Ask a T-Vixen

I believe this would be a good idea in that it would give those who train with their girlfirends/wives an opportunity to maximize their results in the gym and bedroom. Also, advice from women (hey, they know best how a woman’s body works) on female anatomy and sex can make any T-man even more T-charged!

However, there is a fine line between sound advice and sensationalism. This is where we need to be careful not to become Maxim-like. Posts about PMS, sex, and supplements for women are fine. But, when we start seeing stuff like, “How do I be pickin’ up da chix and beeyotchez?!” and “How can I get meaningless one-night sex with the girl at the bar?”, wee need to put the brakes on.

All in all, this can be beneficial, if it sticks to the credo: “Muscle with Attitude”, and “Dangerously Hardcore!”.

Hey, they’re on each sleeve of my T-shirt! Go figure!