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'Ask Me Anything' Guests

It’d be here on the forum.

I mean, it’s “ask me anything”, so if someone wants to know what Kai Greene’s favorite pizza topping is (please don’t say grapefruit), that’s on the question-asker. If someone wants to ask a WSM finalist for overhead press tips, that’s a different story.

Also worth noting, it’s not “I’ll Answer Anything”, so asking an active competitor in a drug-tested sport about their cycle probably wouldn’t yield much info. A retired competitor though, hmmm.


Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying.

Jen Thompson

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Scott Stevenson

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Just make sure whoever it is didn’t personally know Arthur Jones, or it’ll be all “Please sir, regale us with stories of you frolicking with Arthur Jones in sunny fields where wild Nautilus machines run free”


Omgosh I hope we get someone the newly founded section about loses their mind over! It would make me so happy inside

Edit: someone needs to post this in their sub forum so they’ll see it and vote.

Hah. I was just teasing. I don’t wanna intentionally piss anyone off. I just want someone who tells me something I don’t know, instead of someone who retells me things we all know. But they can see it here already, no need to bait anyone into something. There are a few cool cats who joined here when they popped up and they’ll be all ears, whoever it is I’m sure.


I agree, I think that Dave guy came from there and he definitely seems jam up.
It wasn’t so much of a “making fun of them” but but rather it honestly would be hilarious to watch what you describe.

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It’s pinned to the top of this section, the Latest, and the Main forum pages, and will stay up until the end of the week.

Despite my best and most consistent efforts, some members choose to stay in one room and complain about the wallpaper instead of looking around the whole house and finding new rooms to explore. If they miss out on anything, it’s because they’ve chosen to.


I realized that after flap pointed it out. Idk why I thought it wasn’t everywhere lol

Thanks for all you do Chris! Hope this idea takes off and goes smooth.


Kai Greene please :smirk:

Yeah, we might get through like 3 questions…lol

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Kneesovertoesguy :slight_smile:


Dr Scott Stevenson. Why? Because he is one of the few into hypertrophy. A very intelligent man who most certain would enlighten this forum. But, he has his own forum…


AMAs are interesting but one kind of article I liked was when multiple contributors were being interviewed on the same topic. An AMA with more than a single guest would be an interesting format.

Also, a suggestion for an AMA would be Dr. Eric Serrano.

We can get Mike O’Hearn on here and put this whole natty or not thing to rest once and for all!


Joel Seedman.

Make it happen.


What’s that first word underneath his name? Yeah, I rest my case.


Also thought this was kinda funny.


Holy fuck dude, forget everything I said.

Just checked his latest vid:

He’s gonna “FIX YOUR CHEST PRESS” - by putting a band around your arms (which will activate your rear delts and stop you from being able to squeeze your pecs at all throughout the movement)

Then we can ask him about

“Tidal Tank Overhead Bulgarian Squat Eccentric Isometrics on Terra Core”

Hopefully we can just make a “Joel Seedman or anyone else” poll and save ourselves some time.


Does anybody Bench anymore? How about Josh Bryant?