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Ask Physiolojik Thread


@physioLojik Not sure if this has been asked but what’s your opinion on sub q injections vs IM. And 2x a week vs 1x a week.

Also, what would you point the finger at for night sweats and insomnia while on any dose higher than ~115mg a week. Thanks.


Tren?? :joy:


I was thinking it maybe high E2, or adrenal issues and higher cortisol levels at night.



I danced with her once many years ago, never ever again :running_man:


How long it takes for Nolva and clomid be completley out of body? After 3week pct… can it be just 2months?


Hey @physiolojik I was pondering this for some reason today

What happens to downstream hormones when on testosterone or other anabolic steroids (androstenedione, androstenediol and dehydroepiandrosterone, androstanedione etc), would there be a sort of negative feedback loop because the precursors aren’t needed anymore to produce/ convert into testosterone and estrogen/estrone (well androstanedione is a precursor to dihydrotestosterone), just curious. I doubt this is the case though, I was just wondering.


Hemoglobin 17.5
Hematocrit 51.1

Sorry for late response, you always get my back @unreal24278!


I’m not a medical professional so take my advice with a grain of salt but, do you donate blood? If not and you feel comfortable donating blood go to you’re nearest blood donation centre and give a double red cell donation, should keep you good for the next couple months.


Can you address “chemobrain” and neurotoxicity associated with the use of nolvadex?


Hi @physiolojik, I take it you’ve been busy recently, I hope everything is alright.

I recalled you saying you cruise on 300mgs of test/wk, and I assume this is because you are a large individual carrying a lot of muscle mass, and higher doses are required to maintain such high levels of muscle mass, I was curious if there was/ is any long-term drawback to cruising at that high of a dose, I ask this because I intend on cruising at around 200mg after I’m done with this “cycle” (if you can call it that), the reason being because I like the way I feel on my current dose with regards to my libido energy (when I apply myself that is, I can still sleep an entire day away if I have nothing to do lol). I highly doubt the 50mg difference (between 250-200mg) will make that much of a difference with regards to how I feel, however I do know that cutting back down to my prescribed testosterone replacement dose will cause a drop in my libido and energy as is evident by the fact that I’ve been at said previous dose before. Post cycle, I don’t really have any reason to cycle in the near future at all, I’ve come to the apiffiny that due to the long term health implications primarily regarding cardiac health and the state of my body (joint health etc.) I can’t compete in bodybuilding, and this has therefore devastated me as I love bodybuilding more than anything else, however due to this post cycle I have no reason to be using supratherapeutic doses aside from an increase in health and wellbeing, and then it needs to be balanced between the long term health implications and whatnot. I have no idea when as to what point the dose ventures into territory that significantly damages cardiac health (as in significantly raises the risk of me dropping dead in my 30’s, 40’s or 50’s), it’s probably different for everyone else, whether it’s 200 or 2000mg I don’t think anyone will ever know, a single anecdotal report of acute AAS induced toxicity has recently surfaced and scared the shit out of me. Guy was using deca @400mg, dbol @20-40mg/day, was in his 60’s first cycle, impeccable lifestyle, no familial history of HCM, CVD or anything, in four months he acquired hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Either way I figured if I can’t compete what’s the point of cycling, aside from feeling like a fucking boss half of the year, the risks don’t outweigh the benefits. Granted when I’ve accomplished something in my life that positively contributes toward society in some type of way I can re-assess. It does suck though, I always wanted to at some point experiment with drostanolone, slightly higher doses of test, boldenone and fluoxymesterone (to see how it stacks up as an androgen replacement medication compared to testosterone), however I’ve come to the conclusion that it isn’t worth it, at least not until I’ve either accomplished something meaningful or more data comes out so I can accurately get a picture of how risky using low doses of these compounds truly are.

It appears that when exposed to MASSIVE concentrations over short periods of time (10 micromolar+) testosterone/stanozolol causes an accelerated rate of apoptosis in left ventricular myocytes (rat left ventricular myocytes lol), however it makes me think, if far lower doses are being exposed constantly, over time that has to do damage. Along with this bout of devastation I’ve turned to eating unhealthily to cope with my sense of sadness, that and songwriting lol. I was just curioius what the drawback to cruising at a higher dose (say 200mg) is if HCT/RBC is kept under control or simply doesn’t budge without the aid of phlebotomy or blood donation. I also recall you once posting something about staying on Tren for a couple years or something, I assume you respond well to gear, as in you suffer minimal health implications. I have no idea how I respond health wise to higher doses of gear, or many other compounds in general as I’m simply not willing to take the risk yet, maybe if I accomplish something meaningful with my life that has a positive impact on others around me (like you have) and I’m sure I will, I’ll be more willing to take the risk.


@alldayeveryday that is normally associated with actual chemotherapeutic drugs and not tamoxifen


@unreal24278 I really think you’ll be fine on that dose. Now - not to scare you - the MAJORITY of lifters who lift heavy actually develop some degree of LVH. It isn’t a huge deal if you keep a healthy lifestyle. So while you might worry about CH with juice, you’re also likely to get it from heavy pressing. Granted there are differing varieties. But I wouldn’t worry yourself as much as you are brother.


I’m aware of the CH induced from exercise/ heavy lifting, however whether the CH from AAS appears to be associated with impaired diastolic function of the myocardium, reduced LVEF and several other parameters, however it’s very possible lifestyle factors play into this. Given I’ve been lifting weights starting from a very young age, I probably do have some degree of LVH, it isn’t the idea of simply left ventricular hypertrophy that scares me, it’s the idea of cardiac hypertrophy to the extent that myocardial dysfunction is evident, or cardiac fibrosis developing making me susceptible to lethal arrythmias. Aerobic exercise tends to cause eccentric LVH and anaerobic exercise, isometric holds and whatnot tend to cause concentric LVH, AAS seem to cause or exacerbate concentric LVH, hence why I tend to do so much aerobic exercise, take various antioxidant supplements and whatnot.

