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Ask Physiolojik Thread


I would say im lifting heavier, and more reps however, i dont feel like im training harder.

So potentially 500mg being first time this high, its should hopefully subside in a week or so.

Thanks bud.



Still not hitting 3000cal lol ! And i felt like an eating machine yesterday.



@physioLojik My doctor is not experienced with it. I will try to convince her to prescribe it, just need to do some research and get more facts on it for her. What is your recommended dose?


@physiolojik swelling died down considerably, I used heat packs like you recommended and ice, it really helped reduce the swelling

I found a way to isolate the lateral head of my tricep (something I’ve never been able to do, so I’m excited about that new development)

  • My BP is currently super low, sub 100/40, what can I do to raise it, I eat a nice amount of sodium, I’m not worried about it however I’d rather I didn’t get dizzy when I stand up after sitting. Still on 250mg test/wk. It’s def low due to the selective a2A receptor agonist I take scripted for anxiety, it’s always low this but since implementing some of my cycle support supps diastolic BP has dropped reeeeaaaallly low as is evident by this measurement . But going off that isn’t really an option atm. And cycle support supps (coq-10 etc make me feel more comfortable)

Happy Halloween, kids love Halloween, and you have kids, therefore I imagine you’re a part of trick or treating and stuff, like a super tall, lean, muscular person. paint yourself green and you have a costume (The Hulk)


Thanks again man!



@unreal24278 mentioned it might be an idea to ask here instead of trt forum.

Ok so Red Cross wont let me donate for another year due to peptides.

My GP wants to charge me an arm, leg and my left nut.

Who has self bloodlet or had their mrs do it for them?

What gauge needle did you find worked best?
Did you use a syringe to draw?
Did you use a blood bag?



Woah, I meant ask about self phlebotomy, not ask everyone the specifics (gauge of needle, blood bag etc.) For that you should create you’re own thread in pharma

Like say something along the lines “hey physiolojik red cross won’t let me donate blood due to peptides, would it be appropriate if I indulged in a self phlebotomy style procedure”, then state you’re aware of the risks “and (hopefully) I’ve been trained how to use medical equipment” #novirtuesignallinghere

@xevox I’ll go ahead and say I’d never give anyone advice on how to do this due to the potential for the other party to hurt themselves and because I’m way underqualified to give this kind of advice as I’d mentioned in my previous reply to you, it seems like a way I’d attract judgement, and I already have enough people on here who think I’m an idiot (that’s not me putting myself down, it’s just me saying there’s lots of people who dislike me being on here, I’m young and people are generally uncomfortable with the idea of such a young person hanging around these forumz and I can’t say I blame them haha.)

I’ll just give a scenario in which someone might do this though. You go to the doctor and they’re like “you’re HCT is in the high 40s, if it goes any higher I’m lowering the TRT dose to next to nothing” and you can’t donate or get a phlebotomy. Note I’m not confirming this has happened to me, im merely stating a scenario


I’m currently on 400mgs test and 400mgs of tren a week. What would cause my sex drive to crash? And I’ve noticed my poops have become very dry from what they were a couple weeks ago. I have tried stool softener and it seems to work but I’ve never had to use this before.


You made the mistake of being completely honest (a worthwhile virtue) but not when it comes to giving blood while on gear. I never tell what I’m on. Is there another blood donation center that you can try that is not connected with the first one?


Thank you for your advice!

I think I will tread lightly going forward. My vitamin D was 30 on a 30-100 scale, and I think I will start by doing 5000 iu every 3 days or so. And maybe do fish oil on an every 3 day schedule also. I will also recheck my e2 after re starting these.

I think that my issue might also be amount/volume. I WAS taking a high dose curcumin extract and taking it everyday, which caused the crash. The c4, preworkout was also an everyday thing. So I think going forward, I will be moderate in dosages, and definitely not take everyday.

Thanks again @physioLojik


@alphagunner take 10,000 iu with fat every day for two weeks. Then drop to 5000 iu a day. Also remember without decent magnesium levels vitamin d absorption is low.


@n1833j are you drinking enough water? Tren can jack you up if you aren’t massively hydrated


@unreal24278 anyone who thinks you’re unwanted or an idiot can kindly fuck off. Your knowledge of drugs and mechanisms of action is extremely high. People who think you need to use drugs to understand them are basically saying that anyone in a research role or a lab is an idiot if they don’t sample drugs personally.

Stay here and everyone who thinks otherwise is probably just intimidated by your knowledge at a young age.

Ps I respect someone like you much more than a gym bro who uses stupid ass dosages of drugs and wonders why his dick doesn’t work or his health is shit. It really pisses me off when guys get all holier than thou here and talk shit because maybe someone is younger or maybe someone hasn’t used drugs but has the brain to do a ton of research. You’ll find people are intimidated by intelligence a lot in life.


I am going to take it even slower than that, retest, and then go from there. Thanks again bro. Hope all is well. Will post up labs in about 2-3 weeks.


@alphagunner if you use 5000 iu vitamin d every three days your levels won’t top off. You are very deficient.


I am just so terrified of lowering my e2 again. I DID take it in the past with no issues.

So for the 2 things that for SURE tanked me were curcumin, and the c4 pre workout (which I believe it was because the vitamin b6/b12 , huge amount)

Getting labs in a few weeks, will test e2 then and again after restarting vitamin D. For now, drinking vitamin D milk.


@alphagunner caffeine also fucks with estrogen. I only really have a cup of coffee in the morning and MAYBE afternoon tea. Try to come off that shit.



I actually cut that out too. I use to take it for my preworkout. But I am not a “coffee” drinker at all. So, not a problem. NO caffeine.


@physioLojik could you elaborate a little more on this please?

I drink a decent amount of coffee and am interested in what effect caffeine has on estrogen.

My doc just asks how I feel and we talk about it. He resisted my early requests to test e2 or write me a script for an AI (Which I’m thankful for now)…and told me estrogen plays an important part in the male body. He told me if my nipples were itchy, he’d prescribe tamoxifen.

I have no idea what my e2 levels are and feel good, but curious what my consumption could be doing to the estrogen?

Any info is appreciated!


I dislike caffine, feels to… stimulanty (because it is a CNS stimulant haha), so it tends to make me jittery, also raises my HR (obviously, but still I dislike my HR being raised, makes me anxious) I use it if I can’t get up in the morning (shot of expresso).

As for tea you can get decaffinated tea or tea that is absent of caffine, try liqorice tea, it’s the best (but it’s not good for you #glycyrrhizzic acid) high intake of liqorice can cause hypermineralcorticoidism (interferance between the conversion of cortisol to cortizone via 11 beta hsd enzyme, depression of the renin angiotensin aldosterone system)… but who cares about blood pressure and and health in general amirite, it tastes yummy, that’s all we need to know!