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This stuff is dangerously delicious!

Interesting, I’m going to be trying berberine and I’ll update if interested as to how it affects my glucose tolerance. That’s assuming I get real berberine. I’d try Metformin however that is a prescription medication that i’m not comfortable using without doctors supervision, I can get it… But nah (the only meds I’ve ever used without a prescription are NPP, oxandrolone, cefalexin, naproxen 750)

@flipcollar try malva pudding, it’s a delicious South African desert dish, I absolutely love the stuff (I have it probs once or twice every six months)

Malva pudding - Wikipedia

Very rich tho, will make you feel sick if you eat too much

@physiolojik I threw all my remaining oxandrolone and NPP into a fire today :(, nearly 400$ thrown away, very sad. It appears I have autonomic nervous syndrome dysfunction (potentially pots) doc thinks I have some sort of autonomic nervous system dysfunction, appears to be getting worse. My HR responds in appropriately whenever I walk (increase by around 70BPM whenever I get up) at gym it sustains being high and post gym I feel uncomfortable, so this really, really sucks. I have an apptment with a cardiologist in February. My resting heart rate ranges from 50-65bpm but standing it can get as high as 130-140 (and it increases in appropriately to exercise, I tend to push through though). The reason I threw away my oxandrolone was because on two occasions I tried an experiment in which I took one pill (then a few weeks later half) it gives me a massive spike and a stimulant type feeling, I legitimately think there’s something in there besides oxandrolone, also I have no use for it. Testosterone doesn’t spike my HR even in higher doses, the NPP I threw out because i’m tempted to use it for joint ailments. Next experiment is to try that 1-dhea (that you told me not to use) and see if it does the same thing. Given my health issues/ health status I’m not so sure I have that much longer to live, which kinda sucks but ehhh, what can I do ya know. Oh… I’m also becoming anaemic for whatever reason (MCHC is low, MCV is low), probably because there’s been blood in my stool for like 6mths now (sorry for the graphic detail), it isn’t dark blood, probably just a hernia that wont go away. Anyway if I do happen to die I’ve made sure my profile will be updated so it won’t be like one of those guys who just disappears and everyone’s like “hey whatever happened to him” with me they’ll be like “he’s ded”. I don’t think my health issues are related to my low dose AAS use in any way, I think I’m just generally unlucky when it comes to health. There’s a good chance I have POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), I’m gonna try get some beta blockers prescribed because it’s starting to fuck up my workouts (beta blockers will also probs fuck up my workouts but not to the extent I’m being affected currently)

(and I’ll never stop working out… Ever, even if it causes me to drop)

Other than that and the chronic pain I feel great tho, high libido, fairly energetic.

Soooo you said you had a ton going on, is everything all good with family and work and all? If you want to vent I believe this is a fairly safe/good space to do so

Hello Physiolojik. I am new to steroids. I am running 500mg test e per week. I shall be blasting and cruising and I’m wondering if I should implement HCG asap and at what dose is required. I understand everyone is different so it may be difficult for you to hit me up with a specific dose but if you could put me in a ball park that would be greatly appreciated. I am 22 years old and 7 weeks into my blast. HCG is big for me because I do want to have kids but not any time soon, I am a competitor first.

I’m not taking any AI’s at the moment but have Anastrozole on hand. I had an appointment at a clinic yesterday who took my bloods and the guy there suggested taking Anastrozole every second day at .5mg to prevent any risk of gyno, but I think I’d be best placed to wait until those results come back to see where my Estradiol is at before considering taking the AI.

I didn’t know what it was either, lol. But it was delicious.

it was from a John Tesar restaurant in Dallas. He’s a relatively famous chef from here. It was a pretty simple burger with a really awesome aged chedar, bacon, tomato, and it was on an English muffin. Really fucking good.

What would you recommend for on cycle AI? You didnt seem to keen on Tamoxifen either.

Physio definitely advocates Tamoxifen(Nolvadex). Read this thread of his.


Try malva pudding… Will be a life altering experience
@flipcollar I’m going to mention malva pudding to you non stop until you try it. I’ll even give you a great recipie for it

MALVapuddding maaaalvapudddding

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Thank you and I am reading through that thread and this but it is a lot so…

I am about to start a Test only Blast of about 875mg / week and increase that to 1.5g+ as I can handle it.

So instead of an AI I use Tamoxifen (probably start with 20mg EOD) and that blocks a lot of the bad effects of High estrogen and then the body will normalize the Test to Estro ratios?

In the past I always have very bad Bacne, Blood Pressure and Estro Rage when my Estrogen gets high.

I am going to try it because Anastrozole is expensive and hard to get and Tamoxifen is neither and I also dont think an AI has been a perfect solution.

Side question, how will this translate when trying to get contest lean?

That’s a lot of gear. I’d start at 20 ED and bump up if needed. I’m running about 300 NPP and 600 Test and running 20 Nolva ED and I still have some nipple tenderness but nothing I’m freaking out over.

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I would be really interested to see where your A1C falls.

Thank you, is there a time that is preferential to take it?

Also @physioLojik what are back pumps and how do you stop them?


I shoot my TRT 1x/wk, was wondering if splitting it up into 2 shots/wk would reduce the amount of acne I get (it’s getting hot here, more perspiration + adequate testosterone levels = acne all over my shoulders, face and back… It’s unsightly). It’s a long shot however potentially the more stable my hormones the less acne??? (Because I’m letting around an entire half life pass by before I shoot again)

Secondly, stretch marks, what can I do about them? I’m getting stretch marks on my shoulders and arms, some of them look fairly nasty (like giant red scars), I don’t suppose there’s anything I can do about it is there?

