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Ask Physiolojik Thread


@unreal24278 why don’t you just get on metformin at 500 mg bid and not worry about that stuff :slight_smile:


Metformin seems to have killed my appetite. I’m really struggling to get the food into me nowadays. Any tips to increase appetite?


@flatdanny it’s affecting your appetite because you aren’t having large swings in glucose affecting your ghrelin levels. Build back slowly. You can increase fats as the calorie load is large.


Thanks for the tips Doc (;


@physioLojik morning man. I answered your questions to help me. Please see TRT 1 Year Update


Did that to my wife when she first started. But that is a side affect she wants since she wants to lose weight. Dr added victoza to help with weight.


If one were to consider using metformin, do you recommend running it continuously or “cycling” for certain periods of time?


Because I’d be looking at taking more black market meds, self medication is generally a last resort for me. However I might have to if I do become diabetic. With anabolic steroids it’s different (I know you might be thinking “but he uses/ has used anabolic steroids without a prescription”), well yes but… Hey look, a malva pudding!!

Also damn dude how early do you wake up in the morning! I’m only up at this time due to jetlag

So, in a couple months (6 mths from now) if I ran a phat cycle at 250-300mg test/wk is it an extremely bad idea due to autonomic dysfunction. Not asking for the go ahead or anything, just want to know if it would make everything even worse or if there’s a high chance of complications. AAS do increase HR (one mechanism through beta adrenergic receptor upregulation … but I’m on beta blockers soooo?)

Wondering why I’m so irresponsible/ have the ability to make such stupid decisions? The answer probably lies within my age



@unreal24278 do you have diagnosed hypogonadism?

You are having psychological, endocrine, neurological, and cardiac issues and you want to run a cycle?
Your not even 18 yet. Am not saying this to ridicule you, just want to give you my harsh opinion. I want you to be healthy. Ik we don’t know each other. I read your stuff though. You are very insightful.


I’ve been on TRT since age 16, so yea, diagnosed hypogonadism

Exactly, irresponsible, want to run in 6 mths from now, (assuming my issues die down a bit of course). The cardiac issues aren’t actually caused by abnormalities in my myocardium, but rather sympathetic nervous system dysfunction, it may be bloody uncomfortable at times but it isn’t life threatening

Give that a couple weeks

I want me to be healthy too, unfortunately I don’t think this is a feasible goal.




Because I’ve had health issues my entire life, asking for a bout of good health is like asking for a miracle to fall upon me. At the moment I’m just focused on living the best quality of life possible (for whatever duration I live)

I appreciate your concern, and if you must know this isn’t a done deal, if I can’t get control of my issues it’s game over (bodybuilding wise) can’t ever use anything again in that case, even if they weren’t the culprit for my issues

If you’re wondering why im planning something so far in advance, (6 months) that’s just what I tend to do. I require meticulous detail otherwise I get uncomfortable


Fuck dude. Ok. I support you.

Am thinking about my kids. My oldest is almost 16. I would move the planet to help my kids if i could.

Life is precious and so are you. ( saying this with my e2 in check -lol)

You seem to have other medical issues that I dont know about. So I just wanted to give you my opinion based on the limited info.


Funny you say that. My son is the same way.


Man I appreciate it, firstly it shows that you care and secondly, it’s good to get called out when I say stupid things (I’m aware it’s a stupid to be thinking about, however the bodybuilding lifestyle is exttrrreeemmmeeely therapeutic to me, it’s one of the few things I find solace and peace in).

Life may be precious, however life must of adequate quality too, a life in a constant state of panic, in constant pain, the inability to be active (although I’m fine now beta blockers yaaaayyyy), even without the beta blockers, some days are worse than others, a life no domestic friends (I have friends in the states but not Aus) etc tends to become tedious, and at some point you give up and think “fuck it, I’ll do whatever it takes to make me happy”, and sure, that isn’t a healthy way of thinking at all, but how else am I supposed to think? Positively, like maybe by some chance it’ll all get better? I’m not depressed in the slightest btw even if it seems that way. I apologize if I sound like a whiney kid, not how I’m trying to come off.

It isn’t as if I don’t have positives, I can list many (education, food (many people go by hungry), I reside in a 1st world country, I have money and so on), however it isn’t as if I don’t have reason to be annoyed if ya know what I mean

I also have haematological issues and digestive issues


Never whiney. I actually love helping others and bonding. There are many people your age (not saying you) that do not have parents who can guide their kids for whatever reason. At this point sounds like you are guiding yourself. Which is great in a way because your are an adult or soon to be.


@unreal24278 out of curiosity do you see a therapist? Could help loads with your issues both perceived and real


@charlie12 @unreal24278 I love you guys. Honestly. You’re like family.


Now my wife wants to start taking metformin because she wants the decreased appetite and weight loss!


I do see a therapist, (well a psychiatrist), however the psychiatrist works with me as both a therapist and a psychiatrist (helping me with issues and with medication) unreal24278 is aware his way of thinking isn’t entirely healthy, and he sometimes refers to himself in the third person. Unreal24278 needs to get his anxiety sorted out, as anxiety tends to make the perceived issues 1000x worse than they actually are sometimes (aside from the pain, the pain just sucks lol, and sometimes the pain itself raises my HR)

Anxiety is probably by far the most limiting factor in my life currently.