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Ask Physiolojik Thread


I’m coming back soon to try and catch up guys! Sitting in a Bangkok airport currently on way to Beijing. Will check in ASAP


So… How was the travelling? Did you go sightseeing? Did you see anything extraordinary?


I am back guys :slight_smile:
It was great thanks man! We go over to Thailand twice a year so it was wonderful. Little harder on my wife when she’s pregnant haha but she’s a goddamn champion!

I’ll try to go through the thread and see what I’ve missed!


You can def get desensitized through hcg use. It isn’t something that someone should stay on long term.


There’s a super knowledgeable guy named chemania I think you might enjoy his thread, I’ll tag you in it.


You’re right about shbg - it changes way too much to have anything to do with injection frequency


Yes you could stand some treatment for thyroid for sure. It’s not awful but could be improved.


Hi @physioLojik, welcome back! I guess you’ve seen my post(s) (Ask Physiolojik Thread Ask Physiolojik Thread) and seeing as you haven’t weighed in I suppose that means you agree with everything that @unreal24278 wrote in his response(s).

I have a follow up question, what ranges should a otherwise healthy, physically active, 26-year old male present with with regards to T values to not suffer from an androgen deficiency?


Whatever range he feels best at and doesn’t suffer from adverse effects (like… Hematocrit over 55-60%, a HCT increase is normal, as androgens in supraphysiologic doses or in you’re case going from almost nothing to normal, increase the output and effectiveness of erythropoietin, mechanism as to why is unclear, maybe physio can weigh in, I think its probably AR mediated considering the stronger drugs (oxymetholone, which is considerably more androgenic than its rating implies, fluoxymesteorone and whatnot are excellent at stimulating erythropoiesis). Other side effects that may indicate you’re taking too much (provided you have a normally functioning liver and aren’t fat) are gyno and high blood pressure. The range you feel best at with minimal adverse affects could be as low as like 300 and as high as 1500, there’s no way to know, it’s an individualistic, trial and error type thing.

To not suffer from “androgen deficiency”, just get to a level that allows you to maintain bone density, muscle mass and whatnot, the threshold for bone density tends to be around 350ng/DL I believe, although it’s not all that cut and dry as other factors will influence it (free T, estrogen and its various forms etc, you’ll still probably feel like shit, and you might have symptoms, but at least you won’t have osteoporosis lol… Unless you’re like 350 and you use an AI… Then it’s a trip down to low bone denCITY (haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

Also don’t use an AI


I wonder if this is the missing link. My prolactin and igf are slightly elevated. And I think you said previously it could be from hypothyroidism.
And my shbg reading in low 20s.

Making thyroid better should fix this from what I read.


Hi and nice to have you back! :slight_smile:

When you find the time, please consider my question Ask Physiolojik Thread

Thx a lot in advance!


Please take a look at my question also @physioLojik when you find the time. Thanks doc.



Doctor Sir (I’m going to be calling you by this formal prefix from now on, I was thinking either Mister Sir, Doctor Sir or Doctor Mister Sir and I settled on Doctor Sir), HOW WAS THE WEDDING! I recall you saying you were going to a wedding.

How’s the jetlag? I usually end up sleeping for a day or two post travel, the high levels of back pain and the “talking to people for long periods of time” when I travel too see friends and family really drains the energy from me, not to say I don’t enjoy travel, I just find it tiring after a while, to which coming home to a nice long nap is ideal. I love my family, even if I don’t see eye to eye with them all the time and I really enjoy spending time with old friends but I need my naps. Sleep is a time when I’m NOT in pain lol.

You probably have chronic pain too, do you like to take naps? What’s you’re strategy to deal with neuropathic pain (I don’t have neuropathic pain but still what’s you’re pain… dealing… with strategies (however I’m supposed to word that)? Exercise def helps with my pain to a point (aside from pressing exercises, squats and long walks (ankle) they tend to make things worse but I do them anyway)



Hey Fizz, does tamoxifen in any way skew your bloodwork, specifically as it relates to estradiol? Like would being on tamox have your E2 showing as higher than it really is?

I’m going to get some bloods to see where I’m at but have been on nolva for ages so wasn’t sure if it was best to come off for a while before getting labs.



Any thoughts on the above Doc?


It’s actually Doctor Sir… Doctor Mister Sir


What does PCT look like if you’ve been using Nolvadex 20 mg ED with Test 220 mg per week? Been playing with TRT for 5 months and can’t get it right and want to try a restart.

This is what I was thinking

Week 1-2 Continue Nolva 20 mg ED, 500 iu HCG EOD

The question is for week 3-4 do I increase the Nolva to 40 mg after dropping the HCG and then taper off Nolva week 5-6 20 mg EOD (have 20 mg capsules) or just keep Nolva consistent 20 mg for the 4 weeks and come off completely (or taper EOD).

Most PCT protocols I’ve seen didn’t use Nolva during the TRT/cycle so this is the source of my confusion.

I’m 25 so hoping that stress and undereating made me hypogonad to start


Hey @physioLojik, is everything alright? You’ve been unusually absent, just making sure things are good. Things aren’t the same without you’re input on here :frowning:


I’m great man! Sorry I have a ton going on but I promise I’ll be back shortly. I also at times like a break from devices of all kinds, and I don’t really miss some of the nonsense perpetuated on forums haha. But I’ll be back because I miss guys like you and several other on here


That’s what shabbas is for (just kidding I don’t follow religion, however some of my family does)

Just stir up more nonsense, then you’ll find it amusing, make a thread about the benefits of a waffle only diet or something (don’t do this)