Thirdly, how’s things going currently? You said you have a lot going on, is it a good type of having a lot going on or a shitty, stressful type of having a lot going on where you just want to take a nap but can’t. (This is the worst, being robbed of my wonderful afternoon naps is a terrifying scenario I can’t even imagine happening!)

Doctor Sir!!! How’s things going, good I hope, how’s you’re wife doing (being pregnant is tough… this might be an innapropriate question to ask on an anonymous forum). how’s progress going with the clinic opening up? When’s you’re next cycle commencing (is it gonna be just test, test and EQ, are you adding some slin and/or GH or both, are you going to use some OXANDROLONE despite the fact that you dislike the drug, how long is the cycle going to be.) @physioLojik

It appears (the doctor thinks) I have autonomic dysnfunction (potentially postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), it explains my fast HR upon standing. I also apparently have fibromyalgia along with some legitimate injuries/ structural abnormalities to various parts of my body that cause pain (I’m skeptical about firbromyalgia, seems like a diagnosis of exclusion to me), however also appears to be partially linked to sympathetic nervous system dysfunction. However the fast HR upon standing (about a 70 beat increase) appears to have gotten worse recently (POTS tends to have a sudden onset), I don’t think it was related to my (rather low) dose AAS use, rather I think it’s just coincidence and a bit of bad luck… Althoooooooooughhhhhhhhh

However restults found a decrease in HR variability, not a phat increase. (also doses used in the one study were only (mean 410mg/wk, LVH still noted, however LVH itself isn’t a bad thing, only when pumping ability of the heart is impaired due to LVH is it dangerous), howeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever AR induced LVH appears to increase the susceptibility to lethal arrythmias, in which… bad luck I guess.

There’s also the new possibility that AAS use inhibits the acute drop in blood pressure post exercise

HAH, jokes on them, my blood pressure is 100/40 PRIOR to exercise! #isolatediastolichypotension
Although at the moment I’m currently having trouble doing exercise in orthostasis, supine exercise is fine tho (Bench press, bent over rows etc), seeing a cardiologist in Feburary, I have an EKG (done like four months ago) in which everything checks out

Anyways enough about @unreal24278 (referring to myself in the third person yeet). How’s the new location, if on a farm you should potentially invest in some sheep, they keep the grass trim during the spring and summer months.

Looking for advice. Type 2 no meds a1c was 10.8 Walked/ran/biked dropped a1c to 6.0 6 months time got bored and decided to get in better looking shape an started lifting (had labs done and test was really low and ester was high. I have been back lifting for a year now and started one mil cypionate a week I just had labs done again and ester is 53.4 thoughts on a blocker? 6 2" 259# 42 years old. A1c back to 7.2 less then 50 carbs per no cheating very limited dairy no pop no junk. Lifting 4 days a week and cardio 3 days a week not losing weight gaining weight I started at 240 before test and was as high as 272 dropped water intake from 2 gals to 1 1.5 per day. Thanks for any info or advice

Hi, whatz cracking

@physioLojik yeah man. We miss you. :muscle:t3:

Maybe @physioLojik is super busy setting up an awesome new practice that we can be patients of. I hope!

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@unreal24278 @charlie12 @hmcyl hey guys! I’m still here! I am so sorry for being spotty. My mother in law had some nasty health issues come up so we have been dealing with that.

Yes I hope to have the practice open by mid spring here in the states (around April). I’ll keep you guys updated.

@unreal24278 I read about your cardiac issues - what is going on with that? Sorry I haven’t had time to read through the entire thread

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Holy shit I’m so sorry… I feel bad now lol. Don’t worry about the spottiness, family is important, should always be number 1 priority.

Um well the cardiac issues, it’s random SVT (sometimes really bad, like I woke up one time in the night and was like shit I’m going to die), occasionally my heart will beat irregularly (PVC’s, PAC’s, harmless, but frightening), I tend to have an excessive rise in HR from sitting to standing and in response to exercise. Damn when I type it all out it doesn’t sound good. Doc thinks I have autonomic dysfunction, I just recently got some tests done. Getting them back today (then I head off to the USA so long as nothings seriously wrong with me).

It likely isn’t cardiomyopathy, the symptoms that I do have simply don’t add up, however I did find out i’m quite anaemic (iron deficiency, due to prolonged bleeding from… Places). So I’m currently on Atenolol (and since using I haven’t had a single issue with fast HR. Still I need to get to the bottom of these issues.

Taking iron + vit C supps, iron makes me feel really sick. I had iron deficiency anaemia as a baby for no reason, however this time it appears to have a cause (rectal bleeding) sorry for the gross detail there, been going on for about 6 months now, gonna see a colorectal suregon about it.

That being said I might have some sort of undiagnosed heart defect (which would suck), or an abnormal electrical pathway, will find out today. Will update when I’ve got the results.


@unreal24278 yes you could benefit from endoscopy. Have you had imaging of your lower GI ? Anxiety is a bitch I am sure. Sympathetic dominance is a cunt on wheels as well and quite real. Are you familiar at all with traditional Chinese medicine? Yin herbs would be massively helpful for you. I’ll get you a list tomorrow from my sister (she’s an acupuncturist and super knowledgeable about these things). I don’t think you’ll find any conventional medical cause for what you’re going through.