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As Basic as it Gets

Hello guys, since I’m new to the forum I’m gonna introduce myself first. I’m a 19 year old college student from Brazil who loves to lift weights and train BJJ. I like basic training, concentrating in a few good exercises, changing them every so often, doing sets of 5 reps or less and adding assistence work only when and if needed.

My biggest influences have been Waterbury, Pavel, Dan John, Thibaudeau, Pendlay and John Broz.

I’m going to describe my current routine and would like to hear your opinions about any mistakes or missing links I may be having, since most of you are probably more experienced than me.

Here it goes:


Weighted pull ups - Work up to a heavy set of 5
Military press - Work up to heavy set of 5
Deadlifts - Work up to a heavy set of 5 (every other workout I do speed pulls instead of heavy deads, working up to a set of 5 but lighter)


Explosive inverted rows, explosive push ups with fullbody projection and vertical jumps.
Start with 5 reps each, dropping reps as necessary, stoping workout before fatigue sets in. Just as CT recommends in that Youtube video of Neural Charge Training.

M/T/W/T/F/S Evenings: BJJ Practice
Classes consist of warm up (sometimes it’s more like a conditioning session than a warm up though), skill practice and rolling for about 10-15 minutes (3 rounds of 3 minutes, 3 of 5, 2 of 5, 5 of 2, etc)

Obs: Since the BJJ gym has a weight room as well, sometimes I get there earlier and just do some assistence/pure bodybuilding stuff like face pulls, shrugs, rear delt raises, lateral raises, curls and hyperextensions. Usually sets of 12-20 reps, nothing to hard.

Obs2: Before you ask me about squats, let me tell you, I’m very genetic gifted for legs, and if I do more direct leg work, they end up growing too much, which affects my athleticism, so I stick to deadlifts and jumps…

So this is it, what do 'ya think??