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Ashwagandha, Damn!

Hey guys,

new in the supplement section.

I got KSM-66 Ashwagandha and I tried it now 3 seperate times for three days and what the hell is up with this stuff?
The emotional stuff is not that wild. But three things just baffle me:

  1. I get warm, really warm. Normally I’m freezing all day. But with this stuff my hands are really warm. When I go to bed, I’m extremely warm too, sweating nearly. (Might be an increase in T4)
  2. My balls become huge.
  3. My loads too. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I knew Ashwaghanda increases sperm count and motility but what it does in that section in real life is crazy. Even weeks on Clomifene (not PCT) didn’t do that.

Can someone speculate what’s the mechanism of action? I thought about a LH or FSH kinetic but it doesn’t decrease these hormones in studies.

I’m well read on pharmacology so please don’t hold back if you know something.

Have a good day!

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What dosage are you taking?

300 mg

The supplement company recommends two capsules but that is way too much if even one has these effects. Not to mention some of the mental effects (short temper, anxiolytic, lightheaded feeling)

Already saw on the forum that for some people they were not able to have an hard boner using ashwaganda

I’ve been 600 about every night. Haven’t had too much of a problem. Can’t honestly say if I’m noticing much benefit taking it. I am taking alpha male too. So that could be counter acting the biner thing? I’ve been crazy stressed at work and home so maybe this is just taking the edge off? Really using it to help me with sleep which it doesn’t seem to be.

I take so much shit it’s hard to tell what benefits I get from any of them. However, I was taking an adrenal support supplement that contained 200 mg ashwagandha root extract and swapped it out for just KSM 66 300 mg and went back to the adrenal support because I didn’t feel as good without it. I continue to take the KSM 66 in addition but can’t say I “feel” it.

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Had this problem once an hour after taking it. But the other 23 hours erections are better. And I had morning wood the first time since taking it the last time (months ago)

I had an Ashwaghanda that wasn’t KSM-66. Felt nothing besides nervousness.
I took nearly nothing besides Ashwagandha so I knew where it comes from.

Weird how it has such an obvious measurable effect on me, and then there’s people who don’t feel anything. Is yours a high quality brand?

I take the stuff from nootropics depot I think its ksm-66. I also have read that the NOW brand stuff is tested and good. The last month has been nuts for me so maybe it’s just that and maybe this stuff is helping me maintain. Not sure. It’s cheap and haven’t heard too much bad about it. I have read in too high of a dose there are studies that show possible liver damage but those are few and far between and in crazy high doses.

I picked up really cheaply a tub of mushroom powder made up from cordyceps, reishi, chaga, lion’s mane and ashwaganda, to which I added some rhodiola powder and more ashwaganda powder I had lying around. I take about 5g pre-WO. Can’t claim any startling effects but given the price and the centuries of anecdotal evidence from China, it’s worth trying.

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I’ve tried several different brands of ashwagandha and found that Nootropics Depot has the best shit. It’s legit certified & verified ksm-66 and the energy and overall good feeling it gives is a night and day difference from the other 5 brands I’ve tried.

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I take some every day and didnt do anything for me

Maca did make my penis bigger at first

I use the Nootropics also along with the Health’s Harmony Adrenal Health.

I’ll check the brand. Mine gives me extreme anxiolytic effects but I can’t get anything done that’s mentally challenging because I completely lose the ability to concentrate. I get aggressive on it too, but that may be because I’m pissed that I can’t concentrate in anything. Maybe the inability to concentrate could also be such a strong anxiolytic effect that I just don’t care about anything anymore.

The half life seems to be long too. Cause if I take it 2 days, I’ll feel like that for 5 days before going back to normal.

Different variations of Ashwagandha have different effects. I’d try another brand if the one you’re currently taking has you feeling that way.

Which brand of ashwagandha gave you huge balls and ridiculous loads? I’d like to experiment.

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It’s called NuU nutrition premium organic Ksm-66 Ashwagandha 300 mg
But I tried another brand and it did the same which was full plant extract.
I can’t stand the emotional effects otherwise I’d take it.

Its also available from Vitacost via the brand Root2. Gonna experiment on my husband. Will report study results.

Thank you.