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Ask Physiolojik Thread



I get water retention on injection days (>2+ lbs weighed same time in morning). I’ve found I can limit the water retention if I take .5 mg adex, but then I get low E symptoms.

Am on 110 mg Test and 500 iu HCG x2 per week. (220 mg and 1000 iu total for the week)

Also, if I drink alcohol even 2-3 drinks at any time during the week I get crazy edema in ankles. The water retention freaks me out. Any advice?

12% BF, 210 lbs 25 y/o


Hi Physio, wondering if I can bother you again. I have 1 copy of the C677T allele of MTHFR. This equals 65% efficiency in processing folic acid.

Are there any tests I should be running to confirm low folate/folic acid levels or other potential kinds of fallout from this mutation?

Also, are methylated vitamins the harbingers of doom for some people that I’ve been reading? Apparently some folks have really bad reactions to them that make their issues worse.


JOk ill try again! @physioLojik I know your a super busy man and super inundated on these forums.

Can you please clarify if ANY of these supplements will affect my E2? (or increase liver clearance in ANY way)

-L Citrulline

-AAKG Arginine


-Vitamin D

-Fish oil

I would like to keep taking these supplements, but I am terrified that they will lower my e2.

C4 the preworkout, had a bunch of b12 and b6 in it, and I suspect that is what made me tank… I was afraid the other supplements maybe had some effect also.

THANK YOU for your time sir!


@physioLojik hope you’re well bud. Following your posts i think you should be somewhere in asia about now?

Just a question regarding E2, you’re a strong believer in only using something to control E2 if in the case of gyno ect.

I have bumped my trt up to blast for awhile 250mg e3.5d. With 250iu hcg e3.5d.

Attached are my latest bloods E2 is very high. The sex department is quite interesting lots of nocturnal wood even having to wake the mrs up at 1 or 2am to satisfy my craving.

However, i have been getting home from work and having an afternoon sleep before dinner and the gym.

What are your thoughts?


It’s barely even twice the ref range, your Test is twice the ref range, free T even higher, it looks like it’s RIGHT in line ratio wise considering the dose you’re on. Glad to hear you’re feeling good tho, 500mgs… That’s a lot, I wonder what I’d feel like on that dose… Well, I’ll keep wondering forever lol (I can only imagine I’d feel like batman). I’m not physio and I lack the credentials to be giving advice but I hope this post alleviates some concern to some extent, unless you’re getting gyno, don’t worry about excess estrogen, while it can be said “yea but over time supraphysiologic levels of estrogen increases my risk of X, X and X long term” I’d say, “well yea but a TT of 2000ng/DL + also increases overall health risk long term, so florpyeet, just live a healthy lifestyle and you’ll (probably) be fine, messing with the ratio of testosterone to estrogen with AI’s bring in an entirely new set of health risks to the dining room table”

As to you’re afternoon naps, afternoon naps r great, why complain? If you have the time to have an afternoon nap, have an afternoon nap! Works tiring, gym is tiring, life is tiring, people are tiring! So take a nap and forget about it for a few hours!!! (Sponsored by the Australian afternoon nap association)


Thanks bud, thats the interesting point, I dont yet feel like batman.

Sure, the mrs cant walk atm thats great, but she has warned me that if i keep making her read raw, she’ll turn the table an show me what it’s like.

I have seen a video, truth about steroids and they were saying high doses make you lazy. Thats what i feel like. LAZY.

Yet for instance last night leg night, the racks were taken by these 17yr old flat chested, peached ass girls. I know 17 but you cant help yourself but to look multiple times. Its motivation.

But ended up doing machine session which i dont mind, i believe in changing it up to shock the muscles. I ended up doing 160 reps most to failure by 8/9 push to 10.

Wake up this morning and think shit did i go to the gym last night. But still waking feeling lazy.

