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As Requested, My Bench Vids


These are my heaviest sets of bench today. I am currently on the backside of a bicep ligament strain, so still taking it a bit lighter on bench for the next week or so. Deadlift videos to be posted later this week.


Try again, they don't show up.


Try copying and pasting the URL into the address bar. It works for me.


no face.
just sayin.

I'm bored.




You're one strong dude! Keep up the good work!


Thanks guys. Vids should be fixed now. I had fixed them earlier, but seemed it did not take. Comcast likes to fuck with me.


Ill take some with face time just for you next week. And the weight will be heavier.


strong work, but why is this not in the physique/performance photo thread?


Good work man.



I only counted 6 reps on the second vid >8(


Good catch I did not even count or realize. I know I did 7 but he must have started filming late. I figured he had got them all and did not bother to count.




what are you doing to fix the bicep ligament strain?


It's pretty much fixed. It was a bit swollen too for awhile. I was given 2 weeks of celebrex and took some time off and eased myself back into lifts that are heavily bicep dependent.

Oh and basically, if it hurts - I don't do it.


Not bad broh I bench liek 115 and I weight 130lbs but I don't workout I only skate and do BMX lol.