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Ask a T-Vixen

NO!! Guys STOP thinking about new columns and get BACK in the supplement lab and finish up the new prohormones and all the other goodies you have been hinting at (and promising for the last 4 months)!!! If you gentlemen have time to think about new columns, you obviously aren’t taking your new post workout drink (ATX_75)Tim was talking about, because you would have that UNBELIEVABLE pump (and be unable to type this post) plus you would be sweating profusly and almost passing out…so you would probably be unable to think as well (thats right he said he felt clear headed and energized…my bad…lol) OK enough busting on you guys…in all seriousness, the post idea is not too bad…but to be honest if it becomes anything like most of the Men’s Fitness, GQ, and Maxim type articles…it will suck. You need to find an open and direct T-woman who isn’t shy or too politically correct!!!