I have a feeling im a lucky one, no ichy nips, i really dont think i have put on to much water. Arms and legs are definitely tightening up. The only real side i have noticed is my blood pressure 157/92 quite high.

Ive started taking some aspirin to help bring it down and have a script for Cialis 10mg, the bloody shit is expensive so ill get it from UGL. double the strength and 25% cheaper. Will start off on 5mg Cialis ed. This will help lower the BP, bring nutrients to the muscles and flush out LDL.

Well i think it goes back to that feeling lazy part, like dont get me wrong sometimes i feel great after the afternoon nap. But sometimes i feel like shit.

For the first 2 weeks my body was quite happy cal deficient. This 3rd week i cant eat enough. So I’m eating a controlled see food and eat it diet.

Last night i had 3 dinners and a protein shake.

1 massive bowl of cornflakes- i know but their yummy
1 massive bowl of creamy pasta - serves 4
Protein shake with milk
3 mashed boiled eggs with butter - yum

I might record my cals and see where im at. Maybe not enough and that is making me feel lazy?


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM interesting, what are the exact coordinates of this gym

I’ve never heard this one, it could be true, if AAS were to make you lazy I’d think it’d be from thrown off neurotransmitters (and the laziness would be a byproduct of feeling depressed/down). I’m not a doctor so take my advice with a singular grain of extra salty salt, untreated high blood pressure and polycythemia (High HCT) can both cause symptoms of fatigue. HBP and HCT/RBC isn’t something to mess with, HBP over time can cause a looooot of issues, it’s called the silent killer for a reason, the risks for MI, stroke, renal failure and whatnot are greatly increased. High RBC/HCT increases blood viscosity, the heart has to work harder to pump thicker blood (when blood is thicker than normal), the blood also becomes hypercoaguable therefore you become at risk for blood clots, the only way to really reduced HCT/RBC on AAS is to donate blood or phlebotomy. Aspirin daily isn’t a bad idea, and cialis is a great drug for the ol peniseroo but why not try a more natural approach before adding more pharmaceuticals to you’re regimen, COQ-10, celery seed and olive seed extract, NAC.


:wink: love it

Yea 100%, thats why im on the aspirin, will be donating as soon as i have some time to get it all in check.

I’m thinking i should have donated before the blast after cruising on trt for so long.



Considering how high my test is my sides are limited.

No oily skin
No backne

Headache or two but none since starting aspirin

I have found a red cross near work so ill go at lunch.

Considering my body is handling this well im thinking at week 8 reducing the test back to 250mg adding in TrenA for the next 8, to dry out.


Personally, I think this is a terrible idea. Testosterone is generally thought of as being a very versatile compound, as a matter of fact all anabolic steroids (aside from ones that are broken down by the 3 HSD enzyme like mesterolone, dihydrotestosterone etc) WILL stimulate net protein synthesis, enhance/increase nitrogen retention, decrease breakdown of amino acids etc. Some anabolic steroids contrain stronger properties with regards to certain aspects than others (like stanozolol and nitrogen retention), any anabolic steroid can be manipulated to be used the way the user wants said steroid to be used. Testosterone at a high dose paired with a diet/ excersize routine for leaning out will still result in a cut, chisled physique, it might not look as hard, dense or grainy as tren, however the payoff is that trenbolone is one of the harshest compounds out there.

There’s a rule, NEVER use tren on a first cycle, as a matter of fact me personally, I wouldn’t ever touch tren… ever! If we were to compare this to the wide spectrum of recreational drug use (I recall you saying you like recreational drugs, although I could be mistaking you for someone else), let’s say testosterone is marijuana and trenbolone is crack, and you’ve just smoked you’re first joint (test only cycle) and you’re like “well, this joint was swell, let’s go buy some crack”, I’m aware the analogy isn’t entirely accurate, as the vast, VAST majority of people who use marijuana will never smoke crack, however you get my point. Why would you decide to smoke crack, and if you ever did, why would you go straight into it? Another example, you’re an 16-18 y/o kid on his red P’s getting his first car, he can either A: Get a regular car with normal safety features or B: Go straigh to a ferarri, which do you think LONG term is a better decision. Crash rates are very high for 18y/o’s, Ferarris break down, require more maintenance, but in the short term it’s swell, all the high fives from his bro’s and shallow girls on the side, with the car with good safety features he will still get high fives from his bro’s (because he has a car) and most girls will still be impressed with his independance as he is able to drive himself around.

