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Ask a T-Vixen

Sounds like alot of the respondants read Maxim anyway. Never read it myself nor care to. T-mag is another story. On-line or in the printed mag it is quite effortless to skip an article if it lacks personal interest. I bet “Daisy Chain of Five” would be one of many peoples favourite columns, admittedly or not. Every column in T-mag is enjoyable and I’m not nervous that reading the odd piece written by women will suck all the T outta me or detract from the wealth of knowledge that grace these pages.
T-man is confident in his masculinity and would treat t-vixen as an equal. There are quite a few people here that have gyno, but are not sufferer’s… what the hell, give them a voice… maybe they might ask us questions that are worth pondering . My wife occasionally reads this forum and like a lot of women, she’ll tell ya straight up what’s what.