Although I do recall a study showing cardiac abnormalities in both drug free athletes and drug using athletes, the level of abnormalities being nearly identical in both groups. The question that will remain unanswered until further data comes out is, is it possible for someone like me to cycle 1-2x/yr on low doses (say 250-300mg total/wk) without severely comprimising longevity, and do the risks outweigh the benefits if one isn’t going to compete, that’s a question I’ll have to wrestle over. Hopefully the data for this will eventually come out, if it’s a large sample group some much needed insight may be available. https://andrologyaustralia.org/2018/01/have-you-used-non-prescribed-androgens-anabolic-steroids-or-do-you-see-such-men-in-your-health-practice/

Over here we can see me wrestling with the question (I wonder how long THESE guys live for)… My god it just occured to me, do sumo wrestlers use anabolic steroids? That’s a recipe for disaster

If I ever do decide to cycle again (weighing the risk/benefit ratio) it’d be 250-300mg test/wk (I’ve run 250mg before but not 300mg), however at the moment it doesn’t appear as if it’s going to happen for a very long time, if at all (however my mind is prone to changing as unseen data is released or presented, There’s probably a ton of unpublished studies, anecdotal evidence and whatnot at the moment)

Overall acute use of non C17AA anabolic steroids appears to be relatively harmless with regards to long term mortality aside from that one case report, the worry for me arises with the aspect of chronic use, my luck healthwise has been… not great.

Finally, my cruise dose depends on my bloods, if 200mg/wk nets me a TT of 1500+ obviously i’d lower the dose, because I’m not comfortable with that, I do find that I tend to feel better the higher the dose goes, at least that’s what I’ve experienced, although it isn’t a numbers game, my ideal cruise numbers would be in the 1000-1200ng/dl range. Free testosterone would probably be like 1.25-1.5x the top of the range, SHBG fluctuates, mine fluctuates between 15-30, albumin has consistently tested above the ref ranges.


Uhmmm, blasts are like potato chips, can’t have just one! :joy:


Yea but I can have more potato chips when I’ve accomplished something meaningful with my life. Besides vanity and the “feeling like superman” aspect, and the fact that considering I’m what I’d call muscular for my age people don’t tend to mess with me which is a good thing as I can never tell when people are messing with me what reason do I have to continue to blast? 200mg/wk ought to keep that superman feeling without seriously risking my health, I couldn’t really justify to myself another blast in the near future.


200/week is cool but sometimes you just want something more. Of course I’m older and never touched anything until I was in my 50’s


I totally understand, as as new data and anecdotal evidence emerges or if I can justify it to myself my mind is totally open to changing. That being said I can’t see myself going above 300mg/wk until I’m muuucccchhhh older (like 10-20+ years down the line). As a matter of fact had it not been for the hypogonadism I wouldn’tve touched anything till my late 20s


"For the study, Noble and his research team first sought to identify whether brain and central nervous system cells were sensitive to tamoxifen. They found one type of cell that was particularly vulnerable to the drug, Myelin. After just two days of exposure to tamoxifen at levels similar to those someone in treatment would receive, 75 percent of these cells died.

“Tamoxifen causes cell death and suppression of cell division in these cells,” Noble said."


I’m not saying the stated risks aren’t real, but there are guys out there that have been using AAS for 50 years or more and are still healthy for their age, in their 70’s and 80’s.

By this time most people are going to have some health issues whether they have used steroids or not.

You are using under a Dr’s supervision, so you are doing everything right and should be able to pick up any problems before they get too serious.


@Beyond_Beyond I’m on TRT under a doctors supervision, the extra isn’t supervised. I can’t tell any doctor (well, actually one of my doctors knows, but not my TRT doc, and the doctor who knows only knows because I have a really good relationship with that individual) because I don’t want my AAS use going on my permenant record, AAS users are treated similarly to junkies in the medical community here, the doctor who I told asked me if I knew what anabolic steroids were going to do to my heart, and I was like “yes” and explained everything I knew in detail. I’m not sure I should be putting this in here, I don’t want to be putting anyone at risk.

Anyhow if I knew people who had been juicing for 30-50+ years I would be far more comfortable with the idea of using AAS, the problem is I don’t know anyone who has been on for more than say 10 years. I know one guy who is in his mid 50’s and was using in his 20’s consistently until now, other than that I simply don’t know any chronic users who are still relatively healthy, or any chronic users for that matter. most guys I know on AAS are like… the guys who go to gym and have run a couple cycles, or bodybuilders who’ve been on for 5 years, not 40-50 years. Anecdotal evidence is important in the field of AAS usage given the limited level of clinical data related to chronic or even acute use of these agents, therefore if anecdotal evidence shows the majority of people who use reasonable doses AAS yet live a relatively healthy lifestyle still on average live until their 70’s I’d be comfortable using again, however there isn’t any data I can find (regarding to people on forums or the general populace) showing people who have been using for decades and the outcomes regarding the health status of these people.

If @physioLojik is serious about taking on international patients at his new clinic, I’ll do an in person consultation next year when I’m in America again if he is willing to see me, if he’d be willing to moniter my potentially irresponsible behavior that’d be great, however I’d totally understand if he isn’t comfortable with it.