As I See It: A Biotest

Before I pose this question, I must emphasize that I am not affiliated with Biotest or Testosterone in any way. Nor do I have any privy to their business plan.

All I am is a loyal customer and supporter of this Company, and what they have tried to accomplish, for close to three years now; and boy?what a ride!

Now?it seems to me that Supplement Companies today are in a “no man’s land”. On the one hand, they can sell you a bunch of useless, “foo-foo/herbal/breast enlarging/lose-weight-and-eat-what-you-want/transform-in-30-days/ toning” crap?or they can “push the envelope” like “Biotest”?and get themselves right in the Crosshairs of hypocritical politicians and the FDA.

With TC’s recent “Atomic Dog” (and it’s many revelations), it seems like “Biotest” is placing themselves still in that hard to establish “cutting edge” niche?by creating supplements that not only work?but also avoid the Governments bullshit juggernaut.

Just look at it: Grow/AP (solid); Surge (solid); Mag-10, Methoxy, Myostat (probably in those “crosshairs”…but solid); A new cutting edge, ephedrine free fat-burner (I would put my money on it being a market leader); a new potent and complete EFA supplement (again, a market leader).

For the first time ever, there is the POTENTIAL for all the cutting edge Supplements that one would need to reach their physique potential coming from one Company. With the addition of a potent Multi, I think that it would be complete.

Hey?I’ll admit a bias?but I don’t think that I’m overstating the case.

What do you guys think? (It would be great to hear from Chris, TC, Bill, and Cy?maybe even the ever-elusive Tim!)


I agree totally and completlet mufasa very good post and very well put…Loyal biotest customer forever


I’m a bit skeptical of any new effederine free fat loss product, since most companys are trying to get one marketed before the FDA ban happens. If anyone can do it I belive Biotest will, so quit teasing already and release the sucker…

Go B-g


I remember the first major factor that brought me to Biotest-loyalty was the simple fact that all their products that I had tried tasted amazing. Ex: Methoxy, 4AD, LC Grow of course, and surge. I thought, “man, if they put this much work in the taste they must work equally hard on every facet of the sup.” And they do. Good job Biotest. I’m continually impressed with you guys.