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Ask Physiolojik Thread


@jpt365 request a referral to GI. Probably nothing but better to check. Always.


Funny that we talked about marijuana not long ago. I’m always hesitant to defend marijuana because despite using it for anxiety relief, I know that most people use it exclusively as a recreational drug, and drum up every obscure defense they can think of to advertise it to everyone. Weed affects different people in different ways, and some people will experience nothing but adverse effects from exposure to it. However, if we’re talking MS, marijuana is conclusively significant. MS patients go from non-vocal to borderline talkative within minutes of ingestion. Same with Parkinson’s. It really can be an incredible drug in the right circumstances.


that’s… quite something, I’m sorry to hear about that. I applaud your (from what I’ve seen via your posts, although you could be different in person) positive attitude and general happy vibe, I don’t know how you do it. You said you don’t want to be treated like a victim so I don’t know what to say, as medicine progresses we might have new therapies/ treatments for MS. Immmunosuppressive drugs suck (side effect wise), so do corticosteroids, idk if you take them, but I know they’re used for treatment of MS, anabolic steroids are also probably helpful to some extent (myelin sheath, androgen receptors yadayadaya and so on)… Does it impact you’re training???

May I ask why you personally don’t like anavar, you said you never got anything from it right, and I took it once for five weeks a while ago and once again for a much shorter period of time (sub 1 week) then stopped (wanted to see if it was actually the var causing HBP, yes it was), anyway I noticed that it made me much harder, vascular, gave me amazing pumps, made me strong too (and it made me strong fast), weight felt easier to lift off the ground. Granted everyone responds differently, and it was clearly very harsh on my body given the effect it had on my BP. But I started noticing these benefits at just 12.5mg/day, and at 25m/day the effects were amplified even more. So do you just not respond to it or something? Because for me it’s hands down the most effective (and harsh) drug i’ve ever taken with regards to bodybuilding, it’s effects were awesome but due to the effect it had on my BP and (likely lipid profile) I’d say two thumbs down, wouldn’t do again.

I’m curious, do you smoke marijuana or use it through other means (edibles… creams, vaping, etc etc.) Does smoking weed harm the lungs, irritate the throat like tobacco does? I’m not experienced with marijauna however when I was like fourteen I smoked a cigarette and I tried marijuana once, Marijuana didn’t irritate my throat much at all, the cigarette made me want to throw up. Haven’t touched stuff like that since because why would I ya know. I’m super anxious all the time, I can only imagine marijuana would make me super paranoid, and the potential psychiatric effects of the drug scare me.


I’m so tough that I don’t have a heart, that organ is physically nonexistent in my body, but it keeps functioning anyway!!! However I like the story, you’re wife sounds awesome.

  • I don’t have the time to play video games
  • I need my 19 hours of sleep a day in order to function
  • I’d go to gym today, but there’s a slight draft outside therefore I can’t go
  • I’d eat healthily but I’m so stressed out so I deserve this chocolate
  • My abdominals don’t show properly because I have impaired insulin sensitivity, obviously not because I somehow keep eating over my caloric maintenance
  • It’s deep fried onion rings, it’s alright because it won’t fuck with my blood sugar and it fits my macros therefore it’s ok on a cut, and it has a whopping THREE GRAMS of protein per serving
  • I’d go for a walk but it’s too hot/cold out
  • agh I can’t help you on the farm, my finger hurts, I jammed it in my locker.
  • I took an extra 0.25mgs of testosterone on my every ten minute injection protocal and now my E2 is so high I feel all emotional, I cried watching the notebook last night and i’ve got such extreme water retention on my face, my nipples are tender and sore to the touch, I clearly need exemestane.

If you’ve read up to here I’m just kidding, you said you didn’t like excuses so I thought I’d list some really annoying ones and a legitimate one (the video game one)

Edit: shit I ate a bunch of chocolate today, I got one of those massive white chocolate toblerones (the 360 gram ones) I ate half of it… It’s white chocolate Toblerone, it’s a rare occurrence I can find it and it’s the best, well I ALWAYS suffer consequences when I eat this stuff, especially in these quantities but it’s worth it in the moment.


I used to smoke it, now I have a pen that vapes it for me - this is because I have children, and I don’t want to smell like smoke or have them see me outside smoking. Any time you’re inhaling burning plant matter it’s not going to be good for your lungs. I have never heard of anyone getting emphysema from marijuana, but you can irritate your esophagus and lungs for sure with it. Your hesitation to use marijuana makes sense. That’s why I said it affects different people in different ways. Some people get super paranoid on it. Some get super lazy on it. Some get super giggly on it. Some get super talkative on it. I like to chill and watch TV or read a book and my wife likes to clean the house on it (no joke). Nobody can tell if I’m high, but some people get super glassy red eyes and talk like the stereotypical stoner. Then you have the rare cases when people with previous histories of psychosis can kick-start schizophrenia through a massive release of dopamine.
Long story short, marijuana could give you relief from your anxiety or it could exacerbate it. There’s no way to know which, and there’s no reason to try it unless you get to the point that a doctor prescribes Xanax or another benzo to you, at which point I would say try it because benzos are fucking terrifying.


Will do, thanks for taking time to respond.


@physioLojik Is the IGF-1 reduction from Nolvadex something to worry about with adding it to my TRT?


Hey man! With these numbers should I supp with iron.
Thank you.
Iron 94 59-158

Ferritin 84 22-322

Also if u can comment on why my e2 dropped. No ai. I took both test below on same day.
Estradiol 38.2
E2 14.1

Full labs in this post :


Would you care to expound on this. Cancer is scary shit! Anything that I can do to avoid it, I’m up for.


Hey Doc,

I know you are swamped and I’m hesitant to ask but…

I have been dragging ass as of late. I find myself literally falling asleep at my desk or nodding off in meetings and even losing focus when driving to work. My sleep is not the greatest, I usually wake a few times during the night but I think I’m getting at least 6 hours a night.

As you know, I’m blasting 300 NPP and 600 Test/week right now. I looked up some of your posts on adrenal fatigue and last weekend we added vitamin C and licorice root to our daily supplements.

Right now I am taking 175 mg Armour thyroid, 2000 IU vitamin D, a multivitamin, biotin, 500 mg metformin, 20 mg nolvadex, plus the recent additions.

I also take Bronkaid and caffiene in the mornings to jump start my day. I also take BCAAs with caffiene at night when I am at the gym.

Any help you can suggest would be great.

Thanks Doc.




I can do that but what parameters, specifically?


I think e2 sensitive is the obvious place to start


@studhammer hey man. Any chance you’re fighting the fall cold or flu? Your adrenals are getting trashed (remember extra aas hammers them as well) so I would assume it’s there if it’s not a cold. After having used deca I can say I prefer eq or just plain old test.


No Sir. Feeling pretty good on the weekends(when I can sleep in) and in the gym. Its just workdays are kicking my butt.

Are you recommending dropping the NPP? If so, should I taper over a set period of time; or go cold turkey?

Thanks Doc!


@studhammer rough call. When I’ve used tren in the past - about week 5 I get really lethargic. It usually resolved in a few weeks. How many more weeks are in your cycle


Nine :joy:


@studhammer give it a week or so. Lower your volume for awhile. How long have you been hitting it super hard? Might be time for a week off. Just stay out of the gym a few days.


Sniff, sniff. Fine…and no I’m not crying :slight_smile:

Actually, I have to go to a conference next week so it kinda works out.

Thank you brother.


@studhammer good move. And you’re welcome.