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Ashcroft is a DORK!


Uh… you guys like this dork? And you call yourself “T-Men”???

If this clip didn’t make me cringe with embarrassment for him I would still be laughing.

I can see PtrDr, Montrosefan, Rainjack, BostonBarrister, biltritewave, and Goldberg, (I’ll leave Vegita out of this line-up since, even though he is politically a neocon sympathizer, he is spiritually more evolved than these other yahoos), all getting misty-eyed and putting their hands on their hearts and singing along with their hero, Mr Patriot Act himself, John Ashcroft.

Come on good guys… Belt out a verse for us.

Surely you can find better things to criticize Ashcroft about than his musical abilities.

Get a grip.

And I’m sick of this “neocon” stuff. If you want to say “new conservative,” fine. But the only reason people are saying neocon is because it sounds like “decepticon,” which is what those very same people want you to associate with conservatives to begin with. Keep cartoons out of politics.

And one more thing. I obviously missed the thread… when has anyone on here said that they liked Ashcroft? Just curious.

nephorn is right concerning the neo-con term. “extremist” is a much more appropriate label because this administration has very few conservative traits.

And William Hung’s newest competitor in caterwauling throws his hat in the ring…

This is pathetic on so many levels.

I cant watch this at work, but I am excited to be mentioned in a list of right minded individuals, especially boston barrister.

roybaitty…I never said I cared for Ashcroft one way or the other. I’m a libertarian politically so there are some things I disagree about with him…and some I agree with.

As far as his faith goes…I don’t know much about it; and thats his business.

And how can you “judge” whether myself, Goldberg, Montrosefan, Boston barrister and others are less evolved, since you don’t believe in Christianity anyhow??..we should be laughed at by you for believing in a fairy tale to begin with! Its funny…you and a few others seem to have intense and “judgmental” feelings twords something that isn’t even real to you! You sure you aren’t crazy???

Eh, anyone who lists Vegita as being “spritually evolved” obviously has reality issues…

I guess Roy’s opening remarks were more stupid and pointless and juvenile than Kuri’s distracting rhetoric, but I’m not sure.

Actually, I prefer dorks at higher levels of public administration. Who cares if Ashcroft can sing - he wasn’t appointed because he’s the next pathetic teen idol metrosexual or because he hangs out with 50 Cent (or Half a Buck, I should say)…

…he was appointed because he has a track record of national public service and he is a tireless prosecutor.

Agreed, this is utterly pathetic. And since when did T-Men claim to be able to sing like some limp-wristed pop star that uses too much gel in their hair?

Look at this fucking loser. What a disgrace. He is such a phony.

I am embarrassed for him! I think he has done a good job, but he is in DC not Vegas.

Me Solomon Grundy

The only reason I was saying that Vegita is more spiritually evolved is because of a thread a while back where he said that he had changed profoundly, and didn’t judge other people based on their beliefs. I guess Boston could have been left off the list at the top since I am not really sure where he falls, but I know that he is a Bush and company supporter, so it made it kind of fun. PtrDr and Montrose in particular are the most judgemental people I have ever experienced, so I thought they would especially appreciate Mr. Asscroft’s rousing christian song.

For all of you who think I am being immature… gimme a break! I’m just “blowing off steam” (guess which one of your heros said that?). If you don’t like it, then you’re just a kill-joy poopy head! :slight_smile:

“PtrDr and Montrosefan are the most judgemental people…”…don’t you think you are being a bit “judgemental” and “opinionated” here Roy?

A poor singing Ashcroft, or circus freak Janet Reno???

Gotta go with Ashcroft - I just won’t buy his cd.

One questin for you there, Roy - On your enlightened scale of human evolvement, where does the Clinton Admin’s moral bankruptcy rank?

Roy, how much do you bench?

His lie (about the BJ) was wrong. That being said, his marriage is HIS business, as it does not effect me, my family, the economy etc. He should have told the truth when they cornered him.

Bush’s continuous stream of lies that have led to the deaths of over 800 Americans though obviously effect all of us, as well as the families of those soldiers, and the thousands of soldiers who have lost limbs, etc.

Put them on a scale… I’ll take the lie about someone’s private affair ANY DAY over a lie that cost lives and billions of dollars. Which would you rather have, since you bring it up?


Pansy, prior to my last shoulder surgery my 2RM was 315. I never go over 225 any more, and even then I am only getting about 8 reps at the moment. Still taking it slow since I am stuck with chronic shoulder problems from my youth. I am mid 30’s now, and not worried about my max anymore. But I can do 10 chin-ups with two 45 lb. plates hanging from a belt/chain, and I can still get about 6 reps (deep) with 360 on squat. Since ya asked… :slight_smile:


You neglect to mention that Clinton lied before a federal grand jury.

Moreover, I keep hearing the ‘BUSH LIED!’ charge, but I’ve yet to see evidence of it.

I trust you’ll provide evidence of lying - and here’s a hint, there is a world of difference between a wrong conclusion and a willful intent to deceive (a lie).


Name and prove that President Bush lied. Do you have proof of anything? The DUI? Big deal. I had a DUI too. Name one factual lie, and I mean without a doubt, that President Bush has told the American people.

Thank you,