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Ask Physiolojik Thread

Gentlemen - per the request I am opening an ask me thread haha. I will do my very best to respond as much as possible. You guys are like an extended family :slight_smile:


something @NH_Watts asked I was also curious about -

"if I can expect the same benefits from tamoxifen as I have gotten from anastrozole”

Any info/insight is appreciated. Thanks again for sharing, I love reading your posts.

@NH_Watts @bcostigan41 here you go ;

@NH_Watts @bcostigan41 that’s a tough question. It depends what benefits you’re talking about. I don’t find arimidex beneficial for really anyone. Lower HDL, higher LDL, messing up your coagulate cascade, messing up your bone density and fucking up serotonin production as well. In extreme cases in very low dosages it can be beneficial but that’s in very overweight men or people with faulty livers. Tamoxifen is great at low dosages. Blocking at estrogen sites yet acting as an active estrogen in other tissues where it is beneficial. Lipid positive. Libido positive. Bone positive. Immune system positive. :slight_smile: I like it.


Can tamoxifen ever be used on a eod protocol? If so I’m assuming it’s on lower dosage testosterone. At what point would you recommend a daily regimen of tamoxifen?

Thank you for the reply, I appreciate it. I vary between 34-50mg EOD, based on your suggestion to switch up the dose. I feel great most of the time. I don’t think I have many “high e” symptoms now… But wonder if trying to add tamoxifen would make me feel better than I already do.

Plus, I’ve been accumulating test cyp and might try a 300mg a week blast after the first of the year and think tamox could be of benefit.

Thanks again for the response.

Second question… for at least a year before I started trt I had terrible twitching in my eyelids. It mainly occurred when grimacing but alot of times just blinking would cause my eyelids to start twitching or convulsing. After beginning trt this twitching fairly quickly went away. About 6 weeks ago I dropped my test dosage back down to 100 mg a week and it started to return again. Not nearly as bad as before but I definitely noticed it. Do you have any input as to what might be causing this? I dont know if it’s due to low e2 and estrogen receptors in the eyes or something along those lines. I’m thinking if I can figure out what causes it I can use it as a red flag. Thank you for all your help.

Questions… Alright

1: as an… I hesitate to say older individual, however in the world of bodybuilding late 30s isn’t exactly young (no offence), how do you go about injury prevention, a man of your size surely must be lifting some fairly impressive weights, do you tend to focus more on contraction/ pump, using super sets, drop sets, training to exhaust said muscle groups with lots of volume or do you still sling around heavy weight like the guys who are a few years older than I am. I personally don’t lift heavy weights out of fear of injury, I just started benching again for the first time in many years, I’m too scared to go above a measly 135lbs!

2: what’s your training philosophy, do you follow a traditional brosplit, full body, PPL? I find the brosplit works best for me

3: cardio, what’s your take, when bulking (in your previous competitive bodybuilding years, did you employ aerobic exercise in the offseason?

4: do you tend to bulk and cut like traditional bodybuilders or do you stay lean year round

5: as to lagging body parts, typically due to genetics, what’s your take on bringing them up, is it possible. I’ll give an example, my arms lag behind my chest and back, my chest measures 44 inches, but my arms are 13.8 inches (I’m not big, never said I was so I would appreciate it if no one bashes these measurements). Is it even possible to bring up a genetically lagging body part up to par with the rest? Also I’m super short and its annoying, I just thought I’d add that for no reason

6: what’s your detailed opinion on peptides and SARM’s, while I have no opinion in taking them, I am curious to hear what a medical professional has to say about them. A peptide is just amino acids linked in a chain, HGH is a peptide but I’m talking about the relatively untested peptides guys are taking like GHRP, MGF etc. If SARMs selectively bind to certain tissues, then they could make a SARM that doesn’t bind to the AR in cardiac myocytes therefore it could be possible for an anabolic agent to be developed with 0% chance of developing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or cardiac dysfunction… Or am I confused here

On a side note, I saw this doctor Phil thing today that irritated the hell out of me, there was this fitness model on AAS and his brother was all like “I’m not keeping his secret”, then his family got shit for knowing about his steroid use, his gf or something said the fitness model told her to do the research and the stigma against AAS was largely based off ignorance and towards the end he’s told to come off as the steroid use had scrambled his brain. While I didn’t pay much attention, nor did I watch the full episode. It seems as if the fitness model was right, his brother was a dick, who gives a fuck if he’s using AAS, and the fact that his family knew he was using steroids doesn’t hold them accountable either, its not as if they’re supplying him with the drugs or condoning the drug use, it left me annoyed. I’ve never liked those shows anyway, they seem exploitative of others troubles.


@alldayeveryday hey man! You could use 20mg EOD. Are you planning on staying on low dosages forever as far as test or will you be blasting ever?

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@bcostigan41 awesome man!

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@alldayeveryday how is your anxiety and stress? Eyelid twitch is so often a result of anxiety. When you dropped your test lower your neurotransmitters were affected as well. Sometimes lower dosages lead to higher anxiety.

@unreal24278 haha always with the good questions. Ok.

  1. so I used to train super heavy back in the day. Now I combine pump training with fairly heavy lifting. But the deal is my heavy lifts for the day are usually second or third in my day. For instance on a chest day, I’ll start with machine pressing to activate my chest, then hit some dumbbell presses with constant tension style training and then do heavier barbell incline press for sets of 6.

  2. I usually revert back to high volume low frequency. Once or twice a year I’ll do 8 weeks of high frequency just to mess with my body. Or I’ll run a DC type of split for 12 weeks. Just for fun. Right now I’m doing

Mon Legs tues chest shoulders Wednesday back Thursday arms Friday off sat chest and back pump sun off

  1. the cardio I do is walking outside. It’s super beneficial for a ton of reasons. Usually 2 2 plus mile walks outside. Nothing crazy.

