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Ask a T-Vixen

As one of the women who is a pontential contributor to the ‘Ask a T-Vixen’ column I would like to let you know that the intention of the column is not to cater to ‘horny, single t-dudes’ or become like Men’s Fitness.

It will never sink to that level, and if it does I am sure you will write in and voice your opinions (and my boyfriend - who got me hooked on T-mag - will definately tell me!) Take a look at the Forum post about a guy haveing to deal with his girlfriend's nasty PMS, asking a group of women what works for them may be a good idea. The 'penis' question ended up in a long discussion about women's orgasms - another topic women are well versed in.

We're not gonna give out 'watered down' advice and we're not gonna beat around the bush with answers. If you want to know about something it will give you an opportunity to ask and get some solid factual answers from a group of women.