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Ask Physiolojik Thread


Um… Thank you, i’m not good with sentimental or emotional things buuuutttt I will say this, you are one of the only (if not the only person) who I look up to in life (even though I don’t know you).

Strange isn’t it, I’m not always sure what the right thing to do or say is, but I try to do the right thing, sometimes I’m not sure though, anyhow that’s irrelevant, you seem look a good person who legitimately helps people in need, and I admire and look up to that (+ you’re a bodybuilder and an endocrinologist, two things I reeeeaaaaallllly want to be haha)


Anxiety is hard. It’s very curious when it comes crashing head-on against reality. Someone gave me a reality-check on something I was angsting about today, and were like “Hey, that doesn’t seem remotely realistic because of reason 1, 2 and 3.” and it was truly eye-opening with regards to this specific issue that yeah, I was being completely unrealistic.


And with that said, @unreal24278, feel welcome to stop by my log or @ me wherever should you ever want to bring in a fellow anxiety-er.


Since we are having an anxiety club meeting, I’m in! I’m always on here if anybody needs to vent’


Haha, a nice little crew of cortisol deviants.

Maybe I should make my own thread here, and vent there instead of writing this here in-place but I just had the very frustrating experience of finding out that before I get to see a specialist they’ll want to run an additional set of tests, specifically PSA, TT, SHBG, FSH, LH and Prolactin. And I humbly started suggesting other things such as E2, Cortisol, … (I only got these two out of my mouth, I was going to go through the list that @unreal24278 gave me) before they said that only the doctor can order tests and I won’t be seeing a doctor before they do them … Talk about inefficient! The nurse I was talking to was going to try and see if she could book a phone consult with a doctor so I could suggest these things but no promises.

Oh, and expected waiting time before I get to do the tests? March.


Yea, btw I’m not actually thinking of running a cycle. Not sure why I was thinking about it this morning, sometimes I forget the situation I’m in and briefly think everything’s alright. If I ever run a proper cycle it’ll be when I’m absolutely SURE I have a fully clean bill of health psychologically, physically and when I’m not bleeding out of my ass lol (that’s a requirement haha) @charlie12 @physiolojik

I also need to get control of my diet, when I get anxious I binge, on one of the plane rides to America I probably consumed nearly 3 thousand Cals alone…


I am cortisol


Call it a cheat day and don’t beat yourself up over it (just don’t make it into a habit)


I ate twelve packets of chips… Duck, chicken, mashed potato, copious beverages (some alcoholic some not, I look old enough that I get served no questions asked), yoghurt, cheese, fruit, salad, egg, pasta and more.


Am really hungry now


@unreal24278 what is your reasons for anxiety? Has something happened in the past ( not expecting details ) or are you a worrier? I’m asking cause through my youth I have been seeing psychiatrists for depression and anxiety. I was one of these chaps that was terrified if my hair wasn’t sitting right or people think badly of me etc. I tried medications and therapy and it done nothing. The best advice I followed that actually worked, was to stop giving a fuck… the day I stopped caring was the day I felt alpha for once in my life. Sounds silly lol, but this worked for me. Over time my confidence improved and my anxiety went away.

I only care about people close in my life, family and friends, the rest can think what they want. I don’t give a fuck anymore. It’s all in the mind and how you view yourself. If you think you aren’t good enough, then you won’t be good enough, if you think you are a serious badass, chick magnet, that’s what you become… in your head anyway and that’s all matters.

Reading over your posts/ replies I think you are very interesting and smart, always giving great info and advice, unlike me, my grammar sucks but guess what ? … yep I don’t give a fuck lol


I’m certainly not going into my past… But lots of stuff happened that could have caused triggered long lasting problems with anxiety, it’s not that bad though I don’t think (my past), however I’m not going into details, partially because I don’t like talking about it and partially because I don’t like thinking or reminiscing about that shit. I’ve talked about it to my psychiatrist in detail, anyway I’m dropping that subject like a hot potato. It was mostly just like prolonged bullying and some other stuff that I’m never talking about on here

I also worry a lot about things, however I believe my past experiences have a lot to do with why I’m so anxious


Wasn’t expecting the details in an online forum. You are young and will more than likely improve over time. My stepson is going through a horrible time right now, he’s 17 and bullied. Only about 1 year ago 3 lads jumped him… beat him pretty bad and now he doesn’t leave the house, completely isolated. This has me worried for him with his future.

Anyway dropping the subject like a hot potato. Best of luck, its not nice with high levels of anxiety.


I know how your boy is feeling. I was attacked in my parents home. Beaten with a baseball bat. Fractured skull. Broken jaw. Broken cheek bone. Almost lost my left eye. Left for dead. Woke up in the hospital with a subdural hematoma. The blood pooling on my brain was killing me. The attacker rang the doorbell when he came to my parents house. I had a severe concussion and to this day 17 years later I dont remember the actual attack but for years could not answer the door if someone rang the doorbell. Anxiety is a funny thing.


God damn dude.


That’s harrowing… Glad to hear you came through that, my goodness.


That sounds horrific mate. Lucky to be alive by the sounds of it… karmas a bitch, here’s hoping they got what they deserve. Something like that would most certainly cause anxiety for a long time.


@physioLojik you’re getting emotional there. Have you considered an AI to get your E2 under control?



That’s not nice, nothing wrong with showing emotion


Just like nothing wrong with the odd sarcasm to ease some of the pressure by these grim topics. :slight_smile: