Asian Translation

Sorry this isn’t asian porn…

Now do we have any asian peeps that can tell me what this lady is screaming about? It can’t be shark soup!


I’m very fluent in Cantonese and can verify it’s indeed a bizarre rant. Apparantly, she believes one of the men urinated in her shark fin soup. The man she pushes denies it, however he admits to sticking his finger up his ass the previous evening and giving her a Hitler mustachio as she lay sleeping (at this point you can see the other man smiling). She continues on to say something about this round eye chick with the beer calling her Ms. Swan over and over.

Also, while the distressed woman was briefly distracted (assumed this was before the video had begun), the chick who was laughing had replaced her teabag with a tampon and took great delight in watching her take that first sip. At that point, she lays on the ground and throws what would appear to be a tantrum. However, the theatrics are quite common in Hong Kong, and the woman is simply engaging in a few high intensity leg lifts to diffuse the stress. Sometimes you’ll see businessmen stop right in the middle of the street and do the same thing. As she points to the camera, the words become a little tougher to understand. As I said, it’s quite bizarre but she seems to say something like “Piss in my soup? You all die now!! Oh, and fuck you Mark Sanchez. You suck long time.”

That’s hilarious. The translation is actually accurate!


Shark Fin Soup is pretty freakin good.

So is urine