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'Ask Me Anything' Guests

I like Virgil. Met him once at a convenience store out by the college branch I went to. He lived right near by. I think his real name is Mike or something.

Nice guy.

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First official guest officially scheduled. It’s official.


If there is a video stream then I am okay with this as well.

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@Chris_Colucci thank you for asking Jon Andersen! I am super excited for that!

I don’t know if you’re still fielding suggestions, but I thought of a couple. I apologize if these gentlemen were mentioned, but I think Eric Bugenhagen would be an interesting guest as well as Brian Alsruhe… I’m sure he gets tagged here often but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him post.


He used to post here.


Yeah! I think it’d be very cool to have him back posting in an AMA thread. Just judging from the first post in that log it’s been 6 years haha. I unfortunately wasn’t here at the time (or even lifting for that matter).

Although Brian is pretty accessible anyway. I bought a few programs from him and he answered a couple questions I had, which was awesome and unexpected. He just seems like an all around helpful and caring guy with an incredible amount of training knowledge


Both of these, yes. Please. The Buges is just so hilariously strange, and having Brian come back would be an awesome little reunion.


Awesome idea. But last I saw, based on his recent Youtube vids, he’s living in a van down by the river or somesuch.

Would definitely be cool if he could swing back around though. We shall see.

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Well damn. Did not know this.

Ha, um, my mistake. Definitely didn’t mean it literally or like he’s down on his luck at all. Seems he’s just off-gridding. Still putting out his usual solid training info though.


FWIW, I was tracking what you said, and it 100% makes sense if you have the context that he is living his cool little off grid life. Maybe a bit misleading if you haven’t seen his bush crafty stuff

Yeah, I definitely don’t keep up with his YouTube channel or exploits. My brain automatically linked his previous health concerns with @Chris_Colucci’s statement and I took it literally. Oops.


I’m up for Bugenhagen

Paul Chek would be interesting

Yes dude haha. That was my main draw to watch some of his YouTube stuff.

Also he is strong AF in not only the conventional lifts, but basically every other lift imaginable. He does a stupid reverse clean and btn push press with like 300lb (might be more, I can’t remember). How the hell do you drag the bar up the back of your body to a btn rack position and push press it?! How?!

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Seeing as this isn’t the FFC thread, I have to ask - how are you able to take the phrase “van down by the river” seriously, ever?


I don’t think we need Eric on an AMA anymore. This 40 second video tells me everything I need to know.

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Dude is good! For a second there, I thought he really was holding the world in his hands. Like GRRR!

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My infinite wisdom betrays the fact that I am, unlike the rest of you, not a dinosaur and am too young to remember this.

Plus I’ve never really been an avid SNL follower.

Depending on how young you are, there may never have been a reason to follow SNL. It’s been bad for a while now.

Also that skit came out when I was 3. I just remember seeing it on reruns as a kid.