'Ask Me Anything' Guests

Let’s suppose an AMA (Ask Me Anything) were to pop up on the site. Who’d you like to see centerstage?

Vote for your top three picks and let us know.

  • T Nation Contributing Coach
  • Pro Bodybuilder
  • Pro Powerlifter
  • Pro Strongman
  • Pro CrossFitter
  • Other (Athlete, Celebrity, etc.)

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Solid input so far. A little surprising, a little not.

Feel free to comment and name names. Goes without saying that there’s no guarantee on anyone, but it’d be interesting to see who’s on y’all’s wishlist.

I clicked “pro strongman/pro bodybuilder/pro (other) meaning wrestler” because, of course, Jon Andersen.


I chose pro BB/strongman/CrossFit.

CrossFit interested me because I really don’t know much about it. I’m also curious to know if they all live the lifestyle they portray on Instagram and what types of drugs they use in those circles.

You think they would ever admit it?

Nope. I think most people wouldn’t be 100% truthful at the pro level because it’s their lively hood but I can dream.

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I chose bodybuilding because I still consider this a bodybuilding site.

You all could get the new guy on the block Iain Valliere he is pretty open and responds to everyone.

Shaun Clarida would be good, Doug Miller, Dante from DC.

Guys that still believe in training hard and heavy. Much less of this “science” based, rpe, high volume/frequency BS.


I wish we could get Charles Glass in here, but I think he’s too busy still training the next generation of bodybuilders every damn day, haha.

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I admit that I only chose one option because I didn’t realize I could choose multiple.


Would be good to get Dan John back.

NFL coaches/people in the organisation, athletes even

Division 1 coaches

High end Buisness guys/CEOs etc who stay in shape, see fitness as part of high performance


Solid vote!


Solid choice.

He does have his own channels where you could ask him anything you want though.


I’m pretty sure you have to pay for this. Not digging at the guy. Coaching is his livelihood. But I always though his Q&A was for paying customers.

I’d like to talk to anyone that is one or has been on the Giants Live / WSM circuit. And can / will talk openly about it. Other than that.
What is the business model of a modern strong man? How much does they rely on youtube views, and the like. How doe that effect training?
And then general on season / off season training stuff.

I’ve never got that impression, but I may be wrong. I haven’t watched his podcast for a while so I may have missed it.

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So many guys to choose from to invite on.
From BB circles - Shaun Clarida, Greg Doucette (controversial to some, but I personally like his approach), Terrence Ruffian. It would also be interesting to get a female physique or open pro on for their thoughts on the sport.

This for me. The pro’s are interesting to hear about, but they just have no relevance to me at all.

There’s pretty much nothing from an elite level lifter that is applicable to “Average Joe” and a lot of what they get up to would be counter-productive for some-one without their commitment and genetics - training frequency, supplements, “supplements” etc

The hardest part for me is combining real life factors such as family and career with training, and I really enjoy hearing how other people do it successfully.


Sorry about that. It said it on the side of the poll itself, but I should’ve made it clearer.

Just looking to get a better overall idea, as opposed to “one winner”, so the option to plug in a couple of votes helps that.

No apology necessary, I didn’t look very hard at all.

You can go back and re-cast your vote. At least I could.

Will this be here on the forum? Or IG? Etc…
When I see these things from other people all the questions are like, what is your favorite color, in a speed around type of thing. Not very informative at all. Is that the kind thing we are talking about here?