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Ashwagandha/Adaptogen Question


Not sure if the following is an effect of Ashwagandha itself, adaptogens in general, or if I am just tripping; anywho...

Picked up some Ashwagandha recently, my first dose (450mg at 4.5%) was taken with magensium and PS and completely knocked me out.

Over the course of the next week, I had been taken it before my workout in hopes of better recovery from workouts, something that I had great success with with Rhodiola. At this time I was also taking 16mg ephedrine.

Yesterday I took it prior to bed in the same manner as before, yet I was awake sporadically for 4 hours more.

My question, since I have heard adaptogens have neuroendocrinologial effects combined with the fact my knowledge on the matter is pathetically low, is whether adaptogens can 'adopt' the effect of other neuroactive compounds co-ingested with them.


Doubtful, but I'm in about the same boat you are in re: knowledge of the subject matter. Maybe someone else has some info.