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As if gayness wasn`t enough already...


Now it`s the carpet munchers turn...



hey whats wrong with that? more lesbians on tv is a good thing. actually, more lesbians everywhere is a good thing.


Yeah, unless they're fat, short haired, ugly lesbians - thems kind is just gross.


I don`t think we have the same notion of lesbianism.

I have yet to see a lesbian that makes me think Wow. Too bad shes a carpet muncher.`

While some have killer bods, their mindframe/mindset turns me off. Totally.

And whats the deal in looking at them doing their thing if you cant come in and play? Isn`t that prick teasing, at best?

I`ll take a show about T-Vixens, the more balanced man/woman combo, anytime.


"Yeah, unless they're fat, short haired, ugly lesbians - thems kind is just gross." She would be called a dike not a lesbian.


gentlemen you've got it all wrong. they aren't dikes, they aren't lesbians, they aren't carpet munchers. they are called women in comfortable shoes.

i'm all for a show about t-men and t-vixensbut that'd go over in hollywood about as well as an educated Christian white man from the suburbs.


PGA200X: Aren`t they called Bull Dykes?


Yeah PDog..more lesbians on TV is good...just tell that to BillyBoy and his little girls. I am sure they would get way more out of two mommies than thay would with their mom and FATHER. Oh..I forgot..two women can't bring life into the world all on their own....

Oh well....


There are a bunch of ways lesbians describe theirselves. There are a lot more dykes than bull dykes. I'm not up on all of the lingo but I've seen and heard enough to know it's extensive.

When I was a kid I grew up around a few lesbians. I used to go hunting with one of them when I grew up. I really don't see how their choice of sex partner has anything to do with any other part of their life. Betty was a teacher for a lot of years in some really crappy areas. She might like fucking woman instead of men but she was still the best math teacher most of those kids ever had.

As far as I'm concerned we might as well be ranking on people with brown eyes, you know since mine are blue so I must be normal.


I like to help them. But honestly, I have never seen a lesbian I wasn't glad was a lesbian. I am not sure but I'd bet they got bigger dicks than me.


Of course they do, they get to pick theirs off of a shelf. Size, color, shape, and texture are all options.

We get what we get and have to deal with it. Not really fair is it?


It sucks always having to explain to my girls that a lot of the things people do are accepted, but that doesn't make it okay, and we are not to behave that way.

What the heck is wrong with a straight "Normal" hetero relationship?

I don't mean to be preachy, but God got it right the first time. We can't improve on it.



Amen BillyBoy!


Gay men usually have the best bods. A lot of them use Deca, from what i hear at the gym. An in regards to Lesbians, anyone who doesn't like dick has to be crazy. just kidding of course...
if we can't laugh at life, what can we do.


I agree with billy.


I agree with Sven. (Wait, who is Sven?)

I don't have a problem with more lesbians on TV. In fact I always tell people to marry a lesbian. Just imagine coming home and finding your wife in bed with somebody else. If it is a man, you are pissed off. But imagine getting home and finding her in bed with another woman? Do you watch, or join in?

Seriously there are some things I just don't understand. Like the people who call themselves lesbians, but they date women who dress like men, crop their hair, and they use strap-ons. The only difference between these butch lesbians and men are the boobs. And even then you can find men with boobs.

I do believe in true biological homosexuality, but I believe that about a third to half of the confessed lesbians are not true lesbians. I also believe this is true among gay men, but not as high a percentage as with lesbians.

Come on now. Lez be friends.


Most television programs are mind-rot bullshit.

This is just another one.

Too bad some people pay for channels which air this crud.


But imagine getting home and finding her in bed with another woman? Do you watch, or join in?

That is either a joke or stupid.

If she is a true lesbian, you`ll never marry her in the first time, and you have even less chances joining in (read:none, if she indeed is a true lesbian).

Therefore, taking for granted youre a smart guy, I guess youre refering to the wish of all guys to have a threesome with his girlfriend and a bi-babe.

But I guess even there, few men have enough balls to ask it point blank and...ultimately find themselves cheating of their girlfriend. Or they wait until she brings it up. But...at that point, in a SERIOUS relationship, isnt that the equivalent of sayingshes not enough anymore and close the shop? But, then again, theres the open marriage / Rael followers, so theres groups for these like-minded people.


BillyBoy stated it best. When you have children you begin to realize exactly how twisted television programing has become.

It's not just lesbianism, while offensive, this subject is still a very small part of television, so far. If you think about all of the "adult comedy's" on television it becomes difficult to select something appropriate for all members of the family. Then even if you do, you sometimes end up watching (or flipping past)"PG-13" or "R" rated commercials.

Fortunately, we don't spend a great deal of time in front of the television. When we do watch however, it would be nice to actually have a larger "family" selection.

We end up on Nick At Night watching many of the old shows. Any other family T-Men do this? (Oops, don't mean to hijack).


I am actually a lesbian trapped in a man?s body to be politically correct.
I am rarely politically correct.

Me Solomon Grundy