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As If Deep Frying Wasn't Enough


Now I don't much like PETA, and I don't like Pamela Anderson (apart from obvious factors) but this video is worth a look. I assume most people on a site devoted to physical performance won't eat KFC anyway, but still here are yet more reasons. Be warned, some of it is really unpleasant.



I heard about this months ago.


I wanna puke when I watch that. Not from the treatment of the birds, but from the bullshit that perty mouth spouts.


Or all that shit (literally) that goes into the chickens' mouths long before we eat it.

Same goes with cattle. They're fed decomposing parts of other cows and cow shit.

It must enhance the flavor of the meat, or just make it cheaper for the people selling it.

Hunting is the most humane way to eat an animal. Any largely processed meat probably comes from animals that had a pretty bad life, especially the last few hours.


What's up with the West Virginia chicken stomp dance? Man, if something completely fucked up can happen it seems to happen there.
That has to be one of the most completely whacko things I'v seen in a long time.


mmmmmmm....fried chicken.


If I'm not mistaken there are laws preventing this in most countries due to Mad Cow Diesese, especially this one.


I agree, I'm not sure how I feel about the (mis)treatment of an animal that can live without a head. I am sure of how I feel about a brainless celeb spewing biased disinformation about a subject they know nothing about.

I'm not nearly defending everything KFC does but, the vast majority of the chickens are much better off than if left to their own devices. They conveniently neglected to mention things like that they cut the beaks off to keep them from killing/eating each other in close quarters.


I used to have some bumper stickers that said :

" I love animals - they taste delicisous " and
" cats - the other white meat "


chicken skin, deep fried in bacon grease!


Having previously owned chickens I couldn't help but laugh when she said they were as intelligent as a dog.

Also, as much as people piss and moan about the treatment of KFC chickens but they'd bitch even louder if a goddamn burger cost $12.

As far as the psycho's go, well where else would you rather they be? Working at the local daycare? Its one thing to have a bit cry about some 'problem' with society, but unless you can come up with a viable alternative then take it elsewhere. Whats next? Suggesting that they start selling soyburgers as a 'great tasting meat alternative'? - God humanity shits me sometimes!


How do they determine if the chickens feel pain? Talking to it?!?

This veideo is ridiculous. Chickens run around headless after rural owners snap their necks too vigorously and the whole head comes off. And they're feeling pain then? God forbid they shake a little when shocked with a jolt of electricity. I think people do the same thing in the chair.


well, i guess that isn't the point. At least the animals though dead give us some very good nutrition. Animals have been eaten ever since the Caveman days for nutrition. Even Native Americans ate Buffalo for food to prevent starvation and get some much needed nutrition for their active lifestyles, i.e. hunting and covering great distances. Even a lion and tiger eat meat for nutrition. It is only cruel if they are killed without a purpose, i.e. for sport.
P.s. this theory is very stupid, if we were that sinful for eating meat, wouldn't the same apply for chopping down trees for paper to write on, god forbid someone uses a notebook, or even to live in a house, because you have to chop a tree for that. Maybe we should all go back to living in caves and wearing a loincloth.


I agree w/ the majority here. The people in the video that were stomping the chickens did look cruel to me but i doubt that this is the norm.


There would be no chickens, cows, or pigs if humans didn't raise them for consumption. Except in India of course. Hey! There goes Aunt Patima... Mooooo.


I'm not anti-meat eating, in fact I'm chewing on a dead rabbit right now. The point is industrial farming is cruel. If you don't care that's your perogative. If you do care, you simply buy organic or free range.