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Ask Physiolojik Thread


Glad you recommend licorice tea Physio, because I’m taking it every morning to help adrenals. Also taking 1000mg of vit c three times a day. Seems to be helping so far. Way less tired in the mornings.


I recall you saying earlier you’d be in Asia around this time of year, have fun yeet! @physioLojik


@unreal24278 thanks man! We leave Tuesday. I’ll be sure to throw up some pics from the travels!


@xevox some are facts for sure. My only issues in recommending them involve consistency among brands and individual responses. Basically they are trial and error for most people.


@physioLojik im sure we all understand your concerns.

I think it would be interesting if you could share your thoughts and why certain substances for either the blaster or cruiser.

For me its something ive been interested in looking sort of like biohacking.

Another question im still battling my high blood pressure @unreal24278 thought my E2 was within ratio but nothing would bring it down.

4 aspirin a day
10mg cialis

But then i took 1mg of anastrozole and not sure if it was placebo but about an hour later i felt different. Do have a machine so ill stop off at my pharmacy tomorrow.

What are your thoughts?

Cheers bud, hope you’re having a right good time


Exoskeletons… that’s what you want, run 100mph, bench 2000lbs! We aren’t quite there yet with regards to technology though (think deus ex or something), and even when it does come out, I’m sure the Aussie government will be like “Nope, sorry only 3 people in the country can have this, others can have aguementations on their legs, but only if the agumentation doesn’t allow the individual to run more than 10MPH”… there’ll be a huge black market for it hahaha, dodgy agumentations.


Ahahaha, have you watched Orphan Black and the neonutionalist. Bloody great show.

The guy in Sydney who got charged for hacking his opal card to insert a rfi chip in his hand.

It will happen

Exoskeletons are already being trialed by us military


This question wasn’t directed at me, however are you taking 4 baby aspirins/day or four regular aspirins each day, either dose wouldn’t be recccomended, however 4 regular aspirins has a higher chance of getting you into shit. A gastric ulcer is fucking painful, NSAIDS like aspirin interfere with gastric mucosa’s ability to protect itself from damaging acids, hence why many people get an upset stomach from NSAID’s. Personally in my chronic pain days there was a point where I’d take like 2000mg of naproxen/day + ibuprofen + acetomitophren (and on top of that I’d sometimes still drink beer, I wasn’t aware of the risks at 13-14 y/o… Wait… I mean I NEVER drank beer at 13), I never had any issues but I know a few people who have aquired stomach ulcers from chronic NSAID use. (NSAIDS, mostly certain NSAIDS of the COX-2 selective inhibtors class are cardiotoxic, I believe ibuprofen and naproxen are, don’t think aspirin is particularly so though). Nephrotoxicity is also a concern with chronic NSAID use. That being said a baby aspirin a day to reduce the chance of stroke with high RBC/HCT is fine, but 4 aspirins a day… come on there isn’t really any benefit after a while. It’s like if there a difference between 3 and 4 grams of test/wk other than an increase in side effects?

An option you haven’t considered is simply lowering the dose, it’s possible 500mg is too much, try 400mg/wk. It’s always best if possible to get by without resorting to additional polypharmacy. 400mg will still net great gainzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. For me personally, I get androgenic side effects from testosterone. I’ve always been very hairy for my age, however on the higher dose of test it’s gotten so out of control people are giving me shit for it (because it looks a bit strange, I do shave my body hair but it grows back too fast. I have copious amounts on my stomach, back, arms, legs, shoulders, face, chest, toes, ass… I’ve always had a significant amount of body hair, especially for my age #precociouspubertypriortoacquiringhypogonadism, but a young looking face… so it looks a bit off haha, I was that 12 y/o kid who was already shaving lol. Anyway, with the test I can either, lower the dose, put up with it or find a less androgenic compound my body can tolerate. Given that extensive growth of bodyhair isn’t as serious as high blood pressure, I’ve chosen to just put up with it, with HBP (a condition that can have a myriad of serious consequences such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (also a risk factor from AAS use and frequent heavy lifting alone, but far moreso with AAS), kidney damage to in extreme cases outright renal failure, stroke and more. I’d lower the dose, adex can do a number on the lipids, if you’re gonna take adex, then get lipid monitering, and make sure you don’t crash ur estrogen, it’s vital for so many aspects of optimum bodily functioning.


Hey @unreal24278, 2 asproclear morning and 2 at night. Not everyday, minimum 2 a day. Depends how im feeling.

I have, and i will if i cant manage effectively. Im start to shape up nicely and after last night’s anastrozole drying up a bit. Its looking good.