Tren is a notoriously harsh drug, night sweats, mood swings, sexual dysfunction/ overfunction, rapid heart beat, tren cough, blood sugar issues, shortness of breath, acne are actually relatively common side effects, what do you think this will do to you long term? Granted some people can tolerate tren well, with physioljik being one of them from what I recall (although he gave up on the trenbologne sandwhiches a while ago I believe), but these unicorns are few and far inbetween. Run tren, get a comprehensive blood test, lipids, kidney pannel will probably look like dog shit lol. It really isn’t worth it unless you want to be a competitive BB, just lower the test and cut on 250mg test, it’s more than enough to maintain muscle on a cut without losing anything (hell some people cut on 200mg)


Yes i do like chemicals, hahaha. Differences being im not a roid head getting cut for Defqon and getting on it. Aint that silly. Recreationals are a blue moon occurrence for me these days.

Yea 250mg is my trt dose, i cant cut on it.

If anything, i would say im cutting now on 500mg with deficit.

But i need to calculate my cal intake again. Ive just been eating when hungry.

Mmmm just had some caramel cake at work. Sugar high here we come.


@physioLojik I’m in an interesting predicament.

Last bloods on 210 mg test, injecting 70mg MWF, .75 Adex because of sensitive nipples. .25 MWF at time of injection: 400 my/dL test (400-1200) 60 estrogen (12-56)

Just received bloods back 8 weeks later on 210 mg of test per week with 1 mg adex. 70mg T MWF, .25 Adex MWF and then Saturday night. So everything is the same except adding an extra .25 mg Adex. Test is still 400 ng/dL (400-1200) <10 estrogen (12-56). So I crashed my estrogen with the extra .25 Adex.

So my test is still low and I still have most of my low test symptoms. I’m being prescribed 400mg test per week. So my doctor is giving me room to play. Should I raise the test slowly? And what should I do about estrogen? The reason I added the Adex in was because of nipple sensitivity, scared if I cut it, it will come back and I really don’t want gyno lol.


Edit: also from a gains perspective… shouldn’t I wait to up the dose until I hit a wall?


For me this would be like “sitting on a toilet for a few hours here we come” lol


Thanks man! @flatdanny


@jpt365 knowing you have that mutation is all the data you need. I wouldn’t worry about the issues rarely encountered with them. Def add methylated vitamins to the mix!


@Yogi1 I think that these are only of concern when estrogen is sky high in relation to baseline versus testosterone. Not to worry For even mid grade cycle levels unless you have a predisposition for extremely high estrogen


@alphagunner hey brother! It’s difficult to answer this. Everyone responds differently. You are possibly the most sensitive person I might’ve encountered in relation to the liver and detoxification pathways being exceptionally efficient haha. Fish oil can encourage the healthy metabolism of estrogen as can vitamin d but I really don’t see any of these actually crashing estrogen for you


@xevox are you training harder? How long have you been on again?

I’ve never really had issues with fatigue unless I run really high dosages which I really never do or use tren and even then it goes away about week four


@getcutgetbutt why not just use a low dosage of
Tamox and forget arimidex as a whole??? Bump t to 300 for 6 weeks and see how you feel.


@xevox you don’t need tren. At all. Almost no one really does until they max out with test only cycles. Maybe some eq. Can’t cut on 250mg of t??? What the hell do you mean lol.Your estrogen is fine as well. I don’t really think you need hcg either.