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Ask Physiolojik Thread

So why fuck with these chemicals?

At 18 I imagine with proper testosterone levels you can bodybuild pretty good.

You see all these issues guys have when they take these exogenous chemicals.

You talk about the affect of weed under the age 21 in a developing body…mmmm

how would you then structure an optimal off-season/prep to gain mass? let’s say the offseason is from october-april (7 months), cut for contest 3 months (mens physique) in july = total 10 months, after that 3 months cruise till next october.
I’d be on for the whole time, but just with a moderate dose of test (500mg). I’m making consistent gains and can also hold the mass in the cut on that.
Would you rather say: just bulking for 4 months (october-january), then cruise till april and then again raise the dose for the cut?

I’m not willing to add in other compounds (other then mk677 which I’ll add soon), because I believe I can reach my goal with test only, no need to experiment with other AAS (also I’m getting everything from the pharmacy, other AAS would need to come from UGL).
I’m now on month 5 with 500mg, had bloods done this week and everything is still well (HK 0.48, LDL 68, HDL 46, CHOL/HDL 2.8, GGT 16, HBA1c 5,0, blood pressure 135/80, prolactin 11).
My E2 is 62, I’m on a small dose of arimidex (0.25e3d) to no let it get too high but still have a good level (as its also anabolic and I feel fine on that level), I sometimes feel a tingling sensations in my nipples if I skip the arimidex.

I do talk about it, but given that I don’t actually use marijuana (veeeeerrrrry rarely, not frequently enough to say that I do) I’m just speculating/ giving my opinion on the matter.

Simply because I believe having a legitimate prescription + monitering beats black market testosterone usage, as if something goes wrong I can easily say to a doctor “hey I was given these via prescription”. If I was using illigaly obtained testosterone and God forbid something actually went wrong it becomes very difficult to get treatment without my medical record becoming permanently tarnished.

Other than that I’d pick test over these chems any day.

And this is why there is an opioid crisis.

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And if you “found” a doctor that is willing to give an 18 year old any peptide…I would not particularly trust his monitoring abilities.

@unreal24278 hey bud. If you reread your post,saying you have a Dr that would script …etc , you have stated several reasons not to do it. You answered your own question.
It’s great the way you state the pros and cons. Cons win man in this case! But I know your question was for physio. So that my opinion.

My general belief is that a young man such as yourself should not take in any chemical unless absolutely necessary.


@physiolojik could you please read my post in the Pharma forum:

Thank you and bless you

@unreal24278 I think tb-500 is interesting. The rest I don’t think are a good idea at all.

That’s what I thought too

Off topic however the opiate crisis is spreading here to Aus too. (More and more people getting hooked on prescription painkillers). Codiene was recently (as in last year) made a scheduled drug (used to be OTC), that and innapropriate prescribing of pain medication was causing addiction (the OTC codiene was a huge issue though, kids my age would extract the codiene, isolating it from the paracetamol). Unfortunately dihydrocodeine is still available OTC here.

I think it needs to be scheduled ASAP.

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Alright @physioLojik bud I could use some input. Have started getting tender nips, this is without any AI or nolvadex. There is no hard lumps just a bit sore pressing in. I’m using test and NPP. Should I through in some nolvadex for a few weeks ? I keep reading about how serms make things worse on 19 nors?. It seems a 50-50 split online. Or would I be better taking the posion ( Arimidex ) for a few weeks till it subsides. I don’t really want to go option 2. I feel great as I am, it’s just a bit of tenderness I don’t want becoming something worse.

I ran this cycle for about 12 weeks and also got small lumps under my nipples. I ended up running about 40mg nolva/day. They never got any bigger and @physioLojik advised me they would dissipate after the NPP stopped. I kept up the nolva for about 3 weeks post blast and then stopped altogether. Lumps and tenderness are completely gone now.

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That’s for the input studhammer. This is only my second week of NPP shit kicks in quickly then. I used deca in the past a few times but never NPP. I popped 20mg nolva there now, see how it goes into next week at 40mg per day.

Watch out for ED. How much NPP are you running/week?

I’m running proviron with 500 test / 300 NPP. I was hoping the proviron was gonna be enough to get me through. That’s the thing - my libido is through the roof and great erections. It hasn’t been this good in years. Did it get you towards the end ?

I should have run Masteron and of course I didnt. Regretting it still. Its going to be added to my next order and run low dose with my cruise.