  2. do not do any traditional bulking. It’s super dumb. Getting fat bulking only leads to a decrease in insulin and androgen sensitivity. I never go above 12%. It’s a marathon. The fatter you get the harder it is to actually get lean later. I’m a fan of eating big but that’s been adjusted over time as my overall size has increased. Rule of thumb - if you lose your abs totally you’re too fat to be bulking.

  3. first off if someone bashes you it’s because they have some personal issues. This place is for support. You’ve posted pics. You’re doing great. And yes. You can bring yo lagging body parts. Just hit them with a little extra frequency for awhile. For arms try to super set bis and tris and employ some facial stretching.

  4. I haven’t extensively studied SARMS. In theory they sound great. The danger is that they really aren’t at all regulated and are so new that they haven’t been studied enough. As more data is produced ill keep an eye out and get back to you on it. You’re smart to worry about cardiac health. It’s one reason deca isn’t a drug of choice anymore. I revert back to just test usually for most people.

As to your side note - you’d be blown away at the bs I’ve dealt with as has my wife. I’m mostly a big teddy bear haha. It’s hard to hide my size so people default to assuming it’s all steroids and I must be a ticking time bomb haha. Reality is im an exceptionally calm person. The joke in our house is that my wife is way more feisty than I am haha :slight_smile: alcohol is leaps and bounds more dangerous than juice. If you’re an asshole you’ll just be an asshole on steroids.

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The few studies conducted in LGD-4033, even at low doses seem to indicate that it isnt particularly safe, low doses appear to have very detrimental effects on HDL/LDL ratios. Vision problems with andarine seem to be common, BP issues seem to be an issue with SARMS too, however I hypothesize many, many OTC SARM’s are spiked with designer steroids. DIMETHYLSTENBOLONE, methylepitiostanol, and precursors to treatolone are still available on eBay and possibly in stores here, not sure about the stores I’ve never sought it out because I’m not interested in it.

I find cable exercises are really good for constant tension.

Wear a fat suit!!! Being obese is super accepted in today’s society, being muscular isn’t.

But yea I get it, people have preconceived notions of how a person is by merely looking at the individual without knowing a thing about the person, it sucks but that’s the way most humans inherently are, judgemental, cruel and looking out mainly for themselves. Of course there are exceptions, with you being one of them. You probably don’t share that same opinion though, and that’s fine, I just don’t see society or today’s world as a positive place. I don’t judge individuals based on their behavior if I don’t know the individual, for instance today on my way to gym I had to swerve around a sharp corner on my bike, I pass this lady and swerve sharpy to avoid hitting her, nearly crashing, she looks at me with anger and says “SERIOUSLY!”, But I didn’t get upset or argue I merely said “I’m really sorry” and waved, she angrily walked off. For all I know she couldve been having a really shitty day, I don’t know her lifestory, so while she might have been an absolute bitch she could have also just been having a tough day or be in a shitty situation, however she hadn’t seen my part of the story, my bike is damaged from the fall, handlebar and gears are stuffed, I’m injured from the fall, secondly that corner is damn near impossible to turn with if other people are walking nearby, the space is too narrow

This is too true! Overt abuse of alcoholic beverages just once can cause liver and/ or kidney failure resulting in death, impaired judgement resulting in stupid decision making, getting into fights, car accidents etc, impaired motor skills and coordination once again resulting in potentially fatal injury. The amount of AAS needed to pose a risk of acute toxicity would be exponential, maybe something ridiculous like DImethyltrienolone could pose a risk for acute toxicity.

Hey physio
i couldn’t find any doctor to prescribe me trt in my area so basically i’ll do it by myself…
should i use hcg for long term fertility or can i go for nolvadex long term…im only 19 and this is a great concern for me rn

Thank you! I’m going to ask my doc to switch to Tamoxifen and will let you know what she says![quote=“physioLojik, post:12, topic:246605”]

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@lowtguy12 have you had
Blood work to confirm low t?

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Do you have a diagnosis as to why it T is low? How’s your lifestyle variables? Stress, drug use, etc. I took a look at your thread, your T appears low due to low LH and FSH, indicating secondary hypogonadism (I hesitate to call it hypogonadiam), secondly what time did you get tested at 360ng/DL, a 19y/O testing 360 in the evening isn’t great but TT levels in young people can fluctuate by as much as 30-40 percent between the morning and evening. Anterior Pituitary is particularly active at night, hence higher stimulation to the testis, more test in the morning yeet., Although I could be wrong this is how I understand it.

@lowtguy12 what’s your body fat like?

about 18%…mostly distributed in the stomach area…i tried cutting but i lost more muscle than fat…one thing i dont get is that while i was bulking i had less low t symptoms and after this unsuccessful cut my life is almost ruinedd!!

@lowtguy12 did you lower calories a lot? So when most guys cut they do dumb shit like go hypocaloric and increase cardio blah blah. This wrecks your thyroid and subsequently your test levels. Tell me what you’ve been doing diet and training wise.

250g proteins
60-70g fats
150g carbs
maintainance calories are about 2700 and i was consuming about 2300 cals…i did dirty bulk before because i wasnt gaining no matter what…dirty bulk went well but turned out most of it was fatt since i had little strength loss…all other guys in gym perform well in lesser time than me
little to no cardio since im an ectomorph
6days a week training since the day i started going gym
always had a hard time gaining muscle…suffering from gyno for about 3-4 years…always suffered from low t symptoms like hard time concentrating and hard time maintaining muscle mass…sometimes i suffer from hairfall and i treat it by using sawpalmetto