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As Good As They Say in the Ads?

I just need a little info on cell tech mass tech. how good are the results. are they as good as they say in the ads

[quote]brklyn b wrote:
are they as good as they say in the ads[/quote]


no. don’t waste your money.

There is absolutely nothing in the supplement world, or the real world, that is as good as they say in the ads.

Except for Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich. That thing is yummy.

That crap(and I’m being generous with that term)is not worth the hefty price tag. You’re money would be better spent on some Surge and Grow! found right here on T-Nation. Just check the product threads here on the Supplements and Nutrition forum to see what people have to say about Grow! and Surge. Not only is it cheaper, it tastes better, and actually works!

Thanks for the help guys. now Im gonna check T-Nation buy some and get ready for bikeweek.