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Ask a Cop Anything

Ask away. Marine77 new profile. You’ll get 100% truth.


Great thread idea!

  1. How much time do you spend catching criminals vs doing paperwork? I like watching cop shows, but they don’t seem remotely realistic

  2. What are your opinions on California’s shoplifting laws?

  3. What would you like to see changed about law enforcement?

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Are there ever times you feel like you should of chosen a different profession?

I just got pulled over by a cop for some minor traffic infraction but I will still say, “thank you for your service”.

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How do you feel about breaking forum law and being suspended for it?


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If only he’d checked his e-mail.

But yeah, the thread concept is great. Creating yet another new username… not so much.

If I’m allowed to ask…what happened? Not seeing anything super juicy in his most recent posts.

Nothing wild. I think the creating a new username was his offense

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Oh okay. I thought the “77” account said something “bad.”

I guess this slow day at work will remain slow.

Some ppl might be offended by his views on PWI, but I don’t recall seeing anything egregious

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I often get so many emails that get filtered so many places I don’t think I’d even see if you forum bosses sent one lol

Because there aren’t PMs, e-mailing the address associated with the forum account is the primary way to Mods/Admins can communicate with members.

So, like, let’s say you started a thread and then noticed your replies weren’t going through, that’d be one pretty direct route to inquire and find out what’s up.

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Yep. To be crystal clear, Mods/Admins don’t restrict controversial or potentially offensive views unless they’re well over the line of standard decency. That’s a definite non-issue in this situation.


I don’t have that problem. For years I’ve gotten emails from Chris saying please stop posting I have no idea why we can’t figure out how to ban your account.


:joy:. I was going to say, he seems to have been taking it awful easy on you!

So much for A through G_factor. Glad you turned a new leaf with this one.


Not sure what’s going on with this thread given the comments below, but in the event it’s still viable, my question is this: Have you ever testified to something that you knew not to be true? Among criminal defense attorneys, there is a common belief that police sometimes “test-a-lie” in court where inconvenient facts might jeopardize a prosecution of someone the officer believes to be guilty. My own sense is that this is fairly rare, but that it does happen, especially when police know evidence might be suppressed because of a questionable search or seizure.

  1. Massive
  2. Idiotic… Like most liberal policies
  3. Way more training. Better quality applicants. Better pay to attract better people.
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Every day.

Fuck no. If I don’t have a solid case I won’t take it to the circuit attorney or just get it refused. Not worth the potential repercussions.

1: In Australia our society appears to be “fine happy”, it’s not uncommon to receive a 200$ speeding ticket for going 2mph over the speed limit. Do police excise discretion over there or is this kind of conduct common around the board? I’ve come to believe this is more/less limited to Australia.

2: thoughts on gun control/the requirement for background checks/barring felons or those who harbour significant mental illness from owning weapons

3: As a cop have you ever felt sympathetic towards the perpetrator of a crime? Or thought “this guy/girl shouldn’t be going to jail”?

4: Barring the defund the police bullshit. Do you believe some semblance of reform over conduct is required/would be beneficial? If so, what do you believe should be done

5: do you/general police believe people should be locked up for using cannabis? If not, how do you believe police should intervene (if it all) when a very large and consistently growing chunk of the population appears to use it (50%+ have tried it, 22% use regularly. USA stats)

6: If you arrest someone but make an error writing up the details of the arrest, does the criminal get to walk for the time being?

7: the super tense interrogations you see on TV, do these actually happen or is it just for show? How accurate are those cop shows? It seems like they touch an awful lot of evidence at crime scenes.

8: how effective are rubber bullets at incapacitating/stopping a person in their tracks? How often are they used?

9: waffles or pancakes?