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Ashwagandha Experiences?

Due to adrenal issues (high cortisol), I want to try taking this to help improve my thyroid function and values. I have read a fair bit about this supplement, and a lot of people say it benefited them in terms of lowering “stress” (cortisol). Just wondering if anyone here has tried it and what your experiences were like?

Nootropics depot ksm-66 made every other ashwagandha feel like placebo. It’s legit. It definitely helps. I usually go a month on and a month off.

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Thanks man! Was actually looking at Solgar (which I can get here in Spain)

If it’s not legit ksm-66 I would find something else.

Also, 2000mg/day Vit C has had a major major positive impact on my adrenal issues. I would highly recommend you start that today & everyday. Everyone should.

I appreciate all your help and input btw, it’s good going back and forth because our issues are similar and you are a recovery story in my mind.

You mentioned prior about varicocele, was it a left side varicocele for you and did it cause pain for you? It seems like TRT (almost alone) helped you a ton…


Yep left side. It’s still there. I remember when I was in probably 6th-ish grade and Tom Green got testicle cancer I checked my nuts and noticed the left was way different than the right. Had a doc catch a feel and she said it likely wasn’t anything to worry about. I totally got a boner when she fondled my nuts but unfortunately she didn’t check the boner with the same enthusiasm.

TRT was a total freakin nightmare for about a year. I woke up in the middle of the night with cold sweats, super low morning body temperature, feeling like an adrenaline dump and I woke up several times throughout the night. How I didn’t give up I have no clue. It was horrible and using even low doses of AI’s compounded that misery. It takes a long time for the body to get used to hormones (for me at least).

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We exchanged thyroid labels prior, before you went on TRT do you have your thyroid labs? I’m curious to see what helped improved them the most, since my ft4 is low and I want to improve it.

Would you say you are still “cold intolerant”?

I don’t have previous thyroid labs that I know of. There are times where I’m cold intolerant but they are few and far between compared to how they were. Magnesium GLYCINATE before bed has had an impact.

What is your typical dose? The recommended is one capsule (300mg). This has peaked my interest because I’m a pretty high stress individual.


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Nice consult @dextermorgan


I have been using Gaia Adrenal Health Daily for multiple years now, I don’t remember the dose off of the top of my head but it has ashwagandha and a few other herbs. Sometimes I really notice a boost in my stress handling so i’d have to up-vote it and recommend it. Especially if you feel like your cortisol flies up and down at random like mine.

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The name sound kinda SARM-y

Is it a pure ashwagandha supplement? Could I take this as a drug tested competitor?

I take a 470mg store brand product, but I dont feel anything really

Legit ksm-66 basically guarantees you’re getting what you want. There’s a lot of crap ashwagandha out there and I’ve bought many of them. Even fake ksm-66. The legit ksm-66 ashwagandha really is superior and I definitely feel it. Nootropics depot has legit ksm-66 Ashwagandha and I can tell you from experience that it works.

I can’t imagine you’d be tested for ashwagandha or if they could even afford to test for it if one even exists.

Can you take 2000 sustained release?

I’d recommend 600mg if it’s the real shit. I was taking 2000mg of what ended up not be worth a shit ashwagandha and had it in my head it was doing something. Then I got the good stuff and realized what I was taking wasn’t actually doing anything. I wouldn’t take sustained release.

Sorry, I referenced your vitamin c post

I wouldn’t take sustained release Vit C either