Ask a T-Vixen

I would have to say that if you kept it down to a minimum and it had some actually useful new info it would be OK as a bit of light reading between all the math and science of the other articles. I think it would have to stay hardcore in content in that these T-Vixens don’t just say the same old shit that all guys want to hear. I personally would much rather have some focus on womens training and nutrition/supplementation T-Mag style. After all the good shit I’ve pulled out of here for myself, I’d like to put some of the magic onto my wife and be able to help any other females who ask. A lot of guys don’t want to swallow their pride and ask for help, but I get quite a few women asking for advice in the gym. I’d like to point them in the right direction.
Anyway, just try one out and see how everyone reacts.