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Ask Physiolojik Thread


@unreal24278 I actually like and recommend licorice tea for people with stressed adrenals…:slight_smile:


by stressed adrenals do you mean over or under production, I assume you’re talking about adrenal fatigue right? I can understand if one wasn’t producing enough cortisol that liquorice tea would help as it inhibits cortisol breakdown, but I mean… if someone had high levels of cortisol (for whatever reason) would liquorice tea still be a good idea? @physioLojik

Isn’t adrenal fatigue an unproven concept though?

But yeh liquorice tea is my favorite tasting tea yeet.



My response to your questions

Thanks man.
TRT 1 Year Update


Nope in Australia i believe its only Red Cross with dedicated Systems. My step daughter is special needs so the mrs is going to call her Nurse at the hospital see what the hospital can do for me. Or if they can just help a falla out.


Hey @physioLojik, was wondering if you could verify or tell me my doc doesn’t know what he is talking about. I am on a test cream for TRT and labs last month had me around 1000 total T. Just had labs again and I have dropped to somewhere in the 500’s. He wants me to get on saw palmetto to lower the DHT conversion. From the way he said it, it made it sound like his thought is that if I lower the DHT conversion that it will in turn raise my total T. Does it actually work that way? Because I didn’t think it did and right now I am really questioning my doc. When I tested near 1000 I was on a 10% cream using 5 clicks with the current lab around 500 I am using a 20% cream with 5 clicks. I was hoping just the strength of the cream change caused a difference in absorption. Or I could just be losing absorption efficiency. Really questioning the DHT conversion aspect though as I don’t even have signs of excess DHT except balding but had that before TRT.


Take it for what it’s worth but I have seen some cream junkies say that dermarolling the area of application ie under arm… increases the absorption rate and in turn your total t. It might be worth a try if your dead set on rubbing creams on yourself. Fyi… if it’s the kind you rub on your balls… DO NOT DERMAROLL YOUR BALLS


Not dead set on the cream just what the doc wants unless cream loses absorption. Yeah I’m not dermarolling the balls, not happening lol.


The calf veins… Awesome


@physioLojik, if someone chooses to run nolva on cycle and plans to pct after how would they do that? Especially if they were planning to use nolva for pct. Would they discontinue the nolva and then restart the nolva?


Im pretty sure you would stop nolva when you stop the cycle wait 2-3 weeks then initiate your PCT


It’s my balls, I’ll do whatever I want to them!


@unreal24278, please document this experience thoroughly for the sake of the community and all those cream junkies that may or may not benefit from your dermarolling of said ball sack.


I actually don’t use test cream, I am an advocate for testicular rights though! (this is a joke)

When I was on androgel sometimes I’d rub the androgel on my testicles, the alcohol created a mild burning sensation on and around my scrotum for about 20-30 seconds, but otherwise all was fine


Or an advocate of your mistress’s favorite game of CBT

If i remember rightly you’re a Tasmanian?

So if i remember rightly, it wouldn’t surprise me what happens in her dungeon, I mean bedroom.


I’m not tasmanian, haha I’ve never given away my location in Aus, because I’m not comfortable doing so. It wouldn’t be hard to figure out though if one analyzed my posts, which why would anyone want to do that so I think i’m safe.

Cock and Ball Torture… we talking about the sexual fetish/BDSM style stuff of the german pornogrind band cock and ball torture (wow my amazing jokes r on fire today). Granted if I had a gf and she was into it I’m willing to give almost anything a shot haha (open minded, I can almost guarantee I wouldn’t like it though), however this might not be apropriate for me to be talking about.


I find it really interesting @unreal24278 regarding your location. To me what does it matter. What worries me is you are worried about the stigma of TRT/Cycling.

Oh yes young padawan, we are but you’ve only just scratched the surface on that one.

Some of the shit ive seen, at parties would make you cringe.

Urethral sounding
Building nails through scrotums in to plywood

The shit that gets some people off it nuts


why is this worrying, the stigma is massive, I would lose SO much respect from quite a few individuals if they knew what I was doing. (it’s ignorance, they just wouldn’t understand)

While it may sound strange to you or me, I tend not to judge, as it doesn’t harm anyone other than potentially themselves, and if it gets them off, then so be it haha as long as they don’t harm anyone else or support the harming of others

About my location, it matters because if someone ever comes close to figuring out who I am but they don’t have my location nothing can be definitively pinned on me.


@physioLojik, doesn’t really mean anything, too early to determine, it is a rat model, but interesting nonetheless. Thought you might be interested


I have read great things about grape seed extract. You can quite easily get raws from Nootropic suppliers in Aus.

This would actually be a great topic to understand from @physioLojik as i remember some posts regarding rebuilding the of ephedrine receptors in the vrain to assist with ED and many other functions.


So @physioLojik nootropics fact or fiction?