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Ask Physiolojik Thread


Whoops, sometimes I strangely can’t make discrepancies between jokes and insults, it’s a huge downfall, I thought it was like a snarky comment or something


I’ve been reading you(r posts) for a while, so kind of suspected this.

As for E2, I’m planning to come out with my own experiences in lieu of physiologic’s help with my post way back a few weeks ago. Need to hit the gym now, then do some work before starting Xmas vacation, but hope to be able to post numbers and experiences later today.


Not a huge Downfall. Do you know how many times I’ve heard when I get heated about something. “I was only kidding it’s a joke”. They know I get pissed and what gets under my skin and played with me. And I probably reacted that way each time


It seems very common place to me now a days. Seems like it’s harder and harder to find people that can take a joke. I’m a joker by nature just like my dad was. My wife is constantly telling me that people just dont get my humor.


Fuck everybody else. Lol

I am a joker to. My dad too at 70 still is the center of a family party. Depending on the type of people am with my humor varies.


Amen. I dont care if they get me or not. I’m kind of a loner anyways. I’m trying to be better at networking right now for my career but I screw that up with my humor. People get offended. Politics at work suck. Have to be fake all the time


@unreal24278 emailed you sir. Haha.


@alldayeveryday there seems to just be an over abundance of sensitivity. Everyone is offended so easily and parents never help kids get a thick skin and grow the hell up. We’ve been giving our girls shit since day one haha. They’ve learned to be strong and respectful but also easy going. It’s crucial.


Amen. I’ve spent my whole career out in chemical plants and refineries. Offshore oil rigs. From the arctic circle to the depths of Africa. No room for sensitivity. The men I worked for in the beginning were brutal. Treated us terrible. You had to be tough. Thick skinned as you said. Now a days if I say something to someone at work in have to go through sensitivity training. It’s actually happened. I put in a two week notice at one company and wrote on a dry erase board “2 weeks till no more (my bosses name)”. He turned me in to HR and claimed it was a death threat. Sent pictures in and now I’m on the “not eligible for rehire list” with that company. It’s a sad world.


Awesome move, but not too smart in hindsight.


At the time I thought we were friends and it was meant as a joke. In fact after he took the picture of what I wrote he erased his name and put my name in its place. I laughed. Touche. He waited till I was actually gone to contact human resources.


Next time, just write “Syonara Suckers!” on the sign out board on your last day LOL


These days that may be considered a death threat too. “Is he talking about blowing up the building?”


I have fired dozens of people. I’ve had workers take a letter opener to the meeting. Basically a knife.
I’ve had workers signal they would cut my head off.

HR did shit. I ended up taking a cab home instead of train at times. And am very vigilant at the termination meeting and bring a witness in that can handle stuff.

Sickos out there.


But don’t tell the wrong female that you think her hair looks nice.


Why would anyone want to hire a woman? They can essentially ruin your life.


i have been on trt + tamox for 3 months doc.
i had gyno already and after using tamox 10mg ed,i still have puffy nipples. Can’t get rid of abdominal fat no matter how much i restrict calories. Desperately need help ,every doctor in my area declares me normal .I have tagged you in my thread multiple times. Can you or anyone else please have a look?


People hire women to get shit done!


Please do not take this the wrong way. You are one of the smartest young men I have ever seen on here or let alone anywhere.

BUT, are you on the spectrum? I am not joking or being an asshole. I get this vibe of autism/Asperger’s ? I have an autistic child that is 9 and I have seen some of the same social issues with you as with him.


@ChickenLittle true story. The women in my practice work at least 3x as hard and are more efficient. The only issue is that they have in fighting a lot.