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Asiscs Lifting Shoes?


I was wondering whether or not Asics has ever put out a pair of lifting shoes? Ive seen different threads on various forums about them asking the same question, and I was wondering if anyone on here knew? I apologize if this is in the wrong place.


Think I remember the Greek olympic team wearing blue ones in 2000-2004ish?


Correct, Qatar team wore them as well, blue and red ones. If you look at old vids of Pyrros Dimas you'll see them. I doubt they still sell them though...


Still available, but only in Japan as far as I know.


Pain in the ass question I know but; Do you know any Japanese websites that may have it(I know its a retarded question)


With some patience and dictionary.com translator I found'm. Now to find a way to get them to Canada.


Hot damn; 25,000 yen roughly converts to $280 CDN.

There goes that :frowning: