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Ask a Cop Anything Vol 2

New developments in policing in America opens up new questions


I’ll start it off:

If you could change 3 things about your uniform, what would they be? What parts of the uniform do you really dig and/or think are ingenious?

I wear a tac shirt and cargo pants. Its very practical and comfortable actually.

Service uniform… Its cheap quality and looks awful.

Your opinion of tasing a suspect that is running on foot.
Voodoo according to Taser itself.

Always funny if it connects. They fail often though. Can’t remember a serious injury either.

Q1. Is there much difference between agencies in terms of training or best practice when it comes to similar situations?

Q2. Do people respond to being approached by different agencies differently?

Asking as someone from a country with only one type of police.

Edit: does everyone involved in law enforcement use the term cop? It is that just local police, or sheriff’s.

  1. Yes and no. Tactics differ but not too wildly.

  2. Definitely at times

  3. Cop is pretty typical here

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What has been your best day on the force?

Any national stats on recruiting since the trend in so many jurisdictions have gone awol regarding prosecution of crime?

Its awful. Were taking people that have no business being the police

Our department is hemorrhaging people

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Saved a guy’s life that had been shot in the femoral artery.

A 12 hour stand off with a guy that shot 2 of our guys killing one.

The June 2 riots. We saved the city from burning.

Good question. Thanks

I have a question

Does constantly being around violence, death and the worst worst society has to offer (hardened criminals) get to you?

Does it not freak you out to think “this call to a dangerous location/to arrest a suspect with a huge, violent rap sheet might be my last?”

If I was constantly around the worst of the worst I think I’d turn into the most pessimistic person on the planet

Maybe you look at the guys next to you and see yourself around the best of the best.

Your colleagues (cops) might be (most of the time), but the people you interact with on the job (criminals) certainly aren’t.

Absolutely does.

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In today’s society and you had to do it over…would you be in law enforcement?


What would you do?
The only thing I thought I would ever go be is a truck driver. Love driving and I’m an introvert.

Anything but police work. Open a gym or something.

During the pandemic?

Like half of ALL gyms went under in my state. (Australia… batshit insane bio-police state)