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Asian Kid Getting Jumped by 7 Others



So fucked up.


That disgusts me, I honestly don't even know what to think about this.


Once again a demonstration of 7 pussies under the influence of a mob mentality taking on a single helpless individual. This kind of shit makes me fear for my teen son at times.

Thankfully the kid wasn't killed (like the young man beaten to death by 4 scumbags on a street in Philly a few days ago), and those 7 pussies are now in custody.

Yeah, videotaping a beating is so cool... until it's used as evidence against your stupid gangsta-wannabe asses.


I can't stand this shit. I really can't. Every one of these little animals needs to go to jail...FOR A LONG TIME. When you have demonstrated that you are willing to engage in treachery against your fellow man, you need to be removed from circulation.

Fucking cowards. Every last one of them. Bitch made.


god damn!

imagine the amount of rage you'd have seeing that, especially that little waste of spunk getting his friend to hold his gloves and smirking so hard with excitement.

fucking wish I was wailing on them little shits with a god damn pipe right now.

also props to the asian kid for keeping a calm demeanour, and not getting knocked out by the frail strikes.


x 2. Seeing this kind of shit makes me semi-rage.



What kinda asian loses a fight?


I would have to jump in. I could not stand by and watch that. I think the parents should sue the school for not doing anything to help or send security to help that kid.

Remaining indifferent when violence is going on is just as bad as being the person(s) throwing the punches. So in my view the school by not taking steps to be pro-active and responsive to a child in need, deserves a law suit to smarten them up and prompt better care and action.


x3, none of the attackers could actually fight either they were punching and kicking like little retards. That poor Asian kid would have had at least a fair chance against any of them one against one. He didn't seem too badly hurt thankfully; adrenaline would have numbed the pain and there was likely bruising but they seemed more keen to humiliate him and prolong the attack whilst playing plastic gangsters than actually inflicting serious injury upon him, which could have been done in seconds in they had had the inclination and capability,even without the capability a crude 'mob' attack could have easily left him in hospital.

I like that they've names and shamed the attackers on that site. The Asian community is pretty tight in London (not sure where in the USA that is) so hopefully if they're not incarcerated soon they should each be getting a visit.

Those little scum bags will have no shortage of people to fight when they're locked up safely in prison. I'm sure the Asian inmates will make them feel welcome...

I'm really interested to hear what sort of punishment the authorities impose. Most importantly I hope the kid is ok and recovers quickly (physically and psychologically).


I had to skip through it I found it too uncomfortable to watch. As I mentioned in the other post they seemed just as much if not more intent on humiliating him.


those little cocksuckers were kicking him the head.

attempted murder as far as I'm concerned.


Fucking hell... just wow.

I honestly don't know what I would do, probably aim to literally gouge an eye out.


that's in Chicago I believe... that video has been posted everywhere it seems. Some of the kids beating him up are Asian too. The good news is that ALL of them have been arrested.


Aye I noticed at least 4 of the names seem oriental. Glad they got busted and particularly glad that some of the kids who get up to this kind of shit also lack the common sense not to film themselves!
Fucking morons.


I didn't watch all of it, too horrible, but attempted murder sounds good.


The worst part of this is....it is all to common to see this sort of thing.

It used to happen at my Jr. High school all the time...however it was usually racial or gang related.

Agree with BodyGuard, they should all be on trial for attempted murder, or at least felony assault.


Sue the parents of the kids before the school! Schools have enough on their plate as it is. If you sue them and take from their resources they will have even LESS ability to enforce any order let alone teach.


yeah schools here are fucked as it is, suing them won't help I don't think... putting pressure on the parents in some fashion is what needs to be done.


That lad took that beating like a man.


Man those must hit/kick like pussies if they could give a kid a 10 minute beating and he still be able to stand up.

Mad respect to that kid though, even at the end he was looking that peice of shit in the eye.

If there were spectators then SHAME ON THEM for not doing anything, this is sad, who could do this to someone, they easily could of done permanent damage or killed him.

I aggree with BG attempted murder seems fair.

damn that shit was hard to watch, I cant wait until these kids go to prison, it wont be a very happy time, they will get much worse beatings there then that kid got. Plus hopefully they get raped.