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Asian Girls

What is it about petite Asian girls that make them so hm hm good?

I dunno, but I agree. I think the average Asian girl is much better looking than the average whatever else. Hahaha, my friends always made fun of me because I thought this…glad to hear I’m not alone.


Yeah, my asian sistas are nice.

So, STAY away from them. They belong to the asian males. They are OURS!

yeah, sour grapes. it was tough seeing some hot asian chick dig a white guy over me.

i guess it doesn’t help being ugly.

yeah i’m the same way. i guess once i was friends with 2 sisters that were korian and saw how much of freaks they were i started to look at asians in a whole new way. but alass they were too young. damn! i hate when that happends.

As a red-blooded midwestern cornfed farmboy, I never thought I’d believe asian women to be attractive…

That is until I went to Thailand.

The little girls would be climbing all over us, hugging and grabbing onto our arms, it was a very delightful experience. You know the article in the last T-mag? It is exactly like that. I think the author of aforementioned article hit the nail on the head.

Asian women are extremely polite and curtious along with being more than capable of contorting to different positions if need be. I dig em’.

So nowadays, whenever I see a pretty Asian girl, I think back to my days in Thailand, smile, and wonder just how dirty that little girl can be…


I dated a Fillipino girl for two years…I reccomend it highly

Brad, where do you live now? I’m in the midwest too, St. Louis.

I went to Japan before, and damn, there are some fine Japanese women over there.

My one problem though is that I can’t tell the difference between Asian populations, i.e. Japanese vs Korean, etc. I never know, but honestly, I never really care. If I want to get to know their culture, then yeah, I’ll find out someway besides asking.

I don’t know. I’m pretty much the Rainbow Coalition when it comes to dating, but I’ve always prefered Asian women. I just find Asian women to be more pleasing to the eye. Especially Kelly Hu. :slight_smile: Now if I could only convince her lawyers to drop the restraining order…

i think that i might just have to save up some money and go to eather china, japan, or thialand. i heard that they love big tall guys so that would be perfect for me. they’ll probubly think that i’m a basket ball star or something. being 6’6 has disavantages but it makes up for all the other advantages that i get :smiley:
of cource from the article i read there probubly just trying to get into your wallet but you never know i guess.

Do you guys suppose it has anything to do with them appearing to be tiny, frail, delicate flowers who would never speak or act contrary to their man’s desires? Couple that with the average man’s desire to feel strong and powerful and you have the Asian Allure.

Weapon X, restraining orders are tests of your affection for the girl. That’s why they get them. They figure that if you want them badly enough, that you’ll violate the order just to see them. It’s very romantic.


Yeah, that and they’re prettier on average :slight_smile:


I find Korean girls much more atractive than Japanese.

And yeah, the fact they are tiny does help lol. A lot.

This reminds me of the time an exterminator came to my house and he had these badass bruises and stitches under his eye. I asked him what happened and he told me he had been sucker punched during a Muay Thai fight in, you guessed it, Thailand. Without so much as a transition, he then said that he thought his penis was going to fall off because the chicks loved him so much. The penis reference made me uneasy. I asked him to leave. Crazy exterminator.

The Asian mindframe, far more flexible and open, is also interesting to consider. The lack of self-righteous 'tude (attitude) and silent strength it projects makes for a more diverse interaction.

Although many Americans will disagree strongly with on important issues/values. For example, deception is a fact of life, and a recognized business tactic amongst many others. Americans would label this as hypocritic real fast.

I live in the melting pot of NYC. You can’t help but people watch when you are in a public park or restaurant. I aways notice asian women with black, white, or latino men, but I never see asian men with black, white, or hispanic women. I often wonder why.

Hmm… I never dated an Asian girl (though I’ve always preferred brunettes and exotic looks) until about 3 yrs ago when I met and dated a Japanese girl for a year. Since then I have dated a Vietnamese girl, a Korean girl, and a Philipina/Itailan girl. Something about those asian girls…like maybe exotic, sexy, great bodies, great sex etc? Also, there is a big difference between an asian girl that grew up in asia and is not completely “americanized” and one that has grown up here. Oh yeah, it can be difficult to distinguish their nationality too until you have dated or been around several different types for a while.

I think the allure has a lot to do with a fascination with anything “exotic.” There’s also the tendency of asians to maintain a younger appearance much later into life.

I have an aunt who is Japanese, and you really can’t tell how old she is (she could be anywhere from 35 to 50 to look at her, but her real age is over 65!).

Asian girls… MMMMMMMM!

Nice topic Deisel!

I must say that I like all women of all races - black, white, asian, east Indian, or any variety of mutt - but something about an Asian girl just stirs me on a deeper, more primal level. 'Course, I am married to a woman who looks like Karma (lucky me!), but an attractive Asian girl can always turn my head (except when my wife is standing right there, otherwise I would get a swift elbow to the rib).

They’re pretty because they’re women. Having traveled around the Pacific Rim for a few years and sampled the various cultures there I found a lot to like. Of course I felt the same about Europe, Mexico, Australia, Canada, and most of the US too. There are hotties everywhere you go. They come in all kinds of colors too.