I have some ordered for the tail end of this cycle in prop and I have tren ace sitting here. I just hope it doesn’t go all ‘TITS’ up no pun intended lol. I think the reason this never happened last lot of years is because I have always run Arimidex at the beginning, but sure you know the side effects of that posion. It’s here for emergency… just hope I don’t have to use it.

Hey doc, had a question for you regarding my wife. She’s been having metabolism issues for years, slowly building to the point where she is now. She is 5’11", currently in the 230s (if she hasn’t gained more weight, not sure since I am overseas currently). She is very strict with her diet and really doesn’t eat much total calorie-wise, but if she deviates even a little she will gain weight very easily. Losing weight is basically impossible. She went through our PCP in late spring/early summer to have her thyroid checked, doc would only test TSH and T4 levels (she said insurance wouldn’t cover anything more unless an issue were identified). I had read up on this myself, so I ordered a full thyroid panel online. Her numbers were all within ‘normal’ range, though they were on the low end - T3 was barely within normal. Her thyroid antibodies (forget which one) were elevated a decent amount. I don’t have her lab numbers with me, so I am going off memory. PCP referred her to an endo, took from June-ish until mid-December before she was able to be seen. Endo seemed very unimpressed with her symptoms, didn’t seem like she could be bothered to help at all, put her on T4 and scheduled a follow up. She saw no improvement on the T4, however when she first got the prescription we (she and I) had a little miscommunication and she took some T3 I had thinking they were the same drug while waiting for her T4 prescription. She took the T3 for almost two weeks before I realized her scrip was for T4 and not T3 (again, I was overseas going off what she was reading to me over the phone with her dyslexia).

She saw almost immediate results in symptoms while on the T3, but I told her to stop and take the T4 since that was the scrip (and I didn’t have much anyway - it was maybe 30 tabs for free when I ordered something else). She has seen no improvement whatsoever on the T4. She had her follow-up with the endo today (just a little while ago in fact), and I pre-loaded her with asking for a T3 scrip by talking about conversion issues, etc. (as did a PA friend of ours) Endo told her ‘we don’t prescribe T3 any more, unless you’re basically having so many issues that you’re in the hospital already’. Is that true? I’m thinking it’s not, seems like a dumb way to practice medicine.

So to sum up, endo threw T4 at her (didn’t work), refused to even try T3, and completely dismissed her labs that showed elevated thyroid antibodies. At this follow up they took more blood, but she told her they are only going to test TSH, T3, and T4. She (the doc) also told her at the first appointment she didn’t think there was anything wrong with her thyroid, and that if the T4 didn’t help she was going to turf her to a rheumatologist.

Any thoughts on all this? Recommendations?

@boatguy good lord. I only script nature or armour thyroid (both t3 and t4). That’s the dumbest shit I’ve heard.

How are her periods? Emotionally tough and heavy bleeding? Is her body fat primarily central

In you’re opinion, dr sir. Why are such protocols still practiced in medicine (T4 only prescriptions, inadequate testing etc). The same question can pertain to the field of TRT, in Aus unless you have a TT of below 170ng/dl, you ain’t getting replacement (from a non-private doc), and even if you do, it’s typically a gel, a shot e3w or nothing. Is the reasoning behind these practices because the issues stemming from hypothyroidism (aside from myxedema) and hypogonadism aren’t acutely life threatening and thus not much attention is payed to said issues? Other hormonal problems unfortunately also go largely undiagnosed esp with regard to adrenals, thyroid and testicular, hence why I want to be an endocrinologist, I reckon unreal24278 could help a lot of people and that might give his life purpose/meaning (at least he hopes it does). @physioLojik


I’m now on my second cycle (first was test e @ 250 twice a week - 10 weeks). Over 12 months has gone by, and decided to run it again, this time for 12 weeks, with 30mg DBol for 5 weeks as a kick start. Have been taking 12.5mg Aromasin EOD. I’m also taking 1200mg NAC, 2(0 TUDCA, 3g fish oil.

I feel great on the DBol, strength, pumps, mindset, everything is better than I ever felt during my 10 weeks of Test E. Absolutely feel great.
However, blood pressure is between 145/60 and 168/65. Heart rate 55-62. So systolic BP has gone pretty high. Usually I’m around 115-120 systolic.

Sunday will mark the start of week 5, but I’ve already contemplated dropping the DBol although I love how I feel on it.

Would love to hear your input / advice whether to drop it now, or finish week 5. Am I damaging anything by having elevated BP for a short amount of time?
How quickly should it drop back down once the DBol is dropped?

Hawthorn Berry I have read can help, but dosages are all over the place.