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Asiana Airlines


I'm sure most of you have seen this but if you haven't, check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1JYHNX8pdo

Plane crashed at SFO three died, the 12 o' clock news was naming the 4 pilots of the plane when they said these names


It's a horrible tragedy but damn - that is funny, and how the fuck could they not realize those names are a spoof?

Idiot talking heads.....


Hahahaha. Boy, those wacky news anchors will read any damned thing, won't they.

The culprit was a summer intern having a bit of fun, but I predict that this anchor will have a tough time living down this, her Ron Burgundy "Go fuck yourself, San Diego" moment.


what a troll of an intern. what a troll of a media member actually publishing that


Of course the real irony came when it was revealed that the name of the intern responsible for this prank was Sum Dum Fuk.


Not only did the nitwit anchor read it, mindlessly, but some nitwit producer called an NTSB "official" (turns out it was some summer intern) to confirm the names, then the nitwit producer sent the information to some nitwit graphic artist to create the backdrop . . . so if you ever doubted the media is full of nitwits . . . or it could be a total Ron Burgundy job on the hag who reported this important news to the masses.



As funny of a prank as it is, I doubt that intern will ever get a job. Not a smart move for him.





This is more Proof that Reporters can forever remove the word " investigate" away from any description of themselves.

It's all about being first and boost ratings. Even if they believed the names to be correct no one slowed down long enough to wonder, hmmm the order the names are in seems suspect.



Im sure this will be immortalized in every Youtube newscaster fail vid from here on out.

Seriously, wish i was on this flight. The payout would be so freaking worth it.


Unless of course you were one of the three who snuffed it.


Is this proof of a popcultural divide that runs more between generations then across nations?

I was laughing already at "Wi Tu Lo", while she was reading this with a straight face - and I'm not a native speaker!

Generation X vs Generation Lol ?


I didn't even pay attention to the order! LOL at that one. Well played, intern. Well played.


I like my odds in that scenario


This was hysterical.



Fuck that intern.


I'm trying to imagine if you had been a News Anchor instead of a tennis player or whatever, and that had been you reading the teleprompter. THAT would be great entertainment. I'm also envisioning a intern whose voice suddenly goes up to octaves never heard before.


I have no idea what you're talking about.

I am not Serena Williams.

She's roughly worth 80 Millions more than me, she's taller and she's got an amazing pair of booties I wish I could smash.

I am not a tennis player.


It would have been amazing if the news vaster realized what was happening mid read:

"Captain Sum Ting Wong.

Wi Tu Low

Ho Lee Fuu........ Uhhh we'll be right back after this commercial break."


My son interned in his senior year at a news station when he was in college. He did all the banners that went up with the videos and EVERYTHING was looked at and approved before it hit the air. I guess not in this case. Lulz...