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Ask Men's Top 10 Manly Exercises



Not a terrible list, but some of the exercise are a joke. Squats and deads are left off the list.

Some of the comments are hilarious.




A medicine ball slam is one of the most manly exercises?


Ahahahahahaha. Some of the comments are even better than the article!


FOR THE MOST PART, that is a good list.


I'm pretty damn suprised they put the clean and press on that list. I expected stuff like the 1 arm pushup and other random bodyweight exercises.


that's cuz bodyweight exercises are way more in-tents than clean and press....


ya this had me freakin rolling.


Whut, in the farmer walk video the guy wraps towels around 50lbs dumbbells??


lol.. ok ok the list is alright.. CLEARLY deadlifts and squats should have been on there... so I can't approve of this list at all... but all of them i regularly use.

that being said... i watched the clean and press video... omg... really? they couldn't have found a better video? guy had pretty horrible form.


Actually, surprisingly, it isn't a terrible list.


Yes, didn't you know that being manly is all about looking like a bitch throwing a tantrum?


guy had decent instruction for 1 arm push up... but poor execution...

props to the 2 chin ups with 90lb tho. probably close to what i can do with perfect form.


I loved this comment;

'Interesting but mostly ineffective, and the no. 1 workout is called a power clean not a "Clean and press", I've been doing them for 5 years now.'


Although he is right that it isn't a clean and press. What the guy is doing is a power clean and push press.


it adds the effect of a "fat bar" ... makes it a little more difficult to keep your grip


That looked like Mark Felix on the C&P!


It is. The title of the video is Mark Felix clean and press training


Thus being named a clean and press.


Clean and press to me would mean a low catch and no leg drive on the press. A clean and a power clean are 2 different things and a press and a push press are 2 different things.


I think you over think.