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Ashos' Progress Log


Hi I'm starting my workout, nutrition, and progress log here.
Comments, information, suggestions, kick in the pants (if needed)are all welcome.
This is rerouted from a previous post:

A little about my self, I am 27, 6ft tall, 310 lbs, and sick of being out of shape.
As a kid and teen I was pudgy, then in my early 20's I went from 280lbs to 200lbs. I kept the weight off for about a year and a half, then slowly I stopped working out and eating healthy so I gained it all back and then some. You could say that I am a FFFB - former former fat boy or a SFFB - soon to be former fat boy.

My goals for now are to lose about 90 - 100 lbs, regain my flexibility, mobility and strength. I want to be healthy, able to have fun, run and play with my kids without hurting or running out of energy.

Well lets get this party started


Just wanted to say... good luck, and have fun. I'm sure I speak for tnation when I say we wish you great progress.

Keep us informed.


Cardio for today, I walked with my son in his back pack (he's my weighted vest) for 20 min then 20 min with out.

Nutrition totals
2152 calories
82g fat
150 carbs
38g fiber
168g protein


my weighted vest


very cool haha - good luck with your goals


Progressive loading. Like the Greek who trained by carrying a calf on his shoulders, getting stronger as the calf grew. Although you'll look funny carrying a 13 year-old around on your back :wink:


I probably won't carry him till 13, but maybe to 10.


Friday Sept. 14

Dead lifts:
105lb x 5reps for 2 sets.
moved up to 135lb for last 3 sets.
I know its weak but my back was not too failure at the end which is good for now.

Cable rows: #8 on the machine which I believe is 80lbs.
5 x 5

Assisted Dips: 115 lbs assisted
Reps 5, 5, 4, 3, 3 failure on last 3 sets

Elliptical machine: interval training at level 1
15 min
2103 strides
210 cals (I don't believe these cal meters are correct in the amount of calories burned but I like to use it for reference)

Sat no work out...

Going for a 30 min walk with my family, and "my weighted vest".

Nutrition has been mediocre, next weekend I have to plan my meals more. I ended up eating too many carbs and more snacking then actual meals, also I didn't keep a very good food log.
I will scratch this weekend off and try harder next weekend, but the good news is I lost 3lbs this week.


Monday Sept 17th
Work out
95 lbs.

115 lbs.

Lat pull down

9 (I think 90 lbs.)


Elliptical machine: interval training, level 1
2513 strides
245 cal

2409 cal
82g fat
179 carbs
44g fiber
179g protein


Just wondering if my numbers are right:
1g fat = 10 cal
1g carb = 4 cal
1g protein = 5 cal

Yes, no, if no then what are the correct cals.


You sound like a good person and I wish the best of luck to you. I'll be looking at your log every so often to see how you're doing.

I also may be wrong but I believe that the calories per nutrients are; fat:9, Protein:4, carbs:4, Alcohol: 7


Tuesday Sept. 18

Just cardio today
Elliptical Trainer: interval training, level 1
25 min
3419 strides
319 cal

Nutrition Totals
2187 calories
83g fat
152 carbs
37g fiber
157g protein


Thanks Def.


Wednesday September 19th


Overhead barbell press:
increased 10 lbs today, total 65lbs

Body weight

body weight

Treadmill: 15 min
incline #2 and 3 (had to adjust back and forth)
.89 miles


Calories 2408
72g fat
245 carbs
44g fiber
162g protein

I was feeling bogged down and hungry all day long, so I had extra carbs. At my 3:30 break I had some apricots, then at dinner I had some black beans and rice to help out. After those I'm feeling better.

I am averaging about 2100 - 2400 calories, 60 - 80g of fat, 150 - 160 carbs, 40g of fiber and 160ish g of protein. I know my diet needs about 40g more of protein and that my fiber is good, but how does my calorie, carb and fat number look for my weight?

12g of the fat comes from fish oil tabs, then the rest usually comes from muscle milk, and eggs.
My carbs for most days are oatmeal, fiber tabs, banana, some type of berries, broccoli or greens and sometimes apricots on lift days.


I would say you would be ALOT better off dropping the muscle milk and picking up some whey and casein protein. A mixture of both in a shake is killer for long term and short term protein needs, plus the casein may help you feel fuller longer since its a much slower digesting protein, but personally, I would never drink muscle milk.

Optimum Nutrition has a really good Casein Protein,can't get enough of their vanilla flavored powder, and I haven't personally tried it, but I hear good things about the Metabolic Drive whey protein. You'll save yourself ALOT of fat calories by switching from muscle milk, so you'll be able to allot them to more Essential Fats or just cut them out completely.


I am planning on getting some Metabolic Drive in a week or so, I need a different credit card because they don't take discover.


Just wanted to say, I love the Optimum Nutrition Casein.

I used to drink muscle milk its a good product but I used it as a meal replacement not an after workout / preworkout supplement. As for combining the two whey and casein i've never tried it but it sounds like a killer idea. Anyway Good Luck Ash.


Workout : None, my foot has been hurting, so I took today off, and have been trying to massage with a golf ball, and applying ice to it. Back to working out tomorrow.

totals so far..
calories 1501
fat 49
carbs 109
fiber 29
protein 130

The numbers are low because they do not include:
Cabbage soup my Father made, which had ground venison, habanero, cabbage, tomato, green pepper, banana pepper.

Also I had a sourdough roast beef sandwich, when I went out to dinner with my wife


Friday September 21
Work out
4 sets of 135 x 5
last set I raised it to 145

Cable Rows:

8 5x5

Dips: 112lb assisted

10 min incline walk on #5 (ran out of time)


Friday Sept 21
1814 Calories
75g Fat
117 Carbs
37g fiber
230g protein