartass, emo or intimidating and therefore don’t like me, none of which are true in the slightest


You are definitely amazing. I spoke with an autistic guy high functioning too. Not saying you are all alike. He was so articulate and I loved how he understood things from his point of view.
I missed talking to him. I worked for an office and took a disability application from him.


I had an idea especially how well you tend to excel in this area. My son was non-verbal for the first 5 years of his life. He is very anti-social and when we force interaction he is awkward which is to be expected. But he has made leaps and bounds progress over the years.

That is one more reason why you should be proud of yourself.


I always try to be super professional at work. If they’re going to fire me it’s going to have to be a legit reason, I’ll never give them an excuse.

Even I made a woman sob at work. I was working on a project and she was a coder. Very competent but always in Eyor mode. We’re at her cube and I see a picture of teenage kids with her and a torn edge. Before my brain could stop me I asked “what happened there”. Only then did I notice all the used tissues and SSRI bottles on her desk. Turns out she was in the middle of a contentious divorce. She cried for over an hour.


To all my buds on here - both male and female - merry Christmas to all of you. I am grateful to be a part of a community of like minded people who are also in the pursuit of health, fitness, and longevity (also being jacked!). That said, happy holidays from my family and me (and yes, I’m Jewish and she is Hindi and we still rock Christmas)!


Shalom and Namaste in that case. Good to have you doc. After the holiday I’d like to pic your brain some more in that new metformin thread you started.


For sure this community is great. I don’t have anyone to talk to that understands what trt really is and what we go through without the stereotype.

Thank you all.


You have a link


Happy holidays doc. You are appreciated very much.



Merry Christmas @physioLojik and everyone else. May santa bring yas all good Pharma gear haha


Merry Christmas! Thank you for what you do!


Merry Christmas @physioLojik and all the other members of the board!


Merry Christmas to all yall! I appreciate all that I have learned from this community. It has certainly increased my quality of life in so many ways.




Alright @unreal24278, what kind of Aussie word is that? :joy:


It’s just a word I say, that and Woot, florp, derp and so on


I asked because I know one Aussie phrase: “the dinky di” :grimacing: supposed to mean the real thing or the good stuff, right?


Id the insult “dog cunt” an Aussie thing or a Kiwi thing?


dog cunt is Aussie, @studhammer I’ve never heard the dinki di phrase before.