I have brought out my old CPAP machine to see if im having an interrupted sleep. Only 2 nights in so it wont have a drastic effect yet.

Ahh poor fella, im fair haired unlike my old man who is an ape.

Im constantly doing bloods. In 2 weeks we are doing another full blood panel. My LDL was a little high after my cut. We put that down to a bit of dehydration.

On the 15th im going to fork out for the blood donation.

Thanks for your concern dude, really appreciate it. Just want you to know im monitoring daily,/weekly.

I have too many great days in my life ahead of me to ruin.

Im loving my sex life atm, i broke my mrs last night. She took a tremadol just so i could fuck her for a 4th time yesterday.


@physioLojik I was searching this thread and I think I could not find anything.

What’s your thoughts on subq v IM?

Thank you.


I’m not physio but I will say I have done both subq as well as IM. I have bloodwork on both and my levels for TT ft and e2 were identical. I noticed no difference in anything whatsoever except the fact I got painful lumps under my skin doing subq. I really didnt like that so I’ve been doing shallow IM at the delts ever since.


@charlie12 I think sub q is super over rated. The ONLY time it makes a difference is in very overweight ppl and in that case they need to not be on TRT until they can get some of their weight off. The medicine is created for IM delivery. While it can work subq, it’s like saying you should take a medicine designed for oral use rectally. It’ll work. But not a great plan.

SubQ Shot Better in Shoulder or Belly?

There was a dude on here who made a thread asking if he could take stanozolol rectally, I told him to take it intraurethrally… Then the thread got taken down. This was in the timespace of a few hours I believe.


As my topic gets little traction, and you are very knowledgeable on the subject, I thought I would pose my question here:

I have a question with regards to keeping fertile while blasting and cruising.
Despite the fact that I have been reading quite a lot on this subject here, I have not been able to find a definitive answer to the question of how fertility is impacted when blasting & cruising, given that one also uses HCG.
Let’s say I would do moderate blasts of 350mg Test E and 250mg Mast E, followed by a cruise of 125mg Test E. Would injecting 250mg HCG E3D be sufficient te keep my fertility?
If I would decide to start with attempting to have children (in about 3 years time), I would stick to a TRT dose + HCG. Is that protocol OK?

Thank you for help!


@bigdawg12345 hey man! I would drop the hcg until it’s a time you actually want to start trying for a baby. Your body becomes insensitive to it and there isn’t a need for it until you’re ready :wink:


Wait a minuteledoodle is leydig cell desensitization from HCG more than just a myth? I’ve seen the rat studies but never seen any concrete evidence for humans. I’ve never used HCG (and never will, concieving a child wouldn’t be possible for me considering the fertility issues BOTH my parents had (I’m IVF Woot, born at just under seven months old), and then there’s the whole hypogonadism fiasco with LH and FSH still in range after 6 months on trt hinting at a possible issue with my testis.) @physiolojik

Wait, shit, he’s probably on a plane, watch snakes on a plane… On a plane. But on a different plane because if you ever see this it’s too late, and then you can be one of those people whoose like “I saw snakes on a plane on a plane” and people will be like “what the hell are you talking about”



Hey doc. I think I may finally have a good question for you.
Thanks for your time.

TRT 1 Year Update


@physioLojik just a quick question about HCG: Is it sufficient to restore fertility on its own, or does it need to be used in combination with other drugs?

I started on TRT about twenty months ago, and haven’t been on HCG in that time. If I can get some function back “down there” when I need it, then that’s good to know.

That said, I had a semen analysis run a couple of weeks after starting, and the count came back around 250,000 per mL. Would I be right in thinking that testosterone wouldn’t have had that much of an impact at that time? So there might not be a lot to get back!


@unreal24278 currently at the polaris lounge in Newark. Give me some time and I’ll answer.


@physioLojik, would love to hear your opinion on some historical e2 sensitive test I have run in relation to test dosage:

8/15/18- 120mg Test Cypionate E2 sensitive 29.6 pg/mL
9/20/18- 100mg Test Cypionate E2 sensitive 26.4 pg/mL
10/25/18- 160mg Test Cypionate E2 sensitive 28.1 pg/mL
I dont really have anything to complain about just surprised at the lack of movement in regards to my E2 levels. Seems like not matter how high or low I go it stays relatively the same. I’m still running 160mg Test Cypionate at the moment. I’m tired of playing these little E2 games as I’ve been curious as to how much Test would put my E2 over range. I thought for sure 160mg would do it but nope. I just ordered a ton of nolva. I think I’m just gonna run a low dose blast of Test only for 12 to 16 weeks and continue to monitor E2 levels. Any thoughts on any of this?