Asian Winstrol Powder

Can anyone (please)provide details of the powders Brock Strasser talked of in recent
Strasseroids article. Has anyone dealt with these people ? Can anyone vouch for their delivery, quality ? I was hoping to try ordering 5.0 grams of Stanazol powder as a first cycle. Can anyone recommend how I best
convert the powder into capsules, dosages/cycle for a first cycle, liver protection, Clomid/ Nolvadex ??. Any assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.

The source Brock mentioned is reliable.

In my opinion, the most practical and easiest
way to meter doses is to dissolve into a known volume of absolute ethanol (190 proof or better). I’ve posted the solubility of stanozolol in alcohol before, but don’t
remember it at the moment. It was somewhere
around 15 or 25 mg/mL. An insulin syringe
then conveniently meters each dose. If
the solution is 25 mg/mL, then each 10 IU
is 2.5 mg’s. The amount of alcohol you wind
up consuming is trivial and completely negligible.

There is so far as I know zero evidence that
anything intended for “liver protection” is
of real value with regard to 17-alkylated
steroids: milk thistle is an inhibitor of
some liver enzymes but there’s no reason I
can see why that is going to be a help. If
you like doing it, though, go ahead. Overall,
the “liver protection” issue is not a real one, nor is the solution a few people claim.
Most don’t bother with the milk thistle. I don’t recommend it nor is it the practice of physicians prescribing anabolic steroids to recommend it.

Your other questions are pretty well covered
elsewhere in the magazine I think.

One issue not mentioned thus far is your e-mail address. “Sources”, such as the one mentioned, rarely accept non secured mail services (aol, msn, etc.). If you are serious about “sources”, get yourself a secured e-mail address (ziplip, hushmail, etc.).