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Ask a T-Vixen

Gentlemen, so many of you are concerned about content. Here’s the catch, the content comes from YOU. Yes, that’s correct, you’re sending in the questions, so you are the ones driving the content of the articles.

The messages seem to fall into three camps:

  1. Give it a try and kill it if it sucks, it’s only once every 6 weeks or so. (Thanks for the chance!)
  2. I don’t like the idea, so please don’t do it. (Please give it a chance, if it sucks it won’t be back.)
  3. I am good at writing rude remarks and insults. (Since you know everything why are you even reading this mag?)

For the 1’s and 2’s we’re looking forward to answering your emails! 3’s try using what’s between your ears for more than counting reps, you